These are all the political parties and independents on the 2024 election ballots

 ·11 Apr 2024

Following deliberations on objections to the provisional list of candidates for the 2024 general elections, the Electoral Commission (IEC) has announced the final list.

This list includes both political parties and independent candidates who are eligible to appear on the ballots for the National Assembly elections at the national and regional levels, as well as for the various provincial legislatures.

The upcoming May 29th elections will feature three ballot papers and an unprecedented number of candidates.

National Assembly seats to be determined on two ballot papers

IEC deputy chief electoral officer Mawethu Mosery explained to Newzroom Afrika that there are 400 seats in the National Assembly that are divided into two parts – a national compensatory ballot and a national regional ballot.

The first ballot, called the national compensatory ballot, is the same across the entire country and is made up of political parties only, contesting for 200 seats for national representation.

Link to Final Candidate Lists for National Compensatory Ballot – Sample (IEC)

The second ballot for the National Assembly involves electing representatives for the remaining 200 seats “representing regions,” or commonly put, the nine provinces, which each have a predetermined number of seats.

Map: IEC

The candidates vying for these positions include political parties as well as independent candidates, and the options available on these ballot will vary from one province to another.

Link to Final Candidate Lists for National Regional Ballots – Sample (IEC)

Provincial legislatures

The provincial ballot is for electing members to voter’s respective provincial legislatures, with the number of available seats differing from one province to another.

Seat numbers and quotas for provincial legislatures. Map: IEC

Independent candidates will be on the same ballot as political parties. According to the IEC, if an independent candidate obtains votes that entitle it to more than one seat, that candidate’s additional seat is forfeited.

Link to Final Candidate Lists for Provincial Ballots – Sample (IEC)

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