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Empowering a modern sales force with Euphoria Telecom

The cloud is redefining sales-oriented businesses and is completely reshaping customer engagement models by delivering new customer experiences. However, the biggest challenge facing these businesses is how to transform their sales force to effectively utilise modern technologies.

Moving to the cloud is not only about adopting a new technology platform, but changing the way one does business. A new approach is therefore required to enhance sales force performance and to enable engaged customer conversations.

Business owners must also realise that first customer contact has significant influence on customer acquisition and retention.

To remain competitive, they need to invest in a reliable and high-tech communications systems. This will ensure successful and effortless first contact with the aim of connecting the caller to the best service consultant in the shortest amount of time.

Euphoria Telecoms CEO John Woollam says the business telephony system is the lifeblood of any sales-oriented business, management needs to ensure it is efficient. “If you have a customer service department, a telesales team, or a technical support department, you already know that the old-school call centres require a huge up-front capital investment for on-site hardware and software.”

Euphoria’s solution is a hosted call centre solution that delivers greater agent productivity and flexible call centre management, at a fraction of the cost of traditional call centre solutions. It offers sales teams a phone system that enables them to be available anytime, anywhere and on any device.

It offers any business a truly simple approach to managing communications across an increasingly decentralised or mobile workforce. It also keeps employees connected to customers and teams wherever they are working, on whatever device they are using and however they are collaborating.

By making communications more efficient, cloud-based communications solutions make employees more productive and businesses can respond faster and in a more agile, collaborative way to customer requests.

“Cloud-based phone systems can help save costs, streamline operations, improve productivity and scale your business. It not only allows companies to invest more back into their business, it also increases profits by saving costs,” he adds.

With Euphoria’s call queue analytics, customers can see all the performance details of their queues, including wait times, response times, queue lengths and peak activity periods. Updated in real-time, this can be invaluable in terms of optimising operations and heading off problems before they reach critical points.

Woollam says Euphoria does it differently. “We empower our customers by delivering innovative technology. Our month-to-month contact centre capabilities enable customers to run marketing campaigns periodically and only pay when the contact centre function is being used. More importantly, our Campaign Manager options enable them to increase extensions for specific campaigns and only pay for them for that time which results in huge savings.”

Euphoria offers a true cloud PBX platform with all the associated and expected flexibility and scalability. Customers only pay for what they need, they can pick and choose modules as they require them and this can be changed at any time as the business grows.

“Cloud is 100 percent flexible, you can have as many extensions as you need and change this whenever you want. This system results in a far more efficient use of your financial resources by being infinitely scalable and accommodating,” he adds.

Euphoria also enables one to assess the performance of agents. The built-in Telephone Management System (TMS) provides detailed reports on the activity of each extension assigned to a queue, throughout the day. View the number of calls received versus the number of calls answered, as well as average call lengths and total call times. It’s a great tool for assessing productivity and encouraging a healthy work ethic.

He says the TMS provides extra insight at no extra cost. “See who your staff is calling. Outgoing call logs show exactly which extension dialed which number and at what time of the day. The call recipients are listed by number, or name if they’re in your address book. You’ll be able to see not just the busiest extensions, but also the most frequently dialed numbers.”

“Example, a company can assign a specific number to a sales person and that number follows them wherever they are – office, desk or mobile. Should they ever leave, that number will be allocated to new staff,” he concludes.

Euphoria will help business leaders manage, control and analyse every element of their telephone system with precision. It provides all the communication features needed to keep business moving forward, no matter where or when.

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Empowering a modern sales force with Euphoria Telecom