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Everything you need to know about South African Labour Law – In one online tool

The South African government frequently amends the country’s core labour legislation in a bid to fight discrimination, protect employees, and create a business-friendly investment climate. This is according to Rob Cooper, tax expert and Director of Legislation at Sage.

Taking this into account, legal practitioners, HR professionals, health and safety officers, compliance officers, and the like need stay on top of the latest labour law standards and adhere to best legal practices.

To assist these professionals in doing so, Lexis Practical Guidance offers a useful, easy-to-navigate online tool, which covers hundreds of legal topics that help people in any industry, bridge the gap between understanding the law and applying it.

Practical Guidance Labour

This online reference tool is particularly helpful when it comes to constantly evolving labour laws in South Africa, as it helps users easily navigate to the latest labour legislation and practical aids.

With the help of Practical Guidance Labour, you will be able to legally manage all the steps in the employee cycle, draft policies for concerns such as sexual harassment, or even just get the needed guidance on the development and implementation of transformational strategies as they apply to South African businesses.

Lexis Nexis Practical Guidance also provides resources covering the following practice areas:

Practical Guidance Labour Public Sector

This is an ideal resource for labour law practitioners, human resources professionals, managers and trade union officials such as shop stewards in the public sector sphere; and is a necessary and comprehensive toolkit for anyone working in the South African public labour market.

While most of the content is included in Lexis Practical Guidance Labour, this practice area specifically covers the many aspects of labour related issues that apply to employees in national, provincial and local government.

Practical Guidance Mine Health & Safety

This reference tool focuses on the legislation, processes and procedures that regulate the health and safety of employees and other persons undertaking work on mines.

It comprehensively covers the investigation and reporting of incidents, the holding of inquiries,

provides guidance on claiming compensation in terms of the Occupational Diseases in Mines and Works Act 78 of 1973 and related legislation, as well as appealing the decisions of inspectors under the Mine Health and Safety Act 29 of 1996.

Lexis Practical Guidance Mine Health and Safety is therefore the ideal solution for legal advisors, directors and mine officials to ensure compliance at all times.

Practical Guidance Occupational Health & Safety

 Occupational health and safety laws apply to every workplace in the economy, and serve to regulate a large number of activities, facilities, machinery, equipment, substances and products in order to achieve a safe workplace, which is why Lexis Practical Guidance Occupational Health and Safety covers the pertinent legislation and case law, and offers guidance notes and numerous helpful resources such as checklists, downloadables, and customisable forms and precedents.

This practice area is the ideal solution for safety and compliance officers, legal advisors and directors to ensure compliance at all times.

The content in each of the above mentioned practice areas has been packaged in a simple, step-by-step manner to ensure ease-of-use and understanding, and covers a variety of topics while providing access to a multitude of guidance notes, customisable forms, precedents, checklists, fully explanatory practical aids, and other relevant resources.

For a free demo or for more information on the latest practical legal guidance, visit Lexis Practical Guidance.

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Everything you need to know about South African Labour Law – In one online tool