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MikroTik solutions from MiRO – Powerful, fast, and affordable

MikroTik has been on a mission to make IP networks faster, more powerful, more secure, and extremely affordable.

No matter the size of your business, MikroTik has a wide variety of products that can easily be scaled according to your needs – without any additional annual licensing fees.

Their vast product portfolio consists of cutting-edge core routers, networking switches, LTE devices, and Wi-Fi solutions.

Throughout the years MikroTik has set the standard for providing businesses with affordable and reliable networking equipment.


Although there are many benefits associated with the era of digital transformation, security concerns still linger as more devices connect to the Internet.

MikroTik offers additional security and stability for your connected devices with advanced features such as VPN, flexible firewalls, and Quality of Service (QoS).

Their powerful hardware is accessed and controlled through their trusted operating system, RouterOS, giving your business peace of mind that your network will run smoothly and secure.

To ensure smooth installation and optimal use, MikroTik’s networking solutions can be complimented with MiRO’s internationally-certified MikroTik professional trainings.

MikroTik training

MiRO is a leading ICT value-added distributor that offers a wide range of internationally-certified MikroTik trainings and can help you and your team to be the best at what you do.

As a value-added distributor, MiRO offers steady and reliable levels of stockholding, project planning, pre-sales support, certified training, and technical after-sales support on all MikroTik solutions.

MikroTik’s international-certified trainings include Certified Network Associate, Certified Routing Engineering, and Certified Wireless Engineer training.

Get a jump on 2020 and book for MiRO’s January MikroTik Training before 30 December 2019 and get a free MikroTik home Access Point lite.

MikroTik’s powerful networking solutions combined with MiRO’s customer service is the definition of a winning combination.

Click here to view MiRO’s range of MikroTik solutions or contact MiRO to discuss new and exciting alternatives to traditional brand name router solutions.

This article was published in partnership with MiRO.

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MikroTik solutions from MiRO – Powerful, fast, and affordable