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Zulu king to get R48.8 million to maintain his lifestyle: report

Zulu king to get R48.8 million to maintain his lifestyle: report

KwaZulu-Natal premier Willies Mchunu announced this week that Zulu king, Goodwill Zwelithini, would receive R58.9 million from government over the course of the 2017/18 financial year – an increase over the R48.8 million he received the year before, according to a report by Times Live.

This amounts to Zwelithini being given approximately R550 million by government over the course of the past 10 years, according to the report, with Zwelithini allocated R36.5 million during the 2007/08 financial year.

The money will be used to maintain Zwelithini’s royal palaces, his lifestyle, his six wives and close to 30 children.

Traditional kings and senior leaders are symbolic figureheads in the country with little political power. However, these rulers play an important role in local disputes as well as in playing advisory roles to government – and in the lives of the traditional rural populations.

As of 2010, the South African government recognizes seven royal families in the country, after a recommendation by a traditional leadership commission that South Africa lose six of its kings and queens. Of the 13 recognized traditional kingdoms recognized previously, only seven will remain once the current incumbent rulers of the identified kingdoms have passed away.

These are the current salaries of traditional leaders and other officials as published in a February 2017 government gazette.

Position Salary (Rands)
King/Queen 1 126 057
Chairperson: NHTL 817 842
Full Time Chairperson: PHTL 673 603
Deputy Chairperson: NHTL 625 524
Full Time Deputy Chairperson: PHTL 577 281
Full Time Member: NHTL 356 923
Full Time Member: PHTL 305 959
Senior Traditional Leader 228 650
Headmen/Headwomen 96 460

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  • Cheesy 3.0

    …another useless parasitic buffoon..

    ..and stop wearing animal skins – their lives are worth more than yours.

    • Rowana Nina

      Your life is worth more than the animals?

      • Cheesy 3.0

        the animals’ lives are worth more than the ‘kings’

  • Thomas Edison

    Rasical economic transformation step 1. Get rid of the tribal leader parasites.

  • Viper_ZA

    SA has now truly become THE banana republic.

    • tiredofthis$#!7

      Here I thought it has been the bananananana republic for years already.

      • Viper_ZA

        True, SUPER bananas. The smoke bombs are clearly not working anymore…haha

  • Sennen Goroshi

    One has to wonder what this man has on the ANC for them to pay him this much.

    I’m really curious.

    • #Welele

      He gives them the Zulu vote. The whole of KZN is basically ANC, only a small minority vote for IFP. Zuma’s cabinet is also dominated by people from KZN. You gotta look after your own

      • Sennen Goroshi

        The cabinet part doesn’t seem relevant as most politicians tend to surround themselves with their allies.

        As for the Zulu vote honestly doubt that’s 100% accurate, it might be true for the Zulu folk that consider this man a king.

        I personally don’t believe it’s as simple as that. If you think about it, even the apartheid government recognized him as a king.
        Chances are if the monarchs were to be abolished in SA, I think the government will continue to pay this man.

  • OWL

    The cost of the Zulu vote…a worthwhile investment for the ANC. especially considering it comes with the compliments of ALL taxpayers, Zulu or not.

    • Jan Vosloo

      If you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can count on the support of Paul.

      • Wollie Verstege

        Until Peter puts up high walls, electric fencing and gets a couple of big dogs. Then your in trouble 😛

      • OWL

        The brilliant, mind-blowing genius of all of this, is that “you” are making it impossible via discriminatory legislation, for Peter to earn anything you can take away from him to pay Paul with….Paw-paw, meet fan (or fire, meet country, Saffer-style)!

      • bookworm

        Staggering amount of money. What are they all actually DOING for that money?

        • brz

          Same as the ANC: Nothing.

  • Schrödinger’s Cat

    Not my king. Let the Zulu’s support their own

  • Juan Olivier

    Hoekom betaal die Zoeloes nie self vir hulle koning nie? Ek sien nie ʼn Boerevolk of Afrikanervolk volksraad wat vir geld vra nie, hulle eie mense betaal vir dit.

    • Viper_ZA

      Nee jong, als is mos MAHALA

    • OnceBitten2

      Anc response ….. Jy is deel van die “privileged white minority capital” mense, jammer om te hoer, or in english…. “suck it up!”

    • Jacob Zupta

      Hulle is te dom en kak sleg.

  • NosySnoopy

    But that is not my king!

  • Skerminkel

    Great idea. That is about R2 per Zulu. I am sure they are all happy to pay that for their king.

    • djza

      If only they were paying it – you and I are actually paying.

      • Skerminkel

        Yini ekwenza ucabange Angikho Zulu?

        • djza

          I suspect “Skerminkel” is an indicator, as well as the reference to “their king” 🙂

          • Skerminkel

            Ha ha! Too sharp. You may go home now. Take tomorrow off.

  • Jan Vosloo

    Money to support his lifestyle?! That must be THE worst motivation ever I’ve heard when asking treasury for money. What about the rest of SA that need a reduction in taxes to support their lifestyles?

    That money (i.e. the tax payers’ money) must be for the benefit of all of SA. Certainly not for maintaining an individual’s lifestyle.

  • James Dean

    3/4’ers probably gets redirected to the Zuma family trust.

    • OnceBitten2

      Commission basis methinks. The more I can get away with giving you, the higher my commission, “Does that suit you my king, and have more children to get da child grunt” Happiness is!

  • johnramsunder

    He is the King for the blackies only and never to the other races.

    • Warren

      Because all black people are Zulu? What an idiotic comment.

  • Khalsa S

    Thank goodness……. wouldnt want him and his wives + brood to forsake luxury and live like me.

  • Viper_ZA

    He ain’t my king so why must I pay?

  • Inboardsandy

    What a waste of tax payers money. Pity!!

  • Deal_with__it

    You know you have failed as a king when your own subjects can’t and won’t support you.

  • Ray Mulder

    I’m the King of my castle too…and what do I get?
    I get to do my garden, and I get to wash my car, and I get to work for a living…

  • Wurnman

    so in otherwords, bribe money

  • RiSaMi

    Why do we still have a monarchy again? What benefit are they to our country or planet?

  • Joe Black

    This is how the ANC entrenches its rural support. Using tax and debt money…

    • Comrate

      and that is about the only support they have left, if the last municipal elections are anything to go by

  • Brian

    If only my NO vote carried any weight. Talk about a disparity of wealth whilst the masses can barely afford to put food on the table and pay their rent. If he produced anything of value this might be debatable where compensation should be in line with his contribution. Prime example of politically connected elites.

  • SA First

    Shocking – while the much of the country lives in poverty. This is a simple ruse to buy political support from traditional leaders…..

  • Ace of Spades

    I bet that’s not fake fur hanging on the Kings head, but I never knew it was that expensive! He looks so happy, and guilty, like he has swiped something!

  • Manny

    why tax all south africans for this? we have no interest in monarchs and royalty.. this should be a tax imposed on zulus only

  • Muz

    Would Zulu people care if the government stopped paying this king? What powers does he even have? I don’t see the ANC’s logic in this. Do Zulu people listen to this guy about who to vote for or something?

    • Frik De Wet

      Magical powers most likely. Roping in 6 wives take skeelz.

  • Luna Moon

    I was under the impression that this is a republic, not a kingdom,

  • Jacob Zupta

    Just a nother reason to not pay tax.

  • “History Will Judge Black People For Destroying The Successes Of The Afrikaners” – King Goodwill Zwelithini

    We can debate on ‘the better government’ forever, we can argue and wrangle as we’ve always done whenever we try to compare our past with the present. We’ll never reach a consensus on whether the apartheid government of the National Party offers a better South Africa than the “corrupt” government of the ANC. A good majority of us will always take sides just as many will rebuke the comparison as justifying an evil with another evil.

    One thing is, however, certain. We are all unhappy with the way things are in our country. The Zulu king, King Goodwill Zwelithini is as well not happy and is apparently feeling the pains of living in an ugly nation with us. He took his time to blame his kind (blacks) for ruining South Africa at his royal palace during a recent celebration of his 44th year on the throne.

    Addressing the crowd, the king revealed that he’s lucky the year of his birth was the same year the apartheid National Party came to power. He recounted that the National Party built a powerful government, with the strongest economy and army in Africa which are persistently being destroyed by the present democracy.

    King Goodwill ruled that the apartheid government is better than the present. The South African currency and economy, he said, “surprisingly shot up” when the National Party government was in power. In this “so-called democracy,” black people are destroying the gains of the past. And “history will judge black people harshly as they have failed to build on the successes of the Afrikaners.”

    You are going to find yourselves on the wrong side of history, You do not want to build on what you had inherited…the economy that we are now burning down… You “use matches” to burn down infrastructure built during apartheid…”You on the ground are burning everything that you found here…You don’t want to use them, you say this is apartheid infrastructure…” But “I am surprised that all presidents who have been in the so-called democracy occupied apartheid buildings where they make all these laws that are oppressing us.”

    The king as well hinted that he’s being disrespected by the existing government as he stated that the Afrikaners respected him. “I don’t know how it happened, the Afrikaners respect me so much” he emphasized.

    Copyright – King Goodwill Zwelithini. (links to full articles posted below).

  • Disme

    Bloody ANC…using our tax money to try buy the Zulu’s vote! Nyabonga Gakulu Tstotsi !

  • Richard Nzuza

    How do South Africans benefit from this wasteful splurge? Imagine how many hungry mouths can this amount of money can feed for 1 year!

  • Blapartheid Zulu

    thats peanuts compared to what anc officials are getting. Zulu king should become anc city mayor instead, can walk away with hundreds of millions easily

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