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Samsung 8K QLED – The best quality you can get

Samsung’s market-leading QLED TVs are a favourite among customers who want the best picture quality possible.

The QLED TV range is the culmination of years of display evolution and is headlined by the top-of-the-line QLED Q900R, which boasts an 8K resolution with HDR support and a massive 98-inch panel.

8K QLED delivers 16-times the resolution of Full HD, boasting 33 million pixels and an image quality unlike any other product on the market.

Samsung’s QLED TV range is also powered by the company’s intelligent Quantum processor, which automatically optimises screen brightness and TV sound control to any viewing condition and content.

What is QLED?

QLED technology uses quantum dots embedded in the display panel to provide enhanced brightness levels compared to competing TV technologies, as well as higher contrast ratios and greater colour ranges.

These nano-sized Quantum Dots are finely-tuned particles that can express real colours at 100% colour volume.

This improved colour depth allows support for Quantum HDR, which provides the ability to play HDR video at up to 8K resolutions.

When paired with the advanced Direct Full Array backlighting technology on Samsung QLED TVs, Quantum Dot technology offers deeper blacks, less light blooming, and a more profound depth of detail by controlling the backlight in each zone to add depth and detail.

Since QLED TVs don’t use organic elements, they are also essentially immune to screen burn-in.

This is a display issue in which certain facets of an image shown on a TV screen for an extended period affect the display itself, such as a channel logo not being shown properly or fragments of it remaining on the screen.

Samsung has ensured its QLED range will not suffer this issue.

The best-quality picture

The intelligent processor built into Samsung QLED TVs adapts brightness, depth, and sound control in real-time to perfectly suit your viewing environment.

For those concerned about a lack of 8K content, Samsung’s powerful QLED TVs also allows you to enjoy a range of everyday content at 8K resolution thanks to its AI upscaling technology.

Powered by the Quantum processor, AI upscaling analyzes and upscales every scene you watch, no matter what kind of content you are viewing.

Data from millions of videos is used to classify aspects like textures and edges, and to optimally upscale each specific scene.

Additionally, if you are watching content on one of Samsung’s 4K QLED TVs, you will also benefit from the image and audio enhancements delivered by its Quantum Dot technology.

This suite of video enhancements, paired with the ability to upscale content dynamically and unparalleled colour depth and quality, makes Samsung’s QLED TVs the first choice for buyers looking for the best-quality TV on the market.

This article was published in partnership with Samsung.

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Samsung 8K QLED – The best quality you can get