‘Sit down Mr Zupta’, EFF tells Zuma

The opening of Parliament collapsed into chaos on Thursday evening, with a red sea of EFF MPs taking over proceedings and chanting “Zupta must fall”.

“He [Zuma] has stolen from us,” Malema shouted.

“We do not recognise him as our president. He is not our president,” said Malema, before starting to chant “Zupta must fall, Zupta must fall.”

He added, “You are prepared to remove a whole party which has been elected by the people… [to protect] one man.”

All the Economic Freedom Fighter MPs then stood up, fists in the air, chanting with Malema.

As they left the chamber, one MP shouted, “When we come back next time, you will not be our president.”

After they left, Zuma stood up as if nothing had happened, and continued with his speech.

“Zupta” is a reference to Zuma’s close links with the influential Gupta family who secured an interdict against the EFF this week.

Earlier, the president tried to begin his speech but was told to ‘sit down Zupta’ by a member of the EFF.


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‘Sit down Mr Zupta’, EFF tells Zuma