DA announces coalitions with smaller parties

The Democratic Alliance says it has entered into coalition agreements with a number of smaller opposition parties.

Speaking at a media briefing in Sandton, DA leader Mmusi Maimane said: “The DA today announces that we have entered into arrangements to bring together a broad coalition of the Congress of the People (COPE), African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), Freedom Front+ (FF+) and United Democratic Movement (UDM).

He said that the party also had a form of agreement with the IFP.

Maimane noted that none of the parties are merging, and all would remain independent.

He said that coalition politics is not new in South Africa. “We pioneered it in Cape Town. It gave effect to political change.”

“The DA is perfectly positioned to lead coalition governments that will form the blueprint for governing coalitions at provincial and national level in the future.”

It comes after EFF leader, Julius Malema, said that while it will not form a coalition with the ANC or DA, it will support the latter in the major metros including Johannesburg, Tshwane, Nelson Mandela Bay and Ekurhuleni.

Maimane welcomed the EFF’s commitment to vote for DA governments.

“What happened to the EFF? We negotiated in good faith. We were clear about who we are. We would never agree on ideological issues.

“I welcome that they said today they will vote with us.”

The DA leader said that the DA entered into discussions with just about every political party with the exception of the ANC.

“The ANC was not approached because it is our view is that the ANC already has too much power, and wherever possible, the opposition should stand in solidarity with the people who have been misgoverned by the ANC, and should together take over councils to show that there is an alternative way in which better services can be delivered, jobs created and corruption can be cut.”

Maimane said Solly Msimanga will be mayor in Tshwane and Athol Trollip will be mayor in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Mayorship in the City of Johannesburg remains in question as no party has an outright majority, with the EFF abstaining from forming any coalitions with either the DA or the ANC.

EFF leader Julius Malema has said that the party is willing to conditionally vote with the DA in Joburg, Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay, however. He said the party will not compromise on service delivery due to ideological differences.

This indicates that there could be a good chance that the DA’s mayoral candidate in Joburg Herman Mashabe could also be leading the city.

“While coalitions are complex and are sometimes difficult to manage, we are optimistic that we can form governments that are united by the one galvanising force which is the delivery of better services to the people of South Africa and in so doing moving South Africa forward again,” Maimane said.

This is how major metros stand:

Nelson Mandela Bay

  • Seats needed for majority: 61
  • DA seats: 57 (need 4)
  • ANC seats: 50 (need 11)
  • EFF seats: 6
  • UDM seats: 2
  • AIC, UFEC, COPE, ACDP, PA seats: 5 (1 each)


  • Seats needed for majority: 108
  • DA seats: 93 (need 15)
  • ANC seats: 89 (need 19)
  • EFF seats: 25
  • VF Plus seats: 4
  • ACDP seats: 1


  • Seats needed for majority: 136
  • ANC seats: 121 (need 15)
  • DA seats: 104 (need 32)
  • EFF seats: 30
  • IFP seats: 5
  • AIC seats: 4
  • VF Plus, ACDP, ALJAMA, UDM, COPE, PA seats: 6 (1 each)

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DA announces coalitions with smaller parties