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Mexem – A great trading platform for South Africans

Mexem is a leading online trading platform available to South Africans that utilises its relationship with Interactive Brokers – the largest trading platform in the US – to offer South Africans better fees and a powerful platform.

It already has hundreds of local clients, and boasts a client retention rate of over 95% – proof that customers are appreciating the product they are provided.

We spoke to Mexem’s Head of Business Development, Ryan Gordon, about how the online trading platform is making waves – both locally and internationally.

Why Mexem launched in South Africa

Gordon explained that Mexem founder and CEO Itai Liptz performed research into the South African retail brokerage industry and found that these local providers were between 15-20 times more expensive than the equivalent in established retail brokerage markets like the US.

This is why Mexem was launched in South Africa, and Gordon added that Mexem continues to find ways to bring international pricing and trends to the local investment market.

“Recent developments in our industry is now a “Commission-Free” service, ie clients do not pay any commissions on Stocks and ETFs in the US,” Gordon said.

“We hope to be launching a product with Interactive Brokers soon to allow us to provide this account to clients.”

Gordon added that he is consistently working on projects – including a current project with Bloomberg which will be available to clients shortly.

Why use Mexem?

Gordon said that the Mexem platform is a user-friendly way of getting direct access to global markets.

“Our user-friendly platform and professional client services offer the dedicated package for you to perform your own fundamental analysis on instruments in over 120 markets,” said Gordon.

“You have the access to these markets through your fingertips.”

He added that Mexem’s pricing is one of the cheapest around.

For US equities and ETFs, for example, you will pay just USD 0.005 per share – with a minimum of USD 1 per trade.

“Accompanied with fundamental analysis tools, a low-cost structure, a diversified portfolio and a trusted platform, Mexem Africa also works on a ‘no-trade, no-fee’ basis,” Gordon added.

“So if you don’t trade for the month you don’t pay any fees. For those looking to buy and hold we really are cost effective.”

Gordon added that Mexem take a personalised approach to its clients, meeting face-to-face if the customer wants this so that they know they are not speaking to robots, but instead to a dedicated team.

Investing during the COVID-19 outbreak

Gordon acknowledged that many companies’ stock prices have decreased dramatically in the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

However, Gordon said, one can also think about these decreases as an opportunity.

“When news turns negative like this some may be tempted to stockpile,” Gordon said.”

“However, now these companies can be purchased on sale, and the odds of you having above-average returns going forward increases substantially if you have the right tools for your investments,” said Gordon.

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This article was published in partnership with Mexem.

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Mexem – A great trading platform for South Africans