Take control of your telecom and cellular expenses

With technology trends in constant flux and IT complexity growing as fast as it is, CIOs are the executives most commonly faced with the task of cutting wireless costs with reduced budgets.

As such, CIOs must find ways to cut expenses with the telecommunications programs currently in place.

For this reason, a telecommunications expense management (TEM) solution is more than just a good idea – it’s a necessity.

TEM solutions are designed to reduce expenses, of course, but they can also manage most aspects of enterprise mobility, including inventory, ordering, procurement, support, and fulfilment.

Visibill is a telecom expense management software solution used to assist organisations in managing their cellular or land line spend, providing visibility across the organisation and reducing costs.

The Visibill solution is a web based application that is hosted on the cloud and requires no infrastructure other than a web browser and internet connection.

For a company with 1,000 lines, it’s tough to monitor the usage across all those lines.

Thankfully, Visibill gives an administrator a single portal to do just that.

How Visibill works

Detailed itemised bill records of all your organisations lines are imported into the Visibill database from your service provider, such as Vodacom, MTN, or Cell C.

As a user, you can log into the system using a username and password.

The software allows organisations to manage their entire environment spend from one central location and assists in driving down costs.

Instead of receiving hundreds or thousands of individual invoices or Excel files, Visibill collates all the data and presents it in an easy to use manner.

Lines can be allocated to company costs centres, and reporting can be done on various levels.

The system also sends email and SMS notifications to users and their line managers based on the company’s organisation hierarchy.

Features in the package include:

  • Interactive dashboards to look at spend at a high level, and drill down into the detail
  • Automatic and manual line locking
  • Line administration and management
  • Monthly reports
  • Maintain usage limits, thresholds and triggers on usage and spend
  • Data gets updated daily, so no bill shock at the end of the month
  • Report on top spenders and users
  • Allocating numbers as business or private
  • Stock control and device allocation
  • Usage notifications sent via Email and SMS to users and management.

Should your organisation require so, Visibill will be able to develop specific reports, functionality, or integration into existing systems.

Telecommunications assets are the lifeblood of your organisation, and the complexities that organisations are facing are growing, from increasing mobile workforces to data-rich services.

And naturally, medium to large organisations may have difficulty in managing all their lines, contracts, and getting a handle of the usage and the abuse of lines.

However, with a TEM solution in place you can eliminate the hassle of managing your telecom expenses, reduce overhead, improve visibility into enterprise mobility performance, and free-up valuable time to re-focus your team on other priorities.

No obligation proof of concept implementation

The first 10 companies that sign up for Visibill’s Telecoms Expense Management solution during September 2017 will receive a no obligation proof of concept implementation for two months.

Cancellation at the end of the two months is possible without any obligation, and you do not have to worry about any financial commitment.

To sign-up you need to own an existing corporate account with a service provider, and a minimum of 100 lines apply.

This enables you to this to try it out first, see how Visibill operates, how we work as a team and how the system works for you before making any kind of commitment.

To sign-up contact [email protected] for inquiry and quote or for more information, visit the Visibill website.

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Take control of your telecom and cellular expenses