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The power of partnerships – A celebration of 10 years

With the digitisation of technology becoming ever more complex an organisation needs a long standing, solid, and capable eco system to help them navigate this uncharted landscape. Ten years on, it is evident that Leading South African ICT distributor Mustek, and global ICT giant Huawei are well positioned for the job.

At the time of the partnership’s formation, Mustek’s CEO, Mr David Kan, explained that they were looking to expand Mustek’s footprint into the corporate market to add to its traditional focus on desktop computers. He was looking for a leading ICT provider that could help Mustek offer a greater range of products and services. Fortunately, he was approached by Huawei Symantec who were looking to expand their distribution channel, which provided a perfect fit to realise his aspirations.

Huawei Symantec is a joint venture between Multinational, Huawei and the US security vendor, Symantec. This merger combined Symantec’s security expertise with Huawei’s extensive research and development resources to build end-to-end enterprise solutions across the fields of networking, security, and storage. As of 2012, Huawei acquired the Symantec shares to re-establish itself as Huawei Enterprise Business Group.

Mutually beneficial

Early 2011, Mustek was approached by Huawei Symantec with an opportunity that was mutually beneficial to both organisations.

For Mustek, it provided the opportunity to add end-to-end enterprise solutions to their catalogue of offerings, while Huawei could partner with a South African distributor with a variety of premium brands and a large reseller base.

As Huawei has increasingly become a global leader in end-to-end technologies, their relationship with Mustek has heavily increased both companies’ strength and position within the South African market.

Tackling convergence together

Through the past ten years, the convergence of technologies has become common place in the enterprise technology industry, meaning that Huawei has had to develop a comprehensive cloud pipe strategy.

This offers great value to a variety of organisations – including enterprises and telecommunications carriers.

By developing this system, Huawei has ensured it remains ahead of the curve, and now boasts an elite, fully integrated, end-to-end solution which covers the cloud, network, and device segments.

All of this has resulted in Huawei becoming an industry leader and positioned it perfectly to continue growing as the industry navigates the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Value of the cloud

As technologies have converged, the cloud has become increasingly important within the enterprise space.

According to Mustek CTO Dimitri Tserpes, it has historically been difficult to get C-level executives to talk about cloud, but due to recent innovations they are now increasingly interested in this technology.

Partnering with Huawei has been critical to Mustek’s recent success, and Tserpes believes that if not for the public cloud, Mustek would not have been able to respond as it has amid the current global crisis.

Committed to Huawei

Mustek’s Huawei business unit is dedicated to upskilling itself in its knowledge of the Huawei products and solutions it sells.

Because of this, Mustek’s Huawei business unit holds 84 Huawei certificates, and continues to commit itself to remaining ahead of the curve.

Additionally, Mustek was one of the first Huawei distributors in the country to become a Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert (HCIE).

In response to Mustek’s commitment to Huawei, the ICT giant has invested heavily in helping Mustek remain a leading Huawei distributor.

This includes a large investment into the building of a technology lab where customers can run proof of concepts, test new ideas, as well as marketing assistance.

Huawei also offers subsidies to sales personnel dedicated to selling Huawei products and who work with channel partners to achieve designated targets.

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Huawei continues to break new ground in the enterprise space, and Mustek is well-equipped to continue supporting and distributing Huawei’s enterprise solutions in South Africa.

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This article was published in partnership with Mustek.

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The power of partnerships – A celebration of 10 years