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SA government offering incentives to keep whites out of jobs

SA government offering incentives to keep whites out of jobs

Public service managers are being encouraged to keep posts vacant rather than fill them with whites, an SA Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) consultant said in a newsletter this week.

“In the name of transformation, managers in the public service have actually been incentivised to keep whites out for racial and ideological reasons.

Better to leave a vacancy unfilled than to put a white person into it,” SAIRR consultant John Kane-Berman said in the newsletter, published on Tuesday.

He believed this set up newly-qualified young black recruits for failure and their failures in turn hurt countless numbers of people dependent on the public service.

He said this was a “lose-lose-lose situation” and “madness”.

The incentives included, among other things, performance bonuses and promotion prospects, he told Sapa on Thursday (June 26).

In the newsletter, Kane-Berman was responding to the death of three babies in Bloemhof, North West, due to water contamination caused by a sewage spill.

Earlier in June, the SAIRR reportedly blamed affirmative action for the deaths, and said the policy should be scrapped.

The institute said black empowerment policies had seen unqualified people appointed to positions where their incompetence affected poor and vulnerable communities.

“The Bloemhof municipality lost its capacity to maintain the sewer plant,” CEO Frans Cronje was quoted as saying at the time.

“There is no doubt that the officials responsible for these deaths were appointed, at least in part, on grounds of race-based affirmative action and that a direct causal link therefore exists between the policy and the deaths.”

In his newsletter, Kane-Berman said the majority of “victims” of affirmative action were the “black poor”.

“But affirmative action is one of those holy cows, discussion of which is inhibited by the dictates of political correctness.”

He questioned why so many government sectors were having problems.

“The reasons have a great deal to do with the criteria for appointment of staff at the national, provincial, and local levels… Affirmative action and cadre deployment mean that appointments to government jobs are very often made on grounds of race and/or political allegiance to the ruling party.”

He said skills and experience were a subordinate criteria, and many of those appointed to posts were unqualified.

“Posts are sometimes left vacant if the only person available to fill them is white. It further means that experienced people who happen to be white get out of the public service because they are denied promotion or encouraged to take early retirement.”

The problem is further complicated by a lack of accountability in government, with politicians accountable to party headquarters, rather than to the electorate.

“People who fail to do their jobs, or who defraud the state, do so because they know they can get away with it,” he said.

The mix, he said, was toxic.

“Our system of government is indeed poisoned by a toxic mix of affirmative action, cadre deployment, and impunity.

“Filling a racial quota or supporting the right party, or the right faction within it, are often more important.”

South Africa was suffering from a crumbling health system and a rising disease burden, he said.

“Hospitals and clinics don’t run themselves. They are run by people. When things go wrong… it is not the result of happenstance or bad luck or just one of those things. It is the result of decisions made or actions taken, or not taken, by those people.

“So it is a logical inference that something is wrong with the criteria according to which appointments in these facilities are made.”

He said healthcare management was in crisis, infrastructure and equipment in health facilities were in a desperate state, facilities in rural areas faced dire shortages, and those in urban areas were under severe strain due to a growing population.

“Again, it is a reasonable inference that affirmative action and cadre deployment in the public service compound the problems arising from the country’s skills backlogs, and failure to train government professionals,” he said.

Kane-Berman said anger at nepotism, corruption, and lack of accountability were behind numerous protests across the country.

Quoting from a report by the Commission for Employment Equity, he said Africans presently held 69% of top management jobs in government.

“But Africans within the 35 to 64 age cohort from which one would expect top managers to be drawn make up only 36% of the economically active population, while only 4.1%of over 20s have post-school training.

“This suggests that affirmative action has been rigorously implemented in the public sector regardless of levels of experience or formal qualification.”

He said it was widely recognised that South Africa was plagued by corruption, nepotism, incompetence, and lack of accountability.

“A few people are beginning to identify cadre deployment as a problem. Very few people are willing to identify affirmative action as part of the problem,” he said.

“South Africans need to wake up to the tragic results of the policies being implemented in their name.”

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  • Niren `͜`

    F-c-k-ing morons in government.

  • Richard

    Wow… just wow… :-/

  • pofadder

    They want tax money to pay there bloated salary but don’t want
    whites to work for it?
    They need to remember who’s paying there salary’s

    • disqus_YXczy1K8mI

      public servants are supposed to be servants of the public – not the anc
      It’s a bleeding shame how mindlessly greedy and blindly selfish they all are…
      and their values! how twisted does it get where human life is worth less than racial ascension? let people die for incompetence but just don’t let any white men prevent this.
      I thought we had a non-racial constitution? f*ck the ANC

  • Justin Case

    Keep it up you bunch of locusts, until there’s nothing left to take, at which point you’ll try to move on to another land of milk and money to rape and pillage it too, but OOOOPS … nowhere to go! By denying whiteys jobs in key Gavvament positions you seal your own fate, because the non-whites (or dare i say BLACKS, ooooh, raciiiiiist) just ain’t got the skills.

    • Johan Pieterse

      Why compete with unskilled people in SA, when you can work with like-minded people in Australia?
      Makes no sense…..

      • Dumza

        It’s very easy, just leave. We won’t miss you.

        • Wurnman

          That’s the problem the country will definitely miss their expertise. Just by commenting that they can leave shows your ignorance in the whole matter.

          • Dumza

            Its not ignorance,Its an attitude issue. if you want to be here be here and add value but If you want to be in Australia go. The truth most white people are not interested in working, a lot of departments are below they EAP mark for this group. This SAIRR report is very subjective.

          • Wurnman

            How can you get a job when you are turned away because of your colour? Please explain.

          • Crankyowl

            Do you really want to work for them? Remove your digit from you rectum and start something up for yourself…it can really be done, this creating your own “job” and becoming self sufficient.

            All it takes is a decision and some sort of a plan and there you go…the how and wherewithal will follow automatically.

            ROYA COIN

            Rise off your ar#e and create own income now!

            It is time that the begging bowl mentality is left exclusively to where it belongs…in the traditional inhabitants of Africa.

          • bv

            He knows they’ll starve like Zim as soon as we clear out and Zuma gets a half dozen more wives.

          • Chris Zalgo Tazz

            Lets turn that statement the other way around.

          • Pamplona

            If it wasn’t for us whites you’d be eating goat stew in a mud hut, with a life expectancy of 33 … oh what was I thinking, all of those things still apply to you and your simian brethren

          • Dumza

            Listen u didn’t bring anything worth keeping in this country. …..if anything i’d rather have my goat stew to the misery that came with your arrival….recognise….you are not God’s gift to Africa

          • bv

            Keep your country I don’t anything to do with your ilk anymore.

          • GP

            bwahahaha… you left out, picking nose to re-adjust the cockroach driving the levers…

          • David

            Are black people interested in working? Are the black people adding value? The white people shouldn’t have to be any more productive than the blacks at the same level or pay rate.

          • bv

            We don’t wabnt to live with BEE is that hard for you to understand? If there was no BEE we’d occupy all the positions due to our knowhow, intelligence and competence.

          • LorPol

            I think your name should’ve been “Domza”, because your comments show how completely ignorant you are.

          • Paul


        • Paul

          But you do that’s why this country is going to the dogs. So keep on cutting of your nose to spite your face

        • Shane Larson

          I think you forget… Who pays the governments and all there departments salaries. Who keeps the polititions from steeling from the poor. Who gives to the poor begging at the traffic lights. Who looks after 95% of the staving aids orphans.who started ALL the free clinics for the poor is SA. Who creates employment for others. Who put education before the sword. Who wants a better life for all. Who made SA the most well managed and one of the richest countries in Africa. Who build all the infrastructure you see around SA today. Who paid enough tax so the president can have a big house and top security. Who maintains the current stability of SA economy… Last I check it were white people. Don’t get me wrong, whites aren’t better then blacks, they just plan for the future and sustainable growth. What my forefarthers did to the black race is despicable, and I want to help correct and help fight that kind of mentality. I spent all my time training and equipping blacks to be self sufficient, stronger and wizer, and they were my best friends. BUT the SA government said f@#$ you white boy. So I took my skills and left. I could have done so much more to help poor people start their own companies and look after their families. I think your mom gave you the perfect name lololol

        • GP


      • Macafrican

        why are you trawling SA sites when you could be trawling australian ones? You want to leave, fine do so. But just do it and be done with the rest of us, you made your bed now sleep in it

        • Johan Pieterse

          This is not about trolling, it doesn’t make sense to CHOOSE to stay in a country and then COMPLAIN and be UNHAPPY EVERYDAY.

          • Macafrican

            Who is complaining? I’m here, I am critical of mistakes and I don’t contribute to the abusers. If/when I leave then I’ll leave and be done. I have lived overseas, it’s not perfect either. You semigrants are like the guys that break up with their boyfriend but still want to have a say when he dates a new boy… No that’s not a typo

            It’s over, move on, stop looking back.

          • Actually those who leave and still have family in South Africa have a right to be concerned for the safety of their family. If some cannot realize that, then they may want to ask where their priorities lie if they would leave and forget family in need 🙁 Very sad person to say the least……

          • Macafrican

            Stephanie, the irritation factor comes from the semigrants that spend a third of their time justifying why they left, a third trying to tell others why they should also leave and the last third being miserable about missing their friends and families.

            As a group, the Atlanta South Africans were probably the most miserable lot I ever knew. We were there for 2 years and probably had more fun and met more locals than the clans that had simply relocated their miserable Sandton selves to Buckhead.

            Stop! Get on with your new life and be happy for heavens sake.

          • The day I get the last of my family out, is the day I dust South Africa from me forever. Then again I am born Namibian so I don’t really feel any attachment to SA, other than wanting to get my family out and express my disgust with backward policies.

          • Macafrican

            Yes dear, I am sure that in this case, a host of your family members were queuing for government department jobs

          • hahaha My last two family members in South Africa are both self employed and they don’t need to leech of the government like some for a job. But you keep believing that if it makes you feel more better about your archaic policies. They don’t need anything for free to achieve success.

          • Macafrican

            Uhhm, that was sarcasm Stephanie…

          • Bryan

            I agree 100% with Stephanie. I immigrated States-side in 2008 but my family is still there, so I have every right to be concerned about their safety and well-being. Anybody that thinks we are no longer entitled to an opinion having lived there, been there and still have vested interest in the country need their heads read.

          • LorPol

            My, you do like the sound of your own voice, don’t you. No-one wants to leave their home country, but circumstances force them to do so. Of course they are going to miss home and of course they are going to talk about it, because most of them would have family and friends still living in the country. Stop preaching and get on with your own life!

          • Pinkz Grace

            You do realise that South Africa has a very big problem with refugees from our northern borders??? Some have been killed horrifically here. Can you mention a fully black country who has a problem with refugees right now?

          • Cgp

            Who cares …. In a true first world country this would not happen????

          • Hopeful

            Alternatively come home and make a difference!

          • Sophie Newman

            How about those of us who cannot leave? Some people cannot afford the exorbitant visa fees or don’t have super skills that other countries want and are stuck here without a choice.

          • Pinkz Grace

            Listen while we pay taxes we can complain to Kingdom Come. We did not have the means to go. Some of the family did go, you probably had the correct amount of points. I would have loved that but we left it late. That’s all. If we don’t complain do we just sit back and become zombies for this gov to walk over – awww forget it,they’re doing it already.

        • Paul

          Are You nuts.. How can you say that.. Millions have left and that’s why this country is I’m such a bad state..

          This arrogant attitude is crazy..

        • cgaybba

          Macafrican – lot of South African’s don’t leave SA because they hate this country – they emigrate because of affirmative action they can’t find jobs in South Africa and they are sick and tired of corruption, incompetence and poor service delivery, so they relocate to AU, US or EU as they will get the job they need, are experienced (and most cases studies years at a university) to do and also live in a country with less corruption, less incompetence and better service delivery.

          As long as I hold a South African passport, are a citizen of South Africa according to the government, I am a South African and will I always worry about the welfare of this country.

          Luckily for me I am self-employed and my skills are not reliant on the government – so for me, I have actually a good deal and therefore I will stay in this country.

          The only thing that actually bothers me is the fact that there are only a few people that actually knows what great potential South African holds – if we start doing things right – we can become a 1st world country within a decade and can compete (economically) with countries such as AU, US and EU countries. We have the resources those countries don’t have – therefore we can mostly hold monopoly with our resources, meaning this country can actually make a lot of money – the same as the Arabs with their oil.

          • Macafrican

            Nice considered response!

            I am not surprised that people care, I do as well, but what really gets me is the schadenfreude. It’s as if the semigrants hover over their keyboards for that moment another negative story can make them feel better / less sad about leaving.

            You say first world country as if it is a good thing. With exception of some of the scandinavian countries I could not relocate to or survive in the usual first world places. Here we get screwed by politicians, there they are in a class war but the 99.5% just haven’t realised it yet because they are kept comfortably numb. If I had to leave it would be for a “third world” country with fewer of our problems (and a great climate). I am getting tired of the clowns running the circus, but this is hopefully temporary (another two years or so)

          • cgaybba

            I understand your views and opinion and yes, there are a few (not all!) expats that actually is looking for positive reasons to justify the fact that they emigrated although there are still ample opportunities in SA for them – I don’t disagree with you on that, but there are those that didn’t had a choice. They had to go, even if they didn’t want as it was their last resort.

            Replying on the 1st world country statement… as Trevor Noah has stated in his “that’s racist” video South Africa is doing things differently from that of other countries – so I belief that we will do everything different than other countries. Not all 1st world countries are bad. Having a family member living in AUS – according to him he is having a good time – only complains about sin tax (but hey, who doesn’t?).

            Regarding your “circus” statement – I really do hope you are speaking truthful words and as a co-South African, I will pray and keep holding my thumbs that you are right, but currently it looks bleak.

          • Hopeful

            Mac, it is NOT schadenfraude. It is horror, despair, and complete gloom at the self-destructiveness of ‘black pride’. This is never considered: that, after having lived with each other for 300 years, we know each other rather well. And that works both ways – whites have always known black ‘faults’ as much as blacks know white tendencies to selfishness, aggression, etc. During apartheid, whites knew all about black tendencies as well. Give the choice between Afrikaner nationalism and the other side of the coin African nationalism, they chose the devil of stupid dutchmen over the deep blue sea of useless, thieving, incapable of admitting wrong [ ]. Bottom line, end of. Jacob Zuma, after two able educated Presidents is the white nightmare come true: an uneducated venal man who thinks he is an African Chief rather than the president of an advanced democracy. And that the majority of the population see nothing wrong with that? That is why whites did nothing about apartheid. Dysfunction takes TWO to play! I live in Johannesburg.

          • bv

            All whites should abandon this black created mess and cut their losses IF they can get out. I’m working on helping unskilled white africans (only) escape this hell and get residence in white countries. Black South Africans (Need not apply).
            With regards to Coloureds, we’ll help to settle you in Brazil where you’ll be part of a majority. So start learning Portuguese it’ll come in handy.
            As for Blacks, you made your bed now sleep in it!

          • aecma
          • Cgp

            Yes … I like this comment….. Well said…

        • bv

          What do you care? You want all the whites gone anyways, Paul is doing you a favor so you can live in your Black Utopia. You should thank him.

        • ChantOlive

          Hey Malaca-frican….. when you’re knee deep in your own sh-ee-t and you’re wondering why the zumas, gutas and Chinese own and run everything…. just remember that you and your bradas made it happen!

        • JustThreeWords

          Dream on creampuff !!

        • Cgp

          Leave SA….. So simple !!!!

      • Cgp

        At least it a first world country….. Not a African third world mess….

    • Ngallendou

      We may have the skills, but we are culturally disposed more to nurture our family and tribe than to accomplish tasks or to building an impersonal nation.
      The Europeans brought with them a belief in unlimited good, that there is plenty for all through hard work; whereas our traditional worldview sees limited good, which must be snatched up before someone else gets it.
      The Europeans mostly occupied empty lands and made them productive; when we saw that, we moved in to get what we could, completely misunderstanding their work ethic.

      • David

        The Europeans have been put out of power by an international “movement”, so the prevailing ethic is that of Africans.

        Can the Europeans adapt to the same ethic? Until they do, they will be taken advantage of and exploited. They should stop worrying and start leaching like everyone else.

  • Mooiwiele

    They keep robbing Peter to pay Paul.
    The day that Paul says “enough!” and emigrates to a place where he is not robbed by “his” gtovernment, is not too far away.
    That is when everything in South Africa will peter out.

    • Mark

      I saw what you did there 😉

  • derp

    This is the point that everyone has been making:

    The other (almost more serious point IMO) is it destroys any initiative of black candidates to be the best. They only need to aim for 4th or 5th place (if that) and they will get the job.
    Because of this, I regard AA and BEE more of a problem to blacks than whites.

  • CTN

    The ANC has its head up its arse

  • alistair

    Clap, clap, clap. Well done. Viva ANC and all that crap.

    Doesn’t help complaining. We pale pigs should pack our bags and move. There’s no point crying and trying to change anything, we’re outnumbered, what 1000000 to 1.

    Probably not that bad, but what the hell.

    Applaud the guys for screwing themselves and give them the rope then stand back and watch them swing.

    Africa! The pits……..

    This place is falling quickly. So pack your bags, lets go…………….

    • Wurnman

      If we could go somewhere i am sure i’d leave also, but that is the problem is it not.

    • Grant Karl Hide

      2 can can play this game, I’ll let myself know i cant hire myself and then do it anyways. Viva stupidity!!!

  • stav

    Discrimination based on colour gender religion etc is racism. This is all that all these years people in South Africa fought and died for and now to have this happening to white people is as bad as apartheid it self.

  • Linknpark

    Everything suppossed to be handed to them on their lap , they are entitled to it , They will never work hard and educate themselves to do the jobs properly . Makes one sick. Grow up , take all the jobs and watch the country fall even more . Pity .

  • Linknpark

    If Indians , Whites and Coloured people leave this country , it will fall very fast below zimbabwe and become the worst and messed up country in africa from being the best. Ever noticed that every african country is a flop or decades behind developed countries? I wonder why????

    • StrangerThingsHappen

      Nigeria has already taken over our lead as the biggest economy in Africa.

      • Been Told

        I am in Nigeria and I can assure you that even though they have overtaken SA’s economy the situation here on the ground is dire. The average police salary is R1500. There is millions in poverty. Bomb blasts everywhere this past week. SA is heading there fast.

      • Wurnman

        That’s because Dr Mbanthi Nkoshitumbi wants to deposit 50mil of euro into your bank account due to some family member that died.

    • Rudolf Harmse

      That is a very very racist statement to make, and if you have any understanding of history you will see that 95% of African countries were colonized by European forces in the last 100-200 years (reference wikipedia) and also there is another statistical concept that states correlation does not imply causation. Similarly South America and North America were also colonized and they house two of the biggest economies in the world one being USA and the other being Brazil. Bottom line, we are all humans on this planet we have no where to go and no other company to keep so learn to get along.

      • lunchbox

        libtard blindness

        • Rudolf Harmse

          Nothing to do with liberal retardation, or being blind. If you have nothing constructive to say don’t say anything at all.

          • It is the truth however. The truth has no race, just honesty and facts…. Facts cannot be racist as they are based on truth. If you have actual facts to prove these wrong then share them, but if not then they remain fact. And I have San ancestors myself, a people who know how to live in unison with the African bush without destroying it…..

          • Miguel Carneiro

            your statement is very true but these “facts” are not… My cousin is a doctor in a government hospital .. when she started there she was amazed at all the machines they had.. some serious stuff and mostly new as well.. so this whole news report was just designed to upset the whites which it did so well..

            Sometimes its just embarrassing being part of a race thats so eager to blame , shout and point fingers…

          • A hospital full of machines don’t do the job of qualified doctors and nurses who are there because the care and not because they are given a job, they suck at. Fact. People have to take their own stuff to public hospitals due to theft of bedding etc. Their families have to bring them food due to theft and possible food poisoning issues. No mate not pointing fingers, just facts…..

          • dominoes

            You are talking about private hospitals for sure. As to government hospitals, the fact is a double digit amount of ambulances has to be replaced in one region because of idiots using and abusing vehicles and stealing machines and equipment from ambulances every year. The staff has to be kept from taking off while some dedicated ones dare not become ill or without payment. No overtime paid. While politicians are paying themselves extravagant salaries and bonuses.

      • Chris Zalgo Tazz

        Without colonization, there would be nothing in Africa but trees, bush, mountains, clay huts and cattle.

        • Rudolf Harmse

          If you understood what I said, then you would have realised that my point is exactly that some of the worlds biggest economies were colonized countries, hence its an invalid excuse to use since the net effect was positive. Apartheid however was adversly racist and set our country back many many years, by removing all but one race from the economy, reversing positive nett effect of colonization.

          • dominoes

            The word removing makes me think. Three hundred years ago, there was no economy to be removed. We, the colonists, did not remove; we established more by adding more of an economy that has been removed by the chiefdom of homelands in return after the S African financed homelands during apartheid, my friend. know your history.

    • Johan Pieterse

      Coloureds can’t leave, their fathers and mothers are Africans.

  • Richard

    Doesn’t matter, we are survivors. We create out own wealth and we always have. Cant beat whats in our heads. If your desire is to work for government then you lack ambition.

    • Crankyowl

      …and small business owners should not support any BEE companies if at all possible, and only support non BEE companies or businesses owned by your own race…they started so let’s finish it.

  • Jack Roberts

    That is racist.

    • Loman

      No. You forget that black people can’t be racist.
      It is impossible, no matter what they do.

    • Rudolf Harmse

      For some reason, I read that in the voice/accent of Trevor Noah. 😛

  • Eustace2

    Boycott South Africa again.

    They clearly didn’t learn the first time.

  • WhitePride1488Forever

    What an idiot

  • Thabo

    “The incentives included, among other things, performance bonuses and promotion prospects” This is bull, which Department and what proof does this consultant have? This bloody gov is a lot of things but this I’ve never seen.

    • Okkie Neethling

      of course you’ve never “seen” it

  • ChrisF

    “He said skills and experience were a subordinate criteria, and many of those appointed to posts were unqualified.” This is no suprise as this is the same criteria for ministerial appointments – the DOC is a good example.
    Well done to

  • ofgoodhope

    You guys are all so unfair, in a land that hosts more black people than white people, the majority of white people are employed. Corporate South Africa is fully white and no one says anything about it. The very offices from which this article is published has a mustard seed sized portion on black people and that’s okay. White professionals are constantly enslaving and side lining black professionals and that is never a story. You guys didn’t get tired of seeing Africa’ s original people suffer!

    • Lungelo

      Nxa, It’s because of his entitled mentality that SA is where it is. Opportunities should be given to those who have the skills and experience irrespective of colour or creed!

      • Jaco Venter

        Your mouth needs jam! I like your attitude.

    • Chris Zalgo Tazz

      Remember, there are 2 types of white people. You get your dumb aggressive Afrikaaner and then you get your 3rd, 2nd or 1st generation of immigrants from Europe. Usually, the 2nd group is the hard working group that tries its best to be productive, fair and represent a just system and therefore deserve to be on the top class as they are making a massive effort to get there. The first group mentioned however, avoid them.

      • Rudolf Harmse

        I am neither a 1st,2nd or 3rd generation immigrant. I am a Afrikaner, and I am neither dumb nor aggressive. You show a very shallow view of how you view the world if that is your actual stance, please refrain from referencing stereotypes and stick to the core problem. The reason why Corporate South Africa remains largely white dominated (a statement with which I agree with, and it is not correct on a demographic scale) is due to the lack of skills. There are only so many clerical/non skilled positions to fill in an office and even they require a proper grasp and understanding of the English language (the language of business) in reading and written form. The rest of corporate positions require some sort of skill to be applied to depending on what sector you are in the skills vary. Another basic requirement is computer literacy and the proper use of basic office tools like email etc.

        All those requirements can be laid in front of the basic education system as those are skills you must have mastered (English reading, writing, comprehension and computer literacy) when you leave school, this should enable you to at least function in a clerical position. So if you want to blame anything or anyone, please look at the education system.

        If you want to ensure your future children and family have employment promote trades instead of office work, as tradesman in this country are becoming very scarce (tradesman that know their craft and deliver a quality service). By tradesman I don’t mean learn a trade and apply it, I mean become qualified in it, take pride in it. Don’t just take the easy way out do what you love.

        • disqus_YXczy1K8mI

          thanks for your good comments. You deserve to enjoy equal rights under our constitution, and you deserve to enjoy success for hard honest work and efforts made. Why should anyone else not be given an equal opportunity? And why should racially advantaged people expect to be treated differently? Rudolf you win my respect!

          • Rudolf Harmse

            Thank you.

            As to your questions :

            Firstly, opportunity has to be equal in an idealistic/utopian world, however we are so far removed from that its scary. Life is not fair a sad sad truth which is an indictment on the human race. Our species deserves better, hence you must always always stand up against injustice.

            I don’t believe there is such a thing as racially advantaged, race is a human construct that has been created to classify us based on appearance which is very primitive but needed for scientific reason, this should however not define us as a species. However there is definite advantaged categories, and those advantages are material at best and like all material gain it too shall pass. Money, power and material wealth surely cannot buy happiness, it can only provide short lived relief of the human condition. (sorry for the philosophical viewpoint)

            TGIF 😀

            Enjoy the weekend.

        • On this we agree 🙂

      • Janpn

        I doubt if you know a lot of Afrikaners. You are an idiot..

        • disqus_YXczy1K8mI

          and quickly … before the truth is erased by political will…

      • Wurnman

        Wow jy’s darem n poephol!

      • disqus_YXczy1K8mI

        um – there are many types of people here, most are deluded by deceitful ANC propaganda, fewer are not.
        When a zulu king invaded others to broaden his territory, he was never called a racist and the land demanded back.
        Why are the white settlers any different? especially where they settled on empty unused land without conflict, shouldn’t they be respected for what they developed, and then being willing to give it up in hopes of peace and reconciliation?

      • Wow, now i know stupid is as stupid does. wow your ignorance is astounding!!!

        • Chris Zalgo Tazz

          No, you.

    • iszi

      Shame, poor you.

    • Random

      Sorry, but as a professional myself, I treat those of equal potential and intelligence with the same respect regardless of race.
      If you are unworthy of your paycheck then I cannot help but to side-line you and exclude you from any serious professional matters as the contributions made by these individuals are mere drivel and detract instead of adding to the benefit of others.
      Step up to the plate and I will treat you as an equal. Show me that you are a hard worker and are prepared to put in the effort to get the job done, then I will treat you as an equal. Show me that you are worth your qualification….

    • Jaco Venter

      Maybe you should have a good look at Zimbabwe. We are heading the same way. The only way out is an act of God. And really we don’t want the original people of Africa to suffer. We (the whites) have been four hundred years and we did good things for this country. But look what happens when the original people rules the country for just twenty years! What a mess. The original people needs the whites, whether they like it or not.

    • Judit

      WHY Don’t you start a conglomerate of sorts, like Cecil Rhodes and Barney Barnato did. They had no money and yet they built one of the biggest companies in the world. Just do it. Why take someone else company?

    • disqus_YXczy1K8mI

      corporate sector is not a public entity – you don’t pay tax to companies but can choose to pay for their services. We pay HUGE taxes without choice to the government who in turn supposedly have responsibilities to serve the public.
      If you ran a business you wouldn’t hire incompetent dishonest and lazy workers who have no ability to do the given work at all, now would you?
      and corporate ZA is definately not fully white – where have you been all this time? Having a business whether as a black white, indian chinaman or coloured wasn’t prohibited under apartheid … how did the taxi industry come about? It just took huge amounts of determination, hard work and perseverance under constrained conditions to succeed, and many did.

      The only sidelining here is against a minority group of white males. We are the only country in the world that has laws discriminating against a minority.

      So then whats your problem? Why dont you get out there and take advantage of your ample opportunities? The white guys do it despite the obstacles, so why cant you? Ah – perhaps you’ve been conditioned to sit around and do nothing because the ANC promised you’ll get it all for nothing black man, just wait and we will give it to you.

      I got some sad news for you then – keeping people uneducated. uninformed, economivally inactive and uncomfortably underserviced, suits them fine as long as they stay put, stay poor, stay unhappy and stay stupid. Just a small degree of emotional reinforcement on tribal conviction need be applied for them to unquestioningly vote ANC and sit idle with hand stretched out, waiting for promised freebies they’re entitled to. Why should they make any effort to empower themselves?

      Without a functioning private sector generating jobs and taxable revenue, you wouldn’t have ANYTHING at all, no entitlement no dignity no nothing.

      Help solve the problem instead of making foolish claims.

      Whats unfair is how the ANC deviously preys on the empty hopes of millions, keeping them under oppressive submission by manipulating their ignorance and dreams of freedom. But maybe you like that? More likely you’re another one of their mindless victims duped by ANC propaganda.

    • dominoes

      The majority of white people are 4% of the whole population of 100%. Do some sums here. There is no way that they could fill all Corporate or government institutes. Did you see all the white squatter camps (where whites are not allowed to squat on municipal terrain} mush rooming all over South Africa? You obviously are under the influence of either black professionals or brain washed liberals.

  • Sean

    Thing is if whites were employed the work would get done and they don’t really want proof of how useless they really are

  • Chris Zalgo Tazz

    Are we now allowed to use the N or K word again? Quite obviously racism is back on the table, so we might all get our playing cards out again.

  • Fred

    Right on the button with ‘part’ of what ails our beautiful country! Trouble is the rot is so entrenched in most Govt and Municipal Departments that the only way it could be rectified is from the top, where there is no will and/or understanding of the seriousness of the problem.

    • disqus_YXczy1K8mI

      think the top scum care about anything more than their image and accumulated wealth? The ANC culture is clearly a crime against humanity.

  • Fred

    The concept of a Civil and Municipal Service that works as this serves the voters and should not brook any political interference in its efficient operation is lost on the ANC bunch of Grab and Controllers- so everyone suffers.

  • Zinzan Zonzo

    Oh Lord, when will anyone learn.

    If we take the population ratio of south african people and you gave every white person a job, that would still only be 8.8% of the total population, currently if you gave every white person leaving school a job, that is only 5.4%.

    Bunch of dumbasses. Oh whites have too many jobs …. no they don’t …. they only have a 0% chance of getting 5.4% of the jobs.

    Learn basic math skills.
    Or I can make it easier for you to understand
    5.4 percent is like one slice of cake.
    5.4 percent is like one spoon of pap.
    5.4 percent is like one small sip of Coke.

    Get it in your heads.

    • K Clark

      What? So you are saying quotas need to be set based on population and not merit? We have tried this in the US. It does not work.

      I am an American looking at this BS because our au pair is S.A. Maybe she is right and it is wrong there which is why she never wants to go back…. Maybe they (whites) should all leave like you want. Good thing that her family has sold all assets and now rent to make a hasty exit.

      Once a population has become racist all non-“black” people will leave and that exit of skills will really screw over the country. Of course, you might have a number of Chinese nationals imported to fill the skill gap that are trained military left to protect the Peoples Republic of China’s investments. Oh, and I forgot, they will dump a 10 million Chinese settlers into your country to protect their assets. And, they will not have any rules of engagement. Apartheid will look like child’s play.

      Good luck SA. You better figure out how to have the international community on your side or perish under a Chinese boot of expansion.

      • Zinzan Zonzo

        Nowhere did I say anything about quotas, you did not understand the sarcasm in my comment.

        This article is related to the fact that “whites” have too many jobs. My comment relates to the fact that with the ratio of whites to other colours in this country, it is impossible for “whites” to have more than 5.4% of available jobs.

  • Neil Glezer-Jones

    For crying out loud!!! I wish this country would darn well wake up. Jobs for people that can do the job!.. Screw their Colour, Religion or whatever else can divide us. Well done to John Kane-Berman for being brave enough to stand up and call it like he sees it. Who know if it is completely true or not, open it up for debate but just do not call someone racist for giving their honest opinion.

    • cassanovafrankenstien

      Sorry but that is not how Marxism works=The Janitor becomes the Doctor/The Doctor becomes the Janitor.Cuba was a Perfect example .

  • naveen

    forget the past. lets look at a holistic future where all colours will be represented in jobs etc. have we not learnt from the past. come on south africans lets share in this new south africa so that all can benefit. how productive will this be. lets look at the bigger picture. we have big hearts man. god bless.

    • Judit

      We HAVE forgotten the past – it’s what we are living now! This government allows a UNION to bring us to junk bond status in the world? What is it they really want? Is their hatred for the white so innate that poverty means nothing, as long as the white is gone out of their sight.

      • Judit

        AND, Naveen, you have an Indian name I gather. Did you not know, that wherever there were revolutions and genocides in Africa (uh umm IDI AMIN?) the INDIANS were the first to be thrown out. You’re being hated just as much as a white face. There is no will to rise from squalor into something great – which is so possible since we are a fruitful country. And as for majority numbers – what is that? when I have a child I plan it and get a trust fund into place. MAYBE you’ll have a second. The lady who works for us has 3 daughters still in school and a number of sons (who’s babies are being looked after by their girlfriends mothers) and she has to look after (already) 6 grandchildren between the three girls. But of course, the whole world is going down the slippery slope and G-d help us all!

  • Kyle McLaren

    While I strongly agree with the sentiment of the newsletter, I saw no mention of actual proof that these buffoons are in fact being incentivised?

  • Beesblaas

    Right… So we go ahead and fix the bad by doing something worse? And how far behind do you think we will end being by the time your little crusade has run its course? Do you think for one minute there would be anything left of this beautiful country to enjoy? You need to step back bro and check your facts by doing a bit of research into history and seeing how effective the whole ‘eye for an eye’ mentality really is, because I can tell you right now, in this day and age having that mentality will send us into the dark ages on rails, no problem. So stop being an idiot, stop being part of the problem and start becoming part of the damned solution – if you can manage to switch off that massively over-inflated black ego of yours. You want people to take you seriously, yet you go around acting like a petulant, entitled little child? All I have to say to that is: Pfffffft. (From a ‘dumb, aggressive Afrikaner’)

    • lastchanceafrica

      I read about my country constantly. My place of birth. I have been abroad for many years now, not because of choice, but circumstance. You all talk about a ”Free South-Africa” a United South-Africa? Will everyone just wake up and realize there will never be a ”Free South-Africa” If you call living free, having security guards look after your estate, Security sensors, motion detectors, Barbwire fences, locked doors, and eight foot walls surrounding your property, just to protect your family from intruders.A free country, I have now lost all faith in it!

      I wish I could show you what it feels like, to walk down the street with my son, being 90% sure, we will be going home safe, rather than being 80% sure we are being followed.

      I live in a country that is of the modern world. And what I mean by that, is that there are many people from all over the world living here. African,South-African,English,Russian,Irish,America,Spanish, Chinese,Romanian,Polish, just to list a few.

      We live in piece. We are integrated. We spend time together, community gatherings, Church, events. Yes, we have differences in many aspects of life, religion, beliefs. BUT WE RESPECT EACH OTHER! We make time for each other. GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER.

      My biggest worry is, that if my country ever wants to get back on its feet.It will need to stop fighting itself. Does NOT matter who runs it. As long as everyone has the same goal! TEAM WORK MOVES MOUNTAINS. And as long as there are separate goals, and one side is against another preventing each other from achieving goals. YOU WILL NOT GET THERE.

      In any position. The best person for a job needs to be placed in that position to ensure that the job is done right. Simple. You say there is a lack of Jobs.True. However. The more the economy grows more work will become available. To make the economy grow, you need the best people in your team.DOES NOT MATTER WHERE THEY ARE FROM, OR WHAT BLOODY COLOR THEY ARE. As long as they are the best person for that position. And I guarantee you businesses will find more business, More business requires more staff, And the economy will thrive.

      South-Africa, is a magical place, but magic requires a magician. We as South-Africans, are the only ones that can make this magic happen.

      I am happy where I am, but I know I am not at home. But I can’t trust that my family and its future is safe there, or ever will be.

  • Jaco Venter

    We are not the better race, we are just better qualified, sir.

  • Judit

    Tis not free. If they can bring a major mining house to it’s knees that’s not freedom. the few workers who dared try and slip into work were killed – that’s not freedom. All of that is communism. Giving 50% of a person’s property to its workers, is called COMMUNISM.

  • Judit

    rest happy blackgeek – there are plenty of white squatter camps before your eyes. That should make you feel totally redeemed. Oh, and fret not, the black government put apartheid into place the moment the stepped onto the podium. You don’t see much do you… Actually Central Africa and Kongo has gone your way and their people tremble in fear. They are hacked to death. Did you know that everyday for 6 months 10 000 people were hacked to death in Rwanda in the nineties – that is your dream – a country sans white people.

    • dominoes

      More than one million people were hacked to death by fellow black countrymen in Ruanda.

  • Judit

    SO shall we stop writing and see if black people write. Can we help it that they don’t comment here. I am certain this Broadband newsletter would be too glad to accommodate any comments. WHO exactly are you blaming for THIS now?

  • Koketso

    So…..people die and affirmative action is to blame? sheer nonsense….Why not appoint BLACK candidates who are suitably qualified?! Affirmative action doesnt say hire idiots!This blame-shifting kak just divides us all

    • ProfessorJericho

      That’s the point of the report. It says that AFTER suitably qualified Black candidates could not be found and there was a White candidate who was qualified, they then choose not to fill the vacancy at all. The point of AA and EE was to shift White people further down the queue, this removed them from the queue completely.

  • disqus_YXczy1K8mI

    Racist scum the ANC.. told you – their “struggle against apartheid” was the biggest swindle of the 20th century

  • Wurnman

    sry i no’t unstnd wha u say’ing

    BUT there we have it people, you just read the true Racist speak his mind. I suppose you’re from the black version of the AWB and truly hate any race other than black.

    You and Chris Zalgo Tazz should be facebook pals…

  • Some Person

    racist pigs, I thought we were trying to fix the apartheid problems

  • Crankyowl

    Maybe you should learn to spell before you air your views, smelly as they are…

    • dominoes

      It is time that you learn some literature, to know that Americans spell words differently. Smartass.

  • Ne3M

    I love this! Because now I contract back at x3.5 my normal rate! Was in the US last month and the competition is just so fierce! Here it is open season (that is if you have a scarce skill 😉

  • OldRedNed

    OK folks, let’s take him/her/it at face value – Black. Let’s assume h/h/i is not taking the pee and is not a Troll. That being so – here we have a classic example of Black education under the ANC.

  • ir3yfgiue34gfirw

    “White South Africa” was destroyed by jewish morons (like “de beers”) who wanna get our diamonds almost for free. As usual, they did it with somebody’s hands – negroes, who so dumb that can be proud even with their skin color! Now “black SA” shows that all that “racism” was nothing, but putting in gov. dumb monkeys (like Zuma) who is ready even to kill his country just to fill his pocket. All of that is pity and soon or later we will fight, so prepare your guns. Black a$$es will run out of country and we CAN grow SA again, but remember WHO organized current “black apartheid” – jewish greedy stupids. Keep ’em away of management and everything will be fine.

  • fjfj

    racist bunch

    • If speaking the truth is racist, then hell yeah call me a racist all you want, but the truth will always be just that and will win out in the end!!!

  • Big M

    I am white. I have a South African passport. My family have lived in South Africa for several generations. My family built our home. I out of many students received distinctions in my filed of studies. I work and study what I am passionate about. My studies are world class. Where am I supposed to go I am a citizen of South Africa

    • irishbrother

      go back to your Motherland Europe

      • dominoes

        Your name says it all. You are a natural rebel that is why you would be biased for the natural rebels of S Africa, the losers. To go back to Europe, would make you a full-blown third world citizen within ten years time. Watch out what you wish for.

  • FrenchFriar

    the newsletter also said:

    “This does not mean that all those appointed on grounds of race or political allegiance are unqualified. But a great many are. Given the skills deficit caused by Bantu education, it could hardly be otherwise.”

  • Ngallendou

    If they can get as far as Mexico, then they can walk north into… Obama Land.

  • Bobby

    We have to remember that we are all people who are good at heart. We are being played by corporations who work for the shareholders, that includes the government. We are all slaves, the rulers are the same and always were. What has changed in this country since 94? Nothing, we are still being used, our rights removed by legislation, we have to ask permission to exist. It is the same all over the world, stop fighting each other and see who is using us all for their own power trip. Stop getting involved with their game and love each other. Racism works well in SA, so they use it all the time against us…. just read the comments here. The constitution doesn’t work either, love does….. peace.

    • Miguel Carneiro

      nice .. a bit hippy sounding but nice ..

      • Bobby

        Thanks… I aint no hippy though, just a freethinker.

  • irishbrother

    Europe needs mass deportation programs Africans back to Africa and Europeans back to Europe,Vote for you Nationalist Parties People

  • chris

    This is a good reason for Afrikaners it insist on self-determination. The only way for survival…..

  • David

    I hope those white people can get out and leave the whole place to collapse. Let them have their affirmative action. Don’t rescue them.

    If you’re white in one of those jobs, don’t rescue all the incompetents around you. Work at the typical level, just do your job.

  • Heirich Austerlitz

    The SAIRR was a huge supporter of the ANC during the apartheid years, yet it took them 20 years to wake up and speak out about it. Strange how the tables turn, turning even the libeerals towards the right in the end.

    • Alien & Stranger

      Apartheid was racist and wrong, hence the SAIRR’s stance back then, but so is the way the ANC is going about AA and BEE (and its variants), so the SAIRR is speaking out again. While apartheid benefited those who were productive, AA and BEE benefits those who are not capable or productive and therefore undermines both the civil service and the economy. One of our sons has his own one-man business and isn’t going to expand purely because of the AA and BEE laws.
      Undermine the economy = unemployment. The ANC/ Cosatu, et al domkops can’t see this. Loosen up the racist labour and employment laws and regulations and see how the economy takes off.

  • anon

    Any government employee should have to be voted in by the general public.There should be an app / free SMS system that takes votes and normalizes them by race and job title. Person with too low a score is fired / not allowed to be hired.

  • CO

    This political solution not a sound economic solution !!
    Skills gap will force leasing contracts, support contracts and private contracting in this type of system. Most infrastructure and development get outsourced when you rush to fill things with people who lack the skills and experience necessary ahead time. This gets revealed with the lack of external capital willing to make investments into this system.

  • Anti-anti

    And then they wonder why we do not like them now and never will….

  • Damien

    There is one lesson everyone needs to learn: What goes around comes around. This is fact. It’s the cycle of life. Apartheid has backlashed the white community for the past 20 years, regardless of who they voted for. The ANC is doing the same, and worse right now. They will pay for it, it is inevitable. It might not happen soon, but when it does the backlash will be catastrophic. Stop it now ANC supporters. Be the bigger people. Forget and forgive the past. Think of SA as one country one people. You have been warned!

  • Truef Naphtali
  • bv

    SAIRR consultant John Kane-Berman guess the tribe?

  • ChantOlive

    time for us all to wake up and realise that we are not welcome in our own country any-more…the land we were born in …the people we were born to share this with…. they don’t want us…
    these same people cry foul in other countries when they don’t get there own way there…when they feel the slightest bit of offence in the USA or UK or elsewhere …the cry of “racism” can be heard from every street corner and layman preacher….
    and yet when they chase out, block from employ, cut off from business the whites here….that’s not racism… just “addressing imbalances of the past”…

    Well…. so long … and thanks for the fish

  • Logan Young

    Jeremy Mansfield said it on the 94.7 Rude Awakening many years ago. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT AND THESE OTHER POLICIES DO NOT WORK.

    How many people have died because of things like the Bloemhof sewage fiasco which came as a direct result of ignorant blacks who are incapable of doing the jobs being hired into important positions within that government?

    It’s disgusting. It’s crime against humanity!

  • Murendeni

    This is Racist

    • Cgp

      Or just awake to the truth ???

  • dominoes

    Too lazy to write properly?

  • dominoes

    Gr8tful for what, that you didn’t murder everyone yet? Built some squatter camps for whites? Your ANC cannot even deliver school books on time for learners. Is that where squatter camps come from? The government built squatter camps for the thousands of people from homelands into cities so that they don’t have to create jobs for them in homelands by using tax monies to start businesses for them in homelands?. No they create squatter camps in cities to rely on the 4% of whites to give them jobs. How stupid is that? Only to reading your comment one can see why Africa is so poor – no wisdom. “- then we myt aswell Opress the minority!!!” Don’t you see the majority is also “Opressed” by your government???!

  • Hopeful

    There is something very very wrong with ‘black pride’.

  • JustThreeWords

    We’re surprised why ???

  • MP3

    just reaffirms how racist the anc is…

  • madhatter

    Affirmative action has destroyed so much worldwide. In RSA one need only look at the destruction of every state run organisation to the point of bankruptcy……Definitely affected by the Dunning-Kruger
    effect….”a cognitive bias wherein unskilled individuals suffer from
    superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than is
    accurate. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled
    to recognise their ineptitude” In short a moron.

  • Cgp

    I think any white person still living is South Africa is either happy to turn ” black” or just pure and completely stupid … In the mid 1970’s it was well understood that at one day it would undergo a “management colour change”… So why are whites still currently living in South Africa?

    I can only suggest they are a combination of too poor to leave … Too stupid to leave … or just happy to turn Black…. In a third world country….

    Yes … you guessed it I left in the late 1970’s … Part ot what was called the ” chicken – run”… and just laughed at the departing comments!!!

    So the living conditions of the whites have got a little worse ….ha ha …I knew this was going to be the so 30 plus year ago…

    I am writing this from a first world country where the life style is rather fantastic….

    One last piece of advice to the whites in South Africa ” get out …. yesterday…!!!!


    Good! Whites should go back to Europe.

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