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ACS secures MediSwitch’s data

MediSwitch is the number one organisation in the country when it comes to switching electronic transactions between healthcare professionals and medical schemes.

Its 12 000 healthcare businesses include all retail pharmacies in South Africa.

Given the nature of its business, data security is of paramount importance to MediSwitch, and issues related to it informed the move.

Andrew Brown, managing executive of MediSwitch, says that having the most robust security measures possible is important from a customer perspective and required from a legal one.

The latter is particularly important in light of the enforcement of the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act.

“Given that healthcare information is explicitly referenced in the Act, our industry has to do everything possible to ensure that it is compliant and that it takes all reasonable steps to protect critical information,” says Andrew.

“By moving our data centre to one of the most secure facilities in the country, we did exactly that.”

The ACS centre is managed and monitored by highly skilled network, security and infrastructure engineers, who provide round-the-clock operational support.

It is also ISO 27001 certified, meaning that ACS meets the stringent international requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving the information security management of the data centre.

Another key consideration is uptime.

Without reliable computing facilities, a business such as MediSwitch would be unable to deliver services effectively.

The ACS facility, with its Tier 4 N+1 fault tolerant rating, meets all the uptime requirements.

“Tier 4 data centres are specifically designed to host mission critical servers and computer systems,” says Andrew.

“Furthermore, they offer fully redundant subsystems, in the form of cooling, power, network links and storage, to name a few.”

ACS provides MediSwitch with 99.95% guaranteed service availability – a promise it is likely to exceed, given that the Linbro Park centre boasts an impressive track record of zero hours’ downtime in the last five years.

Adding to the data security and redundancy features, is the facility’s physical security features.

These include CCTV and biometric access control devices.

Back-up power is provided by two generators with enough fuel capacity to run the facility for three weeks non-stop.

Two Internet service providers offer full network redundancy and the centre even has a backup water supply.

MediSwitch has a second data centre, hosted at Continuity SA, that provides levels of security and redundancy similar to the ACS facility.

For more information visit the ASC Altech website.

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