A guide to improving availability and data protection in the hybrid cloud

As organizations embrace cloud architectures, IT leaders are under enormous pressure to ensure and improve availability and data protection.

However, in today’s Always-On world, cloud computing is no longer just an option – it is a mandate.

According to IBM, top-performing banks are 88% more likely than their underperforming peers to implement a hybrid cloud, which goes to show the business value different industries find in this.

Today, any loss of business continuity can be crippling, and to avoid data loss, moving to the cloud must be done securely and strategically.

Using VMware hybrid or private cloud models together with Veeam Availability solutions can be the solution.

Focusing on availability, business continuity and data protection is important to address the rising cost of downtime, meeting SLA requirements, and leveraging highly virtualized environments.

According to a TechTarget white paper, hybrid cloud gives IT teams greater control over availability and data protection than public cloud.

Moving to the hybrid cloud

Just as they should do for on-premises data centres, IT and business decision-makers must set clear targets for availability and data protection in hybrid cloud environments.

Hybrid cloud provides additional opportunities to close the availability and data protection gaps through capabilities such as public cloud backup and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).

By leveraging these capabilities, IT teams have more options to adhere to best practices in data protection.

By using cloud as the off-site location for backup copies, IT teams can save money and increase availability.

However, IT must leverage solutions that address the challenges and opportunities of highly virtualized hybrid cloud environments to maximise availability and recoverability.

These challenges/opportunities include the following:

  • Enterprise continuity
  • Workload mobility
  • Compliance and visibility

Bridging availability and data protection gaps

Users of VMware can leverage Veeam’s industry-leading availability solutions to maximise enterprise continuity, workload mobility, and compliance and visibility in hybrid and private cloud environments.

Veeam solutions are tightly integrated with VMware products, including vSAN, vRealize Log Insight, vCloud Director and Cloud Foundation, to provide customers with maximum flexibility in closing their availability and data protection gaps—in the cloud or on premises.

With Veeam solutions, VMware customers can achieve:

  • High-speed recovery
  • Improved DR
  • Data loss avoidance
  • Complete visibility
  • Cloud flexibility/simplified migrations

For many VMware customers in the cloud, Veeam has already become the go-to solution for data protection and Availability through the tight integration of Veeam with VMware vCloud Director.

Because of that relationship, customers can easily deploy Veeam through their cloud service providers.

If you are a VMware customer using or considering hybrid or private cloud models, you have a unique opportunity to drive major gains in Availability by leveraging industry-leading solutions from Veeam.

For more information, visit the Veeam website.

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