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‘White monopoly capital’ a PR stunt to protect Zuma and the Guptas: report

‘White monopoly capital’ a PR stunt to protect Zuma and the Guptas: report

New evidence has emerged that the term ‘white monopoly capital’ and the discourse around it was created and adopted by PR firms to help the Gupta family and president Jacob Zuma with their problematic images, The Sunday Times reports.

The paper said it has seen documents purportedly detailing the strategy, and has also interviewed ‘key players’ involved, who have made it clear that the plan was to take the heat off of the Guptas and president Zuma following ‘NeneGate’ in 2016.

The document, which is reportedly doing the rounds in government circles, also pointed to PR company Bell Pottinger as being behind the ‘Twitter bots’ that constantly attack finance minister Pravin Gordhan, National Treasury and those who stood against the Gupta family.

According to the report, the document said that Bell Pottinger sought to “divert public outcry towards the Gupta family and refocus attention upon other examples of state interference and capture, notably by ‘white monopoly capital…With a heavy focus upon use of social media, a series of fake bloggers, commentators and Twitter users have been launched in an effort to manipulate public opinion.”

When asked for comment, Bell Pottinger denied the allegations and its involvement, saying that it worked for Oakbay Investments, not the Gupta family, adding that it had nothing to do with the ‘Twitter bot” phenomenon.

Oakbay described the allegations as “fake news”.

However the Sunday Times cited further comment from the PR firm’s previous high-profile client – Johann Rupert and Richemont – who said that the company dropped its contract with Bell Pottinger as soon as it found out that Rupert would be the target of the ‘white monopoly capital’ campaign.

Rupert said that Bell Pottinger employees who were opposed to the strategy had informed Richemont employees of what was going on, leading to the action.

Rupert is on record as putting the blame for the ‘white monopoly capital fake news’ squarely at the feet of the PR firm.

You can read the full story in the Sunday Times for 19 March 2017

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  • OWL

    Suuurprise..NOT! Now where is the SAHRC, for the hatred fueled against Whites??

    • yarwellnofine

      Good point.

      • OWL

        Yesterday’s fees fiasco had the EFF attacking the Afriforum representatives, forbidding them from attending the meeting..our rights are disappearing daily!

        • setzor

          What rights?

          • OWL

            They are shrinking faster than the value of the rand!

          • Jibbers Crabst

            I think he is saying that we already have no rights… They disappeared long ago with the introduction of BEE and other radical transformation policies…

          • OWL

            I understood that, but what was left is going away fast.

        • yarwellnofine

          True. Up to us to voice our opinions and never surrender.

    • SpiritOfNehanda

      So white monopoly capital is a myth? Shall we say nothing like that exists. Owl, you need to realize that you are just an ordinary white. When we speak of white monopoly capital in reality we are not even talking about you. There is a smaal group of whites who are hiding behind you and these are the ones we are talking about. Why must I be bothered by some white guy who spends much of his day doing more or less what I do. Many of us even have a lot in common with you than you think. In every country there is that rich group who are big headed and control all the resources. Here it happens to be a tiny group that control the media as well, and they all happen to be white. The “big” guys from pre-94….

      • OWL

        Spirit, you be as colorblind as you choose to be.
        Of course capitalists are monoplising MANY of the markets in this country, and across the world, in fact ALL of them.
        What the skin colour of those capitalists are, does not concern me.
        What concerns ME is that the government, who I pay my “white taxes” to, are captured by a group of capitalists, who then use the taxes they took from me, to finance a campaign where they encourage hatred violence and brutality against ME and those with my skin colour, gradually stripping us from having ANY rights. We already have no rights in the hospitals and police stations of this country, no rights in the workplace, the economy and now in our homes. The aggression towards us is increasing blatantly, daily.
        If you read my comment on the Zille-thread properly, with an OPEN mind, you would have seen MY mindset is closed to colour, even when the aim of that article was to incite me against you. YOU took the bait, as you are attempting to bait me on colour here again.
        I don’t play your toxic game, when will you realise that? It is self destructive and downright DUMB, plus it is EXACTLY what is intended by those pulling the strings.
        WHITE monopoly capital IS a myth, today. It is being used to distract the attention away from STATE CAPTURE and criminals stripping this country at a faster rate than any colonialists ever did.
        Again, go and study the JSE, research who owns what. You have been so busy focusing on the white pieces on the chess board, you never noticed they have changed colour.
        I am done, as I said to you before, a real student is his own teacher and his own critic. This tightrope you are walking on, only tolerates resistance and does not forgive ego.
        Until you improve your own wisdom, NOT your knowledge, I have no more to say.
        Remember this, half a baby, is a dead baby. (Read your bible, the bit about Solomon). Good luck.

        • SpiritOfNehanda

          Go away and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Right now I’m too lazy to even say what I’d like to say…

          • Frodo

            Is that troll speak for “You’ve stumped me and I have no come back that does not appear idiotic”?

          • SpiritOfNehanda

            He’s actually just among the few I find to be minimally worth engaging, unlike the remainder scum like you…

          • Frodo

            Ahh the personal flame attack. Hallmark response of somebody that has nothing meaningfull to ad to a discution but just cannot get his blabbering mouth into neutral. Oh and if I remember correctly OWL is a she.

          • lino_lupus

            SpiritOfNkandla….Did you get paid the Guptas increase???….All of his trolls got some……

          • OWL


          • Marianne Schreiner Greig

            What a pathetic excuse Spirit,guess you know when you are beaten.

      • Miss_Terry

        As Robert Sekubwe said there is only one race and that is the human race

      • victory

        Answer my question plz, why Africa is poor than Europe?

  • James Dean

    Anyone with common sense knows this.

    • Sotja

      No some common sense is pre-occupied to know this.

  • Tony Achadinha

    Our country is at its most fragile position racially and you have these bastards still fueling it by blaming white people for all the Zupta woes

    • reDDevil

      Unfortunately it will never change, we are just stuck backwards instead of moving forward.

  • MrDev

    There’s something wrong with you if you truly believe that white monopoly capital doesn’t exist. Forget Zuma and the Gupta’s. It’s been in existence since way before them.

    • Robert Dixon

      White monopoly capital exists world-wide, along with monopoly capital of various other colours.
      This does not mean that ALL other ills, including the many of the sacpzanc’s making, are therefore ok

    • John Phoenix

      Last time I checked money was green, blue, orange, red and possibly purple. These guys see numbers, all we see is hard work to make smaller numbers. Money is only an object of desire to fools, to the rest of us it is a tool to get what we want, food, clothing, a roof over our heads and an education for us and our children. This “guavament” needs to go ASAP, as it is taking the one resource from us that is truly finite, time.

      • MrDev

        Bro.. you’re going to oppress black people for hundreds of years then come and talk about hard work? Also your logic for ‘money being a desire for fools’ doesn’t make sense if you go on to say you use it for food, clothing, education etc.. what do you think other people desire it for then?

        • John Phoenix

          Bro, what do you know of oppression? The stories your parents told you? You tar every white person with the same brush cause that is all you care to understand. Wake up “Bro” the white this black that doesn’t work anymore. So as by your logic above anyone but whites can work hard, you immediately think the people here are white ergo didn’t have to work for what they have, come walk a mile in my shoes, or most people on this forum, then we can talk about hard work. We got the skills to pay the bills, that’s all. As far as money is concerned, you think money is something that gives you stature? Sorry it doesn’t, and these greedy politicians are bleeding this country dry for their own gain, not yours. So unless you have your hand in the cookie jar, you should be twice as pissed, cause what has your government done with your tax money? You waltz in here, drooling the same rhetoric you hear on the news, from folks who are paid to influence you, at least see the world for what it is, that you are no more and no less than your fellow man.

    • Joe Black

      “White owned capital” exists. Of course one should be saying “wealth”.And it is substantial. However there is no monopoly. None… A monopoly is something else. Look it up!!!

      Most of the white owned wealth here is not even owned by the local white population. And of the course of the wealth owned by foreigners A LOT is by people of other races from everywhere.

      And it IS NOT some cabal that scheme together! Its just ordinary people who have some money. A small number of super wealthy sure… Nobody’s denying it. And most local white people are not wealthy. The reality is that there are many, many black people who are poor. Hey… look at our history. There’s a lot of work to do to get everybody above the poverty line. And people like Zuma and the Guptas who seek rent from the economy are definitely not helping in that effort. The ANC trying to make a small number of black people super rich instead of using RDP resources to benefit the biggest number of people is definitely not helping either.

      THAT is the problem!

  • fred

    That same ‘white monopoly capital ‘ is keeping SA afloat ,and therefore the target of higher taxes , make it the enemy at your own peril.

  • Imagine the entire white race in South Africa raised a class action lawsuit against guavament or at least against the PR firm for crimen injuria.

    • OWL

      Great idea! Especially the victims of the farm brutality!

    • Thinus

      Imagine the entire white race deciding they had enough left the country in a year. That would be the quickest way to destroy racism against whites here forever.

      • Marianne Schreiner Greig

        Do they ever stop to think what would happen if ALL whites left? Who is going to feed them,who is going to pay taxes? The JSE would plummet into oblivion,and they would be back to where they were in 1648.But reasoning never was their strong point now was it?

      • Imagine they took all their colonialist luxuries and technologies and developments away with them too…

      • Miss_Terry

        No then the focus would move to Indians and coloured people, once that has occurred then we would have the focus shift to Xhosa’s, Pedi’s etc. We cannot allow ourselves to be identified by race or by language anymore and stand up and say these are individual with agendas to pillage resources and make themselves rich. Those are the individual that should be targeted and brought to book

  • Pieter Engelbrecht

    I see Bell Pottinger only denying their involvement and not denying that the bots, etc are false. Does this then serve as confirmation for the plot to be true?

  • Rob V

    Bell Pottinger = SA George Soros

  • Wari Murphy

    I doubt that anyone with more than half a brain cell believed any of that steaming pile of PR. All of that. however, doesn’t mean diddly. The average Zupta voting fodder requires no veracity. Wildly flung racist wordturds will do nicely.

  • Bob


  • Joe Black

    I suspected they would do something like this when I heard the Guptas were bringing in their PR shills around the time the popo struck the fan on that matter.

    And of course the distractions started coming in hard and low shortly after. Its ever been Zuma’s style. Its little wonder his allies are cut from the same cloth.

  • Tony Foley

    Is Oakbay Brown Monopoly Capital?

  • Scott Robinson

    It is racist to use the term “white monopoly capital.” If any non-black had used the description “black monopolized..(soccer?)…” in a mildly negative context, the shrieking from EFF, ANCYL etc. would never stop. Of course, double standards apply, not only in SA, but in Western Europe and the USA, where whites are constantly portrayed as evil and wrong by the leftist controlled media and Hollywood.

    Fortunately, the MSM is rapidly losing viewership after the US elections and the alt-media (Internet) is going from strength to strength.

  • Peter the Observer

    So let’s put this into perspective!! The government raises over 1 trillion rands via the budget every year and they have control over it and YET despite all of that service delivery is a myth, unemployment is officially at 26% and at closer to 50% for the youth, education is almost the worst in the world and health is falling apart and dysfunctional and every SOE is hopeless BUT now they want to focus on white monopoly capital as the source of evil!!! Yip sounds like more of Zuma and ANC incompetence and trying to refocus attention from their own dysfunction!!
    Cry the beloved country!!

  • Douglas Langley

    Join vvk asap

  • the-TRUTH

    When greed, corruption and moral bankrupsy supercede ethical leadership and decision making by many profit driven companies and individuals. Sies!!!

  • OptimisticPessimist

    Same as this “white privilege” thing.

    • chunk

      That’s real.

      • OWL

        Where’s mine?? Who took it?

        • chunk

          Yours is in the generations of your family that had jobs reserved by virtue of their skin color which was passed on by them to you.

          • OWL

            You see, that’s where your generalizations are plain BS.
            Neither of my parents were educated. My mother was an orphan, raised in abusive foster care, by the time she reached adulthood she was too emotionally unstable to make use of your “reserved jobs”.
            My grandfather on my dad’s side died when my dad was 5 years old, he had to sell flowers at the market to help feed his siblings.
            The only “inheritance” I had, was the financial care FOR my mother and disabled brother.
            So, Chunky, when you sit in your little world, accusing me of having had “privilege”, I get a little more than pi55ed off, believe me. More so when I have to pay for education, welfare grants, health care etc. for millions of kids who I did not bring into this world, yet my own children get discriminated against because of YOUR opinion of my privilege. I know many more very very, VERY wealthy black people, than whites.

          • chunk

            You are the exception not the norm, like i am the exception that i had “educated” parents ( loosely as only to certain degree) but they could still sacrifice for me to get an education and be a useful part of society, so just because it doesn’t necessary directly apply to you does not mean it did not or doesn’t exist, and that’s why i guess it will take a person of color who had some privilege to show white people that their privilege does exist but hey you cant just look at the history books to see it. I have to pay exactly the same as you for others kids that i did not bring into this world, so we are in the same boat.

          • OWL

            So you decide what is the “norm” for white people, Chunk, based on your perceptions? YOU get to declare us as privileged, deserving the discrimination applied against us, which is now escalating into the right to participate in almost anything in this country?
            The privilege I was afforded as a white child,was an excellent education by a government who, for all of their sins, actually DID build infrastructure like schools and universities, hospitals and roads.
            Those, unbelievably, at the disposal of ALL South Africans today, irrespective of their skin colour.
            You are missing my (very pertinently stated) point that for the “privilege” of paying for others, I have laws that discriminate against me and my children, EXCLUDING us from this economy, because of our race.
            My son researched a training course relevant and sorely needed in their company, volunteered to be the employee rep on the training committee and was told he couldn’t be, because he is white.
            No one else volunteered. No one is being trained now, except him, at his own expense. He decided to pursue an internationally accredited course, for obvious reasons.
            Ten years down the line, you’ll still be blaming our “white privilege” for your failures, because you fail to see how your mindset is your enemy, not us.

          • lino_lupus

            I suppose being born with a brain and the ability to put it to use is some form of privilege……You might be right in that aspect…….

          • chunk

            rather say nothing if all you want to do is bait.

      • Ubaba meet Baba

        Only as real as black inferiority complex.

        • chunk

          Only as real as the white inferior complex when they needed laws to exclude black people from competing.

          • Ubaba meet Baba

            You’re confused.

          • chunk

            I mite be but the history is there it was law nothing i can do about it.

          • lino_lupus

            ….and ‘poor blacks’ have become the eternal victims since….sit and beg…..sad……

  • Born-again-Atheist

    It’s called misdirection people.

  • Nothing will come from this.

  • victory

    Other ppl think there’s no SA without Guptas?

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