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Euphoria launches new cloud business phone system packed with powerful features

 ·22 Oct 2019

Euphoria Telecom has launched the latest version of its market leading cloud-based business phone solution. Powered by a new and improved backend Telephone Management System (TMS), Euphoria’s offering is jam-packed with easy-to-use features.

Version 3 of the TMS is capable of significantly improving efficiency whilst delivering detailed reporting and workforce management capabilities. It’s so much more than a phone system, it’s an in-depth business analytics tool that can optimise companies of any size.

Designed specifically for the South African market using international best practice development methodologies, Euphoria’s cloud-hosted PABX product has been at at the cutting edge of new telecoms technology for nearly a decade.

Euphoria Telecom CEO, John Woollam, says that the new TMS is the result of 9 years of building, learning and developing and the end product is incredible. “All the basics that our customers love are still available but they are now even easier to use.  And there are a host of additional features that are accessible through an upgraded web interface which is faster and better than ever before.

The system empowers businesses to control, manage, automate, personalise and analyse every aspect of a company’s incoming and outgoing calls from one central point. You simply login to the TMS, from anywhere, retrieve your data or make any change you require and it’s done. It’s as simple as that.

Version 3 functionality offers multiple features such as per-extension based budgeting and mobile device applications (for both Android and IOS) that ensure full landline mobility and remote office deployment. You can also access browser phone applications, POPIA compliant call recording, global contact manager and extremely rich reporting tools.

Furthermore, overseeing team members is now a breeze with the new User Manager feature that provides business owners with the freedom to give team leaders and managers access to specific sections of the TMS. By setting permissions for certain users, managers can easily control access to sensitive team data.

Woollam says the real differences are the security layers. “Our TMS user interface allows full PBX control of every aspect, enabling management to restrict and secure their business phone system data and user functionality as required.”

Woollam goes on to say, “Reporting is a dream with Euphoria’s proactive scheduled reporting feature. Gone are the days of staring in dismay at the wheel of death because you can now schedule reports to be delivered directly into your inbox hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Version 3 also offers our customers the opportunity to design their own unique reports that cater to customers who want personalised reports.”

“Customer satisfaction is the name of the game, and customer experience can easily be managed with our SLA answer time adherence feature that provides you with a better understanding of your customer wait-to-answer times and overall experience,” Woollam adds.

Management features include detailed drill down functionality as well as great workforce management control in being able to create company specific pause and unpause codes, thus providing greater control of user productivity.

With stricter governance and data protection laws, it is important for every business to understand how long they need to keep customer data. Euphoria has made this very straightforward because business owners can choose how long they want to keep their data, when it must be deleted and who exactly has access to that data.

Stored in top data centers across South Africa as well as Europe, Euphoria ensures that all data is safe and securely backed up.

“We know that collaboration with other platforms through our integration technology is a critical component of our latest version. We have worked extremely hard to develop advanced Webhook features that make it possible for customers to integrate with other platforms that allow for API integration,” he explains.

Euphoria Telecom has always strived to give the power back to its customers. “With over 4,000 happy customers migrating to our new version,” Woollam concludes, “we aim to improve our user experience while simultaneously enabling businesses to improve their general operational efficiency”.

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