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How to maintain your company’s productivity during the coronavirus lockdown

The next few weeks and beyond are going to test us all as we are all bound to be impacted by Coronavirus and the National Lockdown in one way or another.

The team at iStore Business is conscious of the effects coronavirus is having on business productivity, and in the spirit of #bettertogether, has developed a service package to assist you and your business at this critical time.

This service package is detailed below.

Free Remote Support

Free remote support will be offered to our business clients over the next 3 weeks. This offer is extended to your employees working from home for any work-related queries.

Companies who are not currently clients of iStore Business are welcome to make use of this free service up until midnight on 16 April as well.

Please note this will be on a best-effort basis and due to anticipated high volumes we will endeavour to assist everyone as quickly as possible, but cannot commit to standard turnaround times on queries.

To find out more about how to access this service, please email [email protected]  

Mobile Device Services and Backup

Our technical teams are geared to assist your home-based teams with backup services as well as by securing their work devices through a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.

Please reach out to us and we will assist in this area.  We have reduced the cost of many of our support services over the lockdown period by as much as 50%, to enable your business to keep functioning without added financial strain.

Short-term Rentals

Most people will eventually return to their office and desktop, but may be looking for a remote work solution.  Thanks to iStore Business, you can now benefit from a short-term product rental at reduced rates. Rent from as short as a 6 -month term, with the option to renew for a further 18 months at an even lower rate. The shorter-term duration also means you need not make a financial commitment for the long term.

Deliveries will only be possible immediately after the lockdown, but it is worthwhile to consider whether you are geared for productivity in this uncertain climate.

iStore Business has all our clients in mind over the coming period and wish you good health, and the desire to emerge stronger than before. Our teams are available for all remote service queries over this period, and want to help your business.

Contact iStore Business today for assistance.

This article was published in partnership with iStore Business.

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How to maintain your company’s productivity during the coronavirus lockdown