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New UPS 3M delivers 99% energy efficiency

Schneider Electric has added the new Easy UPS 3M, a 60-100 kVA (400V) Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), to its 3-Phase UPS family of products.

It is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to service, providing business continuity for small and medium businesses and making it an excellent fit in both the data centre space and in industrial environments.

With an optimised footprint design and enhanced product features, Easy UPS 3M protects critical equipment in a multitude of physical environments from damage due to power outages, surges and spikes. This unit saves on Capex investment while also delivering up to 99% efficiency in energy-saving ECO mode.

Customers benefit from the included start-up service to ensure the Easy UPS 3M is properly and safely configured for best performance, reliability, safety and peace of mind.

“With our latest 3-phase offer, Schneider Electric is better able to meet both customer needs and partner requirements in a wide range of industries, making it an excellent fit for small and medium businesses, data centres and manufacturing facilities,” says George Senzere, Pre Sales Manager Anglophone Secure Power. “Part of our Energy Month drive, this Easy UPS 3M fills a growing market need for a solution delivering power availability, reliability, manageability, quality and convenience.

“This new offer is rugged, with a wide input voltage window and strong overload protection, all in a compact footprint. Designed and tested following Schneider Electric’s standardised rigorous procedures, the UPS rolls into position quickly and installation is simple. It features an intuitive display interface for easy configuration and monitoring and, with optional network management card, customers can monitor and manage the UPS status remotely through Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure IT cloud-based software suite.

“Our EcoStruxure team is ready to offer advice and installation, as winter months loom, with the possibility of power outages,” concludes Senzere.

This article was published in partnership with Schneider Electric.

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New UPS 3M delivers 99% energy efficiency