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Learn how to use Xerox VersaLink and AltaLink printers

By Cheryl Otstott

Are you an owner of one of the Xerox VersaLink or AltaLink printers or are you interested in learning about these products?

If so, I want to let you know about the plethora of videos available to introduce and train you on how to use these machines. These videos can be found on the Xerox Corp. YouTube site and on the Xerox Support YouTube site.

These videos include overviews of the products and features, instructions on how to clean the devices, home screen customisation tips, and explanations of how to set up scanning configurations.

These resources offer lots of valuable information in a format that will walk you through what you need to know in approximately 2.5 minutes.

Who should view these videos?

Anyone that owns a VersaLink or AltaLink just might learn something new about a feature or app that you did not know was included on your machine.

Find out about an optional feature that you may not have known you needed. Anyone interested in getting one of these products can find out what is available by viewing one of the “tour” videos.

As an example, here is the Xerox VersaLink B7025-30-35 MFP Product Tour video.

After you view the videos, you can explore the AltaLink and VersaLink printers and multifunction devices on their product pages or on the support website for the individual models.

On the product pages (VersaLink or AltaLink) you will find information on the specifications of the machine as well as information on the configurations and features available.

On the support pages you can explore the user manuals and guides as well as the cases and solutions for the machine.

As always you can contact Xerox for more information.

If you already have one of these printers and need support then search the online knowledgebase for your printer, post your question to the Xerox Customer Support Forum or contact support for help.

Click here to learn more about Xerox’s VersaLink or AltaLink printers

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Learn how to use Xerox VersaLink and AltaLink printers