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AgendaWorx is revolutionising meetings

Online meeting software has seen exponential technological advances of late, with everyone live-conferencing from anywhere around the globe.

One area that has remained stubbornly manual, however, is the preparation and distribution of, and collaboration on, meeting packs.

The best meeting attendees could hope for until recently was an emailed PDF of the agenda. But all that is changing with the creation of smart meeting tools such as AgendaWorx.

With the launch of meeting management software such as AgendaWorx, the era of sending emails backwards and forwards to discuss items raised on the agenda is over for good.

No more manual follow-ups on action items.

No more wasted evenings preparing, printing and binding packs and spending thousands on printing and couriering costs.

You can now create your agendas on ANY device and distribute them to smartphones, tablets or computers in seconds.

Meeting attendees can collaborate, comment and vote on agenda items anytime, anywhere.

More than just distributing packs digitally

‘Smart agenda platforms offer more than just the distribution of meeting packs. They improve collaboration and governance and offer a host of tools to ensure your meetings are streamlined and effective’, says Zeldeen Muller, CEO of AgendaWorx.

Functionality incorporated into these smart tools to take your meetings to the next level includes:

  • Audio recording your meeting decisions
  • Voting on all agenda items
  • Managing your participants and action items and receiving automatic reminders
  • Making public and private comments and much more

Click here for a checklist of what to look out for when buying an online agenda tool.

AgendaWorx also makes it possible to print your meeting pack directly from the system, should some meeting participants prefer hard copies.

To ensure confidentiality and security, AgendaWorx is hosted in a secure environment and all information is encrypted.

Proudly South African

AgendaWorx is a proudly South African product, which is developed and supported locally and is trusted by start-ups and big businesses, including Momentum, Sanlam, Liberty, and a number of large retirement funds.

Improve your carbon footprint and take your meetings into the fourth industrial revolution today. Go digital!

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This article was published in partnership with AgendaWorx.

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AgendaWorx is revolutionising meetings