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Tips for buying sunglasses online in South Africa

Finding the right pair of Ray-Ban or Oakley sunglasses in South Africa is harder than it seems.

You have to drive to the store, waste petrol and time, and when you get there, you find out they don’t have the pair you’re looking for!

The easiest solution? Shop online.

Online stores like Oculux don’t have physical stores, so their overheads are low, which means their prices are often the lowest on the market (it is – they offer a price match guarantee if on the rare chance, you do find lower prices).

Buying sunglasses online may seem risky, but it can be a truly rewarding experience.

You can find your dream pair right from the comfort of your sofa or while slowly stroking your cousin’s cat, Fluffy.

Tips for buying sunglasses online:

  1. Only buy from legitimate online sellers – Being scammed or buying fake sunglasses sold off as authentic is very common online. But that doesn’t mean it’s inevitable – you just have to do your homework. A simple Google search can find you the sunglasses, but you should also do a background check. Visit their social media pages and look for proof of legitimacy. You can also verify certified Ray-Ban resellers here.
  2. Look for discounts – Online stores often give away more discounts than physical stores. If you want to score huge discounts, follow your favourite store on social media. Oculux regularly does giveaways and they often run great discounts on their already low prices.
  3. Customer service – We can’t stress this enough, but the biggest differentiator between online stores is their customer support. What kind of help can you expect if the sunglasses arrive damaged, the parcel was lost, or you need to return the item? This is where Oculux specializes in. They are the highest-rated, and also the largest online sunglasses store in South Africa, with 10,000+ satisfied customers.
  4. The type of lenses – Determine exactly what you’re looking for. Lens technology has drastically improved over the years. You now have polarized sunglasses, Iridium lenses and PRIZM Do your research before you make your purchase.

With these tips, you’ll be able to safely buy sunglasses online and even save a few bucks.

If you’re looking to buy branded sunglasses in South Africa, shop with Oculux for Ray-Ban, Oakley, Arnette, Nike, Vogue, and more!

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Tips for buying sunglasses online in South Africa