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Bots can save your company – time and money – but can you afford them?

The automation of repetitive processes holds many benefits for companies – including improving productivity, reducing error and saving time.

The increased reliance on platforms, programs and systems in business process means that in certain cases, employees are now being overwhelmed by the sheer number of menial tasks they have to carry out across the various platforms.

Completing these processes takes time and as the business adage goes – Time is money.

By deploying robotic process automation (RPA) businesses can automate repetitive processes, thus eliminating the need for their employees to perform certain mundane processes, and reducing the error rate.

However, the deployment of a Bot is no small thing. The barriers to entry are prohibitive – cost and skill.  The licensing of the bot, the orchestrator, the development environment and the server can rack up to over R300,000 initial outlay before even starting – and these costs are in USD.

This is one of the reasons for the slow deployment in the South African Market.  The Banks, Audit Firms and Telco’s can afford it, but the rest are left stuck with our menial tasks and manual processes as the business case for RPA just isn’t there.

Torch Solutioneers’ unique RPA product– the Blitz-Bot – the first of its kind in South Africa, is a unique solution that can be deployed rapidly and cost effectively to tackle these small and repetitive processes for which there would be no obvious business case in the conventional RPA .

How Robotics Process Automation (RPA) helps

RPA can lighten the load on your workforce by taking over menial tasks to release more time for employees to perform their actual duties and create opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Repetitively accessing portals with login details and passwords, recalling multiple steps in sequence within a system and process, converting hardcopies into digital format, managing calendars, and applying business rules to data from multiple sources to create a consolidated excel output –  are just a few of the example of processes that can be taken over by RPA.

RPA’s potential is limitless, as it can accurately handle complex rules and instructions at very high speeds, consistently without making mistakes. Reducing time and error-rate and increasing the capacity of the employee.

RPA is perfectly suited to handling data, including the extracting, collating, checking, double-checking, and submitting of data for approval, which can be mind-numbing and time-consuming for variety seeking humans.

How RPA works

RPA consists of three main components – the Bot, the Development Environment and the Orchestrator.

Let’s use the process of an aircraft landing and taking off at an airport as an example.

The Bots are the aircrafts, while development environment are the workshops within which they are built. The Orchestrator is the air traffic control tower.

Software Engineers program, build and test the Bots (planes) in the development environment (workshops). The actions of the Bots will later be coordinated and scheduled by the Orchestrator (air traffic control tower) as to which particular tasks are performed in a specific order (taxi, land and take off).

Getting started

According to a report by the Global Intelligent Automation Market, 38% of RPA pilot projects fail due to poorly chosen candidate process automated as the first project.

It is therefore essential not to rush into an RPA project, as a slow fully considered start will likely result in an efficient build and well-executed finished Bot.

Seek out a reliable partner who understands your company’s journey to automation.

Torch Solutioneers exists to guide South African based companies through the challenges in making these choices and advise on the scope of the opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The company researches, evaluates, designs and implements cutting-edge methodologies, solutions and technology platforms to solve business problems.

Click here to learn more about Torch Solutioneers’ RPA solution and how it can help your business by having better supported employees.  

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Bots can save your company – time and money – but can you afford them?