Best Black Friday deals on personal safety devices

Imagine for a moment your loved ones know the moment you are in need of help, can pinpoint and track your location, and can speak to you without the need to call on your cellphone. In many instances, the cellphone, being the target item for petty thieves, is the first item to be taken from you.

Imagine an elderly person falls in the shower, and their loved ones know about it. Or when a child leaves a designated zone, their parents know.

Have you ever wanted to know if your 18 year old youngster is driving your car faster than the speed limit on Friday night?

You don’t need your imagination for any of these things. It’s reality. Otto Wireless Solutions has just launched the ICASA approved SOS button.

The SOS button – safety features

It’s water-resistant and can join you for a shower.

It has fall-over alert, and up to 3 geo-fences which can be configured for alert on entry, or alert on exit from the areas – and, it is active for voice-calls.

All it needs is a SIM card with airtime / data on it, and you unlock all these safety features.

On alert, up to 3 numbers which you have programmed will receive an SMS with your location, and a voice call will be initiated to your primary number of choice.

If that call goes unanswered, the device calls number 2, then number 3.

Those 3 numbers can also be given the ability to call the device and “listen-in” via a silent call.

There is also an optional (paid service) web browser, users can track the position of the device at any time.

Safety need not cost an arm and a leg, and finally there is a device small enough to hang on a key ring or on the handy belt clip (accessory, not supplied with the product), with up to 5 days battery life on a single charge, giving you peace of mind.

The product comes with a docking bay for easy charge at night, keeping your personal panic button close at hand if you charge it alongside your bed at night.

Whether you use this device 24/7, or have it available for Friday night outings, the SOS Panic button should be an essential part of your family’s life.

Black Friday promotion

As a special introductory price, the product will form part of the offering for Otto Wireless’ Solutions’ Black Friday specials and will be marked down by R300 off the normal price.

Otto’s specials will be running from Monday 25 November to Friday 29 November.

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Best Black Friday deals on personal safety devices