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Emigrate to the USA before huge visa price increase

South Africans who want to enter the US under the EB-5 US residency visa should be aware that the updated requirements of this visa are set to be implemented on 21 November.

To qualify for the EB-5 visa, investors must commit to a large investment that creates employment in the US.

However, applicants do not necessarily need to be involved in the day-to-day activities of the entity they invest in, and they do not need to be a major owner in this business.

Applicants who wait until after the 21 November deadline will face significantly increased investment criteria. Most notably, they will need to make a $900,000 investment – up from the current $500,000 investment figure required.

According to Norris Mukembe, Principle Director at EB-5 Africa Advisors, it is important that potential applicants apply as soon as possible.

“Investors must act fast to make an EB-5 application at $500,000 now or risk paying $900,000 after the November deadline,” said Mukembe.

Get help from EB-5 Africa Advisors

EB-5 Africa Advisors is a top immigration by investment advisory entity with a trusted track record of helping investors from Africa successfully immigrate to the US through the EB-5 residency visa opportunity.

EB-5 Africa Advisors has offices in both Los Angeles and Johannesburg, meaning they’re well-equipped to walk you through the entire process of attaining such a visa – from ensuring financial due-diligence, to offering legal assistance.

Due to the rush and increased demand for this visa, EB-5 Africa Advisors have seen a large increase in investors contacting them, confused about what project to invest in.

“We think it’s important for all investors to do the best due diligence on a selected project,” said Mukembe.

EB-5 Africa Advisors’ upcoming webinars will run from Sunday 8 September 2019, and will span every Sunday until 22 September 2019.

These webinars will cover topics such as “How to properly carry out due diligence on an EB-5 project” as well as “What to prepare to make an application timeously before the deadline.”

For more information about their services, or to register for the series of webinars, contact Mukembe via email or on the following phone numbers: +27 81 280 3023 or +27 12 492 6941.

Alternatively, visit the EB-5 Africa Advisors website for more information on the upcoming webinars.

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Emigrate to the USA before huge visa price increase