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Atvance Intellect achieves Splunk Elite partner status

Over the past two years, Atvance Intellect has invested significantly in its Splunk skills and resources, successfully maintaining its Splunk Elite partner status.

Having achieved this standing for the second year in a row, the company is among a select group of companies to have garnered this accolade globally.

Splunk is a world leader in analytics, trusted by 92 of the Fortune 100 to create real-time business impact through smart insights driven by AI and machine learning.

Helping companies to get the most out of their data and shift their posture from reactive to proactive, Splunk empowers the business to make better, faster decisions through real-time visibility.

The Splunk Partner+ ecosystem has been designed to bring together the industry’s finest professionals to deliver superior solutions to customers.

Providing assurances about a partner’s capabilities, the Splunk partner programme boasts a number of tiers, with Elite status being the highest.

“We are extremely pleased to have achieved Elite partner status again. We have worked extremely hard to gain and maintain this standing, proving our commitment to delivering the very best solutions to our customers. We have established a strong and lasting partnership with Splunk, and believe that our relationship can only get stronger,” said Sean Raubenheimer, General Manager of Analytics at Atvance Intellect.

“An analytics Evangelist at Google once said ‘If you are investing $10 in tools/technology, invest $90 in people’. This is a great start and an ideal goal for any organisation in achieving the full value of their investments. We believe that this is where our competitive advantage lies: We have invested in our people and skills.”

In order to maintain its Elite status, Atvance Intellect had to meet a number of criteria, including gaining a variety of certifications as well as specific revenue targets.

Atvance intellect boasts industry-leading expertise as well as certified technical skills and experience such as the Splunk Core Consultant certification.

“The rapid proliferation of digital transformation (DX) across organisations throughout the region and world has made ‘everything’ a source of data. From social media platforms to IoT devices, data is now gleaned from multiple sources, and in unprecedented volumes. This leaves organisations looking towards embracing a digital future with the key challenge of ‘making sense of it all’. Our investigative approach to managing data is designed for an evolving, chaotic world where data comes from all kinds of sources, in all kinds of formats,” said Raubenheimer.

“We apply a thorough process of discovery, identification, classification, governance, risk profiling, and support for regulatory compliance. Utilising emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, big data analytics, and so on, raises the chances of extracting actionable intelligence from data. That’s why making optimal use of data on multiple fronts requires other approaches that efficiently manage these technologies and navigates organisational complexities.”

He adds that managing these complexities requires a new approach. Executives should establish real-time platforms that empower business, IT, and security teams through the collection of real-time data from any source, the application of analytics and intelligence, and the ability to trigger automated actions that reduce business risks, improve security, and deliver collaboration that accelerates decision making and enhances the customer experience, he said.

“Our in-depth understanding of business and customer trends and behaviours, combined with our Splunk partnership, helps us drive effective decision-making for our clients. We believe that our proven success is evident in the Splunk Elite partner status, and we will continue helping customers achieve their business goals by connecting them with the best solutions,” Raubenheimer concluded.

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Atvance Intellect achieves Splunk Elite partner status