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New road laws for South Africa

New road laws for South Africa

Reduced speed limits, heavy vehicles to be banned during rush hour. Earlier in 2015, Wheels24 reported on new draft road and traffic regulations for South Africa by the National Transport Department.

Draft regulations intended to reduce road carnage include slower speed limits, the banning of carrying children in a bakkie load bay and restricting the use of heavy vehicles on public roads.

The Justice Project South Africa claims the proposals were “bastardised by persons at the Department of Transport”.

The transport department told said the proposed regulations would possibly be implemented by the end of 2015.

Transport department spokesman Ishmael Mnisi said the proposed legislation would have to be presented to his party’s cabinet, be discussed in Parliament and include public input. He said the department hoped to implement the proposed regulations by the end of 2015.

As of November 2015, it’s unclear whether government will pass any of the proposed legislation.

JPSA chairman, Howard Howard Dembovsky, said: “There’s no telling when or if these drafts will be passed because road safety is clearly not a priority [for the Transport Department].”

One new law already passed requires drivers to provide proof of residence when renewing a driving licence or vehicle licence disk. It could be worse, a draft regulation, if passed, would compel drivers to take a practical test when renewing a driving licence.

The draft regulations, published in the Government Gazette, propose these five changes to legislation:

  • Drivers to be re-evaluated when renewing a licence
  • No more than five people to be carried in a bakkie load bed
  • Children not to be transported in a bakkie load bed
  • Speed limits to be reduced from 60km/h to 40km/h in urban areas, from 100 to 80km/h in rural areas and from 120 to 100km/h on freeways running through a residential area
  • Goods vehicles above 9 000kg GVM to be banned from public roads during peak travelling times.


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  • Jev_LFC

    What about Taxi’s obeying the laws of the road??????

    • I dont know better

      You try restrict the Taxi’s and the country with the most strikes in the world, will have another massive strike / protest on its hands.

      • Jev_LFC

        Just impound and destroy all the taxi’s involved with disruption in said strikes.

        • Jev_LFC

          Use rubber bullets and tear gas on protesters and arrest and charge them. Simples. With a police force doing their jobs strikes wouldn’t exist.

          • Police officers have been killed and government equipment and infrastructure damaged and/or destroyed as a result of the sort of action you’re recommending.

            It’s been tried before and has had the opposite of the desired effect.

            This makes it a somewhat non-simple problem which needs to be tackled.

          • Jev_LFC

            Then they clearly didn’t have enough officers. These people destroy peoples cars and property and there is zero accountability. Has to stop.

          • I’m referring to incidences of murder occurring after police intervention, not during. Such as officers being stabbed in the head while alone and off-duty, at taxi ranks (August 2015 incident)

            If you’re involved in trying to oppress thugs who have no qualms with committing murder they’re probably going to remember your face and deal with you when you’re vulnerable, if they have the opportunity.

            Ergo: not a simple matter to address. I agree it needs to be addressed, but it’s definitely not simple to do so.

          • Fidel Tshivhasa

            If their face being in public is a problem, the police can always wear a balaclava or something similar to protect their identity. Come on. We need to be more creative with how we deal with these matters.

          • Mucaine

            They have more than enough officers. They must just do their job other than sitting behind speed cameras.

          • Faizel Hassen

            They have plenty of traffic officers. Watch the traffic officers and police officers; carting their children to school in their company cars; taking their wives shopping with their company cars. And, being racist, and only trapping in certain areas.

          • Jev_LFC

            If that doesnt work lets have another marikana. 1 bullet for one savage.

          • Freddie Jones

            So your response is to give in to Taxi thugs?

          • @disqus_qzeYKddd1e:disqus and @faizelhassen:disqus, I don’t know how either of you came to the conclusion I’m suggesting taxi thugs ‘be given in to’ or ‘ignoring the problem will make it go away’.

            Please re-read what I said carefully.

          • Faizel Hassen

            Criminals are exactly that. Ignoring the problem will not make the problem go away. Can anyone tell me why there are not seat belts required in a taxi ?? It is the most common cause of accidents.

    • feeuk

      Monkeys produce law not for “order on roads”, but to raise more money. Of course it doesn’t touch monkeys on taxi!

  • Konstabel Koekemoer

    All these new laws besides the ban on kids at the back of bakkies are totally idiotic and unworkable. The current laws are adequate but the problem is law enforcement. The corruption, incompetence and neglect in law enforcement has resulted in a whole lot of road users who totally disregard the rules and have no respect for any other road users or law enforcement. So all effort must go into weeding out these bad apples.

    • I dont know better

      Fully agree, the laws are not the issue, the enforcement of them is.
      The people who don’t cause the issues will suffer with the new laws, and those who do cause the issues, wont pay attention to the new laws

    • Dawie

      To be honest I like the heavy vehicle thing. They often cause a lot of traffic issues. But the speed limit is already fine, no need to lower that

      • Jim Stockley

        You’ll like the heavy vehicle thing Dawie, until Spar runs out of fresh food and can’t re-supply until midday, the courier companies can’t deliver spares or supplies you are waiting for ? Maybe we’ll just see our cities clogged with 8500kg vehicles to beat the ban?

      • Konstabel Koekemoer

        The heavy vehicle driving ban would have server implications on the transport industry and will significantly increase the cost of transporting goods. This would mean that transport companies would loose six hours driving time a day which works out to 25%. And once the trucks are allowed to commence you will have long queues of trucks which will create more accidents as impatient motorists take risks to pass these long convoys. There may be merit to banning heavy vehicles on specific routes during perk hour but a blanket ban is absolute nonsense.

        • Dawie

          I know it won’t work. My actual hope is that they start using more trains again.
          We already have a lot of the infrastructure, why not use it?
          Just makes more sense, especially reducing traffic.

          • Fred

            Our local PnP doesn’t have a train station nearby! LOL No but seriously, the laws are in place but are not enforced as has been said here. Would you like to earn peanuts and have to pull over a full taxi and write him a fine for going through a red light? You may succeed 9 times but the tenth time you are going to get shot with an AK47!! No thanks.

      • Chris

        And how do you think those trucks will get loaded now? Will trucking companies or any company who uses trucks now be working 24/7? Thoses trucks that’s on the road was loaded at 5 in the morning, will they now have to be loaded at 1 in order not to mess up your morning traffic. And if they deliver your milk to the shop, will the PnP be open at 6 to received the stock.
        All the laws proposed is total bullshit.

    • Brian Tasker

      Welcome to the Nanny State that is Australia…

      • slitza

        south africa is nothing like australia. youre a potent fool and should check your facts

        • Brian Tasker

          I have a house in Sibasa, near Thoyhandou (if you actually know where that is?) for you information. I work out of Perth, Australia Dickhead! Not earning Monopoly money…

          What I am saying is the SA Government is in the process of implementing exactly the same imposts we are subject to here in the Nanny State. You better believe it; your Government get lots of ideas from over here. Demerit Points are due to be introduced in SA soon too, if my memory serves me. Not mentioned here. Accrue several minor infringements and your Drivers License is going to be on the line. Heard that was going to be implemented soon. So there you have it…

          • Mamparra

            So true, BT. I remember twenty years ago that the then Transport guy from KZN went on a jolly to Victoria and came back with all these ideas – and of course half the transport department from Monash University with a lekker grant to sort out the traffic problems in our province. When the best they could come up with was about six booze buses to catch the poor old Sharks supporters driving back after another win over the Blue Bulls (this was some time ago…) it was obvious they hadn’t got a clue. The carnage on the N2 continued unabated and still goes on.

          • SuckerPunch

            Of course the all demerits, fines, etc will only apply to law abiding citizens i.e. those of fixed abode with all papers in order. For the rest, its business as usual…all this RICA-ing is CFU when it comes to curbing the recidivist elements of our society. Hell why would the Z contingent want to nail his greatest supporters anyway?

          • slitza

            no, youre kidding? Of course i know what a craphole thohoyandou is, because I designed 3 shops there. Youre so dumb you cant even spell the name of the place you live right. Youre a dickhead for thinking that one nanny state where your taxes work for you is the same as a dictatorship where your taxes go into corrupt officials’ pockets.

          • Brian Tasker

            You forgot to mention the current Regime was the result of the transformation from a White Dictatorship to a Black one. You are the problem. There will be no solution whilst people of your ilk continue to consider themselves so Godly superior. You are just a bloody bigot who spends his time whining, now that his former power base is so eroded… Having a problem with self esteem are we?

            What do you know about Australia? I do have to admire South Africa in some respects; “your taxes don’t go towards (the big joke on the taxpayer) of waging war in the name of Democracy” in far removed places.

            The Australian Government is just a lackey of the Warmongering Yanks. Yes the good old Aussie Taxpayer has had to support Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and now getting into Syria, not to mention the extended prior, foray into Vietnam. There are plenty of people in Government here who have “Blood On Their Hands” big time… You wouldn’t know about that though. Check out the Amazon Book: “In the Name of Democracy: American War Crimes in Iraq and Beyond (American Empire Project)”. Our Honourable Allies?

            I thought the discussion was about the new road rules to be implemented in SA. Recapping on that discussion here; it sounds all too familiar…

            If you do a Google search, this is how even SABC spells Thohyandou. My apologies for the typo. Staying in Sibasa, who cares anyway…

          • slitza

            you say “I thought the discussion was about the new road rules to be implemented in SA.” yet you are talking about plenty of wars and your ideals, opinions and racist perspective of white people. you literally just contradicted yourself and thats proof enough that youre a farce and your inane chuntering just let you get served.

  • Kobus Engelbrecht

    >> Drivers to be re-evaluated when renewing a license
    Parallel park your huge SUV for the first time – should be fun…

    • Bruce Mills

      Will this apply to ‘blue light convoys’ ? Silly me, of course not.
      We are a country struggling with productivity, education and proper governance. Reducing working hours took R Billions off the fiscus and now slowing everything down more will cause untold losses.
      – Simple Maths says we don’t have the resources to test drivers every renewal but every 10 years is a possibility.
      – Bakkies should not have passengers in the rear but the law was altered for farmers conveying farmworkers and kind of went along from there. Basically once those sitting back to the cab fill the area, no more passengers. I get the children part but how to secure them up front, especially toddlers and babies, not so sure.
      – Speed limit reductions in urban areas already work as intended but drunk and untrained pedestrians are an issue. Proper fencing and law enforcement for pedestrians / animals on Freeways and Highways is better than reduced speeds for National Productivity. Proper driver training uncircumvented by bribes, would help the accident statistics.
      – Keep the large goods vehicles only in the left lane [ set 60 – 80 km speed in this lane] and maybe have inner city / shopping hubs deliveries restricted to under 9000 kg GVM. Taking the industrial engine of the country down several gears will hurt an already ailing economy – better controls, roadworthy tests, driver training and proper visible policing will go further than knee jerk laws [which will be disobeyed wholesale anyway].
      – lastly – not a word about the road rage scourge of our country, the Mini Bus taxi industry. Continues not to be regulated, engenders maverick behaviour, and could be a viable contributor to the economy with simple controls employed. No will from the Tri-partite Alliance to deal with this and the productive workforce of the country continues to be at high risk every day [ and YOU say YOU are there for YOUR people – show it !]

      Someone at DoT is not thinking very clearly. Please help them. Use those useless e-toll gantries to display lane speeds and useful information now that we know the cameras used are illegal under NRCS regulations and the Trade Metrology Act [billing using an unapproved, uncalibrated device = fraud] so Pay Back the Money SANRAL !

    • Chris

      The problem is that you waste a hour or 2 just to renew a licence. Now imagine if you have to go and do a driving test as well. At least one day gone. And me driving for the past 30 odd years, I haven’t caused a single accident, although 1 or 2 people have bumped into me, me taking this crappy K52 test? OMG. I know how to drive, and can drive up to a 10 ton truck, but K52 test? I will fail that stupid test.

  • Etienne

    Businesses using trucks are going to be kind of P.O’ed about this

  • afm

    Guess I’ll start saving for the extra bribes.

    • Louis Botes

      What business people do is place up to R100 in loose notes in your ID. They will understand the deal. No-one says a word or do any visible transfer of money. Everyone is happy, no time is wasted, and no-one is at risk of exposure. You will sometimes even be warned of other hidden traps ahead.
      What amuses me is that if you place R100 or more in R20 notes, they would leave 1 or 2 notes for you? 😉

  • Jim Stockley

    Ban trucks in rush hour = no fresh food in shops, no deliveries. Where do all these trucks park off during rush hour? How many 1000s of trucks would stream back onto roads at exactly 9am every day. Can you imagine? You want to take 6hours out of their ‘driving day’ …… watch the price of goods spiral. Logistical nightmare.

  • Me

    This government will do anything to waste resources (including time) and decrease production.

  • Jacobus Pienaars

    Get a minibus and do as you like.

  • TheZenOfZen

    If the queues for license card renewals were not bad enough. Can you imagine trying to get your driving competency re-evaluated as well? I dont see them being able to process enough during a day to get that proposal to work. Unless, of course, they outsource to private companies.

    • ChrisB

      Last I heard it takes over 5 months to get an appointment for your driver’s test as a new driver. So, yeah, one more stupid consequence of a stupid law.

      But wait – maybe what they *really* want is for all the cars to be off the roads as a result of no-one being able to renew their licences in time – and the economy failing as a result – people starving because they can’t earn an income – the country becoming a full-fledged banana republic instead of the wannabe version we have now. Oftentimes I think that’s exactly what the ANC wants.

      • TheZenOfZen

        You have to watch some of the parliament videos on YouTube to see how absolutely no foresight exists within the ANC. It’s mind blowing. They’re making stuff up as they go along.

        Although I am not sure if the JPSA is a government body or not, they certainly are cut from the same cultural cloth.

        • ChrisB

          I couldn’t possibly watch what goes on ni Parliament, it would push my blood pressure over safe limits in minutes. I just don’t have the fortitude to handle it. Hats off to you and anyone who can watch for more than a couple of minutes and not get so angry you want to throw things.

      • slitza

        don’t be silly about no one driving, if the laws become too strict, people will begin disregarding them instead of mindlessly obeying them

        • ChrisB

          Yeah I didn’t think it wuold ever be *achieved*, just that it was their *desire* – like most ANC ideals / pipe dreams.

    • slitza

      at which time employed staff will become corrupt and accept bribes for licenses, like the current situation. so this “proposed solution” just makes an existing problem bigger

  • Hey! Here’s an idea! If you reduce the urban speed limit to 20km/h, then the speed difference between the 95km/h taxi / construction bakkie and the small family car will make a much more IMPRESSIVE smash! If we’re heading for more impressive smashes, let’s do it properly.
    It seems the aim is to force everyone to disobey the law in the interests of road safety. Personally, I will begin to disregard speed limits completely in all areas, and only apply them when someone who voted for the party of stupid laws is behind me.

    • ChrisB

      Exactly. Just two more of the many unintended consequences of yet another ill-advised piece of legislation. These people have NOT A COOKING CLUE. There’s a long way from being a qualified lawyer to being a competent legislator.

    • slitza

      95kmh? try 120 kmh by a metrobus through a residential area

    • Konstabel Koekemoer

      Exactly why I say that these proposals will lead to a significant increase in accidents and deaths.

  • Runnin Bare

    Alcohol + narcotics are the primary catalysts that induces speed and recklessness. Bought drivers license is next on the list. The more that basic wage/salary is increased the more alcohol is consumed, the bigger the problem.
    Anyone caught driving under the influence should lose their drivers license permanently with a 10 year jail sentence. This may resolve a major problem. Thereafter, anyone with an endorsed drivers license caught driving should have an instant 20 year jail sentence.
    General lowering of speed limits will reduce productivity but would agree to 40kph limits around schools or dodgy narrow roads where needed.

    • ChrisB

      Yeah brilliant – sounds like another ANC-type legislation idea. Only think about one aspect of a problem, and throw everythng you have at it. Just take some time to consider all the implications of that proposal, and maybe you’ll see the about 300 shortcomings of it.

      • Runnin Bare

        Yep! Gigaba style thoughtless cANCer proposed useless legislation.

  • Robert Dixon

    Another stupid idea from cANCer that will have disastrous unintended consequences

  • ChrisB

    Like so many pieces of new legislation in the New South Africa, superficially well intentioned but idealistic and impractial, totally illogical, and ill thought out.

    As someone else has pointed out here, the problem is NOT the lack of laws, it’s the lack of proper enforcement of the existing laws.

    Where I travel every morning, the lack of respect for laws and regulations – and other people – are the norm rather than the exception, and the traffic department knows it: they periodically mount little one-morning blitzes against turning left from the right lane, for instance, or pushing into the front of a queue across a solid white line – but they only do this once or maybe twice a year, so no-one takes it seriously.

  • thatsme

    “Speed limits to be reduced” – most idiotic idea monkey from department could produce! Like prohibiting water because somebody sink. Oh, that “black democrazy” makes me annoying!
    Normal speed limits are 80/110/150 – absolutely acceptable, mostly I drive according to ’em.

  • EggAndSpoon

    Haha, at least these things are consistent.

    There is a problem with lawlessness on the roads which could be addressed 100% by enforcement of EXISTING laws.

    There is a problem in this country with armed robbery, hijacking and murder. These are being perpetrated by armed criminals with illegally possessed weapons, but this scourge is supposedly to be addressed by tightening the already restrictive laws that ONLY impact on the legitimate firearm owners.

    This useless cANCer want to be seen to be doing something by enacting new legislation without realising that ENFORCING EXISTING LEGISLATION would solve the problems.

    You can’t make crimes ILLEGALER by enacting more laws, (that word is Zumenglish by the way), but that is all these idiots can do while pretending to care about this useless country.

  • ChantOlive

    speed limit reductions are stupid. 40km/h?? really ?? WTF !
    100km/h on the freeway? WTF??
    going every 5 years to renew the licence is already such a pain…if we must all retest then this stupid idiotic government will have to increase the number of testing centres one hundred fold!!

    • slitza

      if they increase it hundred fold we will have a hundred fold more fronts for corrupt scum for bribes and extortion

  • Louw Nieuwoudt

    Although I do not like the proposed changes, they do seem more safe. But at what cost?
    And is there some kind of bragging rights in getting ridiculous bills passed? “Hi Bennie! Check it out, my proposal got approved! Ice cream can only be sold in round containers now. Crazy, huh?”

    • slitza

      you think its more safe having a larger speed gap bridge between the unlawful speeding taxi and the morning mommy Hyundai getz? fool

  • talk

    Why in the world would they implement a re-test in renewals of drivers licence. They cant even carry the load of the current situation.…more money…test fail…more money…. test fail… people would lose their jobs… dumb asses.. sort out the real issues

  • What about cars that are not roadworthy or insured? Take all of them off the road, and if there has not been a positive improvement, then we can talk about these above changes. Speed doesn’t kill, recklessness and incompetence does.

  • Amaryllis

    MyBroadband: the perfect read for white, fearful, bored South Africans who hate their wives and need somewhere to be heard.

    • AnRkey

      Erm, wtf?

      • Jayden Bango

        Oh please. Race again? Really?

    • Nextlevel

      So why you here then cranky lezbo, go fall in love with your wife again please

    • slitza

      which hole did you so randomly crawl out of?

  • Shades

    Reduce speed public / residential areas, increase freeways / highways

  • Wesley Oliver

    At this rate, I am going to be leaving South Africa…
    Law rather be passed that all cars have to have abs breaking and fender bend collision detection. All cars since 2010 in the USA have to have abs

    • slitza

      useless legislation when the majority of public transport for the masses i.e. taxis, drive on shot suspension and bent chassis

  • Nick

    The REAL problem is education and lack of common sens! How many times have you seen people make u-turns on a national highway, Reverse down a one way instead of going around the block because they missed their turn, 3 more vehicles turn at the lights AFTER they’ve gone red, people driving into the oncoming lane because there’s a stationary vehicle in their lane, vehicles turning off in lanes that’s suppose to be going straight, ect, ect.

    Banning heavy vehicles will do nothing but hurt the economy and Reducing the speed limit will NOT fix any of these issues. A good education will teach a person how to think and make them realize how dangerous a 1.4 ton box made of steel, glass, and rubber can really be and teach them to be more responsible.

    Yes, you will still get people doing stupid stuff… we are all still just human, but getting the basics taught will make a difference. These new laws won’t.

  • Mucaine

    Lower speed limits will cause fatigue on long distances and more fatalities. 120km/h should be increased to 140km/h. Did they consider the traffic congestion the lower speed limits will cause? The re-evaluation is just another scheme to rip the motorist off and to “create” jobs for useless students that no decent company wants to employ.

    • Chris

      Correct, my daily drive will now be at least 30 – 40 mins longer. Im on the road already 2 hours a day, and dropping the limit in my area from 80 to 60 will just be totally stupid. Oops, but wait, I know where all the speeding cameras are… Ok, lets forget that extra 30 – 40 mins, I will still be doing only 2 hours on the road

  • Chris

    Those speedlimits will of course not apply to the bluelights, will it?

  • BV

    I always had a question relating to this subject. Why is it then that cars with a max speed of 260, 280’s km/h get imported or maybe made in the country whose speed limit is 120 km/h. 🙂 Hopefully I wont be called a monkey by other comenters here, but who cares.

  • Brakpanpolisie

    Retake the driving license test? You gotta be kitten me!

  • MelcolmX

    Ever been to Durban Beach Front They have F1 track on 60KPH urban road. Not to mention noise factors! Rat traps with drain pipe exhausts! This must be Mumbai!!

  • Gareth David

    So we’ll be seeing more people breaking the law… because if 50% of people are “speeding” in a 60 zone now, will mean than 80% will then “speed” in a 40 zone.

    How does this improve road safety when a drunk guy or a taxi doesn’t give a rats ass about what the limit is?

    • Mamparra

      I don’t necessarily agree with you completely on this one, GD, but I certainly hear what you and others imply about the stupidity of a blanket 40kph limit. Unfortunately, as you say, the major problem with all of these limits is the fact that the policing of them is so poor that your drunks and taxis can get away with ignoring them whatever they’re set at. And the municipalities don’t have enough money to put in speed humps either.

      I wish someone in this whole debate would start talking about ‘appropriate’ speeds. Thus, forty ks down my little residential back street is about right, whereas forty on the dual carriageway just up the road isn’t. It mainly comes down to road geometry and the actual design speed. For example, a freeway could well be safe at a hundred and thirty (like in France).

      • Gareth David

        I agree with you, I prefer responsible speeds, you can do 60 in a small suburban street, even 80 responsibly, if the road was designed for it and given you are not putting anybody or their children at risk.

        Depends on the situation and scenario whether it is responsible or not, heck, there are times when 30 in a 80 zone is dangerous.

  • melanie

    Maybe the Government should stop the Police from being corrupt and get some proper police on our roads. People don’t stop at red robots, taxi use lanes that are for turning, ride you off the road and just have no law sense, because there is none. I drive all day and the amount of people I see not stopping at stop streets, going down one way roads and basically doing exactly as they please is very scary. Get rid of the ANC Government and get a proper Government to run this very sad country of ours that is over run by criminals, illegal immigrants and basically people who just don’t care for the law. It is a shame and a sad state.

  • I’m with stupid

    Lowering the speed limit will change nothing, drivers doing stupid things, and unsafe vehicles are the issue, a more comprehensive driving course before you get your license, and removing/impounding unsafe vehicles, only good idea there is removing trucks during peek hours.

  • Ne3M

    How about we implement the following:
    1. Taxis must stop at red lights
    2. Taxis may not drive in oncoming lanes
    3. Taxis may not allocate the emergency lane as a special taxi lane
    4. Taxis may not use turn lanes and then drive straight.


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