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Duxbury Networking becomes official distributor for Milestone solutions

Duxbury Networking has further enhanced its long-standing relationship with Milestone Systems by becoming an official distributor for Milestone’s technology solutions.

“For many years we have integrated Milestone solutions into our existing technology offerings. The distributorship rights allow us to extend all the benefits of the respected Milestone technology to provide customers with an end-to-end surveillance offering,” said Clifton Greeff, National surveillance Business Manager at Duxbury.

“While Duxbury is already a respected contender in the IT technologies arena, we are constantly investigating additional technology partnerships that will benefit our customers. Milestone Systems is a global leader in open platform IP video management software and their products clearly complement our current product range,” said Greeff.

Greeff said that Duxbury has a range of networking hardware and software, switches, wireless radios, surveillance cameras and DVRs, together with licence plate and vehicle recognition analytics software, which it supplies to its customers in the security system installation sector.

“Milestone’s scalable VMS software platforms are the foundation on which the various security components are able to communicate and deliver critical information to the necessary stakeholders. The recognised flexibility, reliability, openness and innovation of Milestone’s technology offerings make it an ideal addition to our security system solutions.”

For more information contact Duxbury Networking, +27 (0) 11 351 9800, [email protected],

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Duxbury Networking becomes official distributor for Milestone solutions