Vote counting almost complete: here are the results

 ·11 May 2019

Vote counting in the 2019 National and Provincial Elections has reached the final stages with the Independent Electoral Commission’s (IEC) vote capturing process at 99.77%, shortly after 6am.

According to the leader board at the commission’s national Results Operation Centre (ROC) in Pretoria, not only was the vote capturing process at 99.77% but valid votes cast had exceeded the 17 million mark.

A total of 26.7 million South Africans had registered to vote in the country’s sixth National and Provincial Elections. On Saturday morning, there had been 17 338 063 valid votes cast.

As at 6:42am, a total 22 874 out of a total 22 925 voting districts had completed counting and the leader board showed that the African National Congress (ANC) had garnered 9 967 153 (57.49 %) votes while the Democratic Alliance (DA) was sitting at 3 606 459 (20.79%) votes and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) at 1 864 481 (10.76%) in the national results so far.

These are the three parties that are leading in the race for national government.

Find the results here

However, other political parties have made their mark on the leader board with the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) garnering 587 447 of the votes so far, followed by the Freedom Front Plus (VF Plus) at 412 597 and the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) at 145 665.

Provincial results

On a provincial basis, vote counting in the Eastern Cape had been completed at the province’s 4791 voting districts with the ANC leading with 68.74% of the vote, followed closely by the DA with 15.73% of vote.

Counting was also complete in the Free State with the ANC obtaining 61.14% of the votes cast the province’s 1529 voting districts

In Gauteng, counting was completed in 2719 of the 2771 district (98.12%) with the ANC at the front of the pack at 49.96% of the votes, followed by the DA with 27.73% of votes and the EFF at 14.59% of the vote.

Counting has been completed in KwaZulu-Natal’s 4885 voting districts with the ANC obtaining the lion’s share of the vote at 54.22%, followed by the IFP at 16.34% placing it as the official opposition in the provincial legislature.

Counting has been completed in Limpopo’s 3157 voting districts with the ANC winning the majoring of 75.49% of the vote followed by the EFF at 14.43%.

Mpumalanga has also completed vote counting at 1772 of its voting districts with the ANC sitting at the top of the food chain with 70.58% of the vote followed by the EFF at 12.79% of votes.

In the Northern Cape, the ANC had secured 57.54% of the vote, followed by the DA at 25.51% of the vote after vote counting concluded at the province’s 707 voting districts.

The North West has also concluded counting at its 1733 voting districts, with the ANC in the lead at 61.87% followed by the EFF at 18.64%.

The DA obtained the lion’s share of votes in the Western Cape with 55.45% of the vote followed by the ANC at 28.64%.

The IEC is expected to announce the official results of the elections at a ceremony later this evening.

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