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The unexpected costs of running your business at level 4 (aka choose where to spend scarce cash flow wisely)

By John Woollam, CEO, Euphoria

Businesses across South Africa have looked at the downgrading of lockdown to level 4 as an opportunity to get some of their business operations up and running again. The cost of staying shut is high, and remote working isn’t viable for every business or every job role.

Going back to work at level 4 isn’t an easy thing, however. And the realities of doing so with any number of people in shared office spaces is a lot more complicated than you’d think.

Here are a few things you need to consider:

Sanitising – You need to sanitise your entire office before you can resume operating, and then disinfect it regularly. Some areas and items will need to be disinfected after each use, which can be many times a day.

Space – You need to ensure staff social distance – including in smaller spaces like kitchens. This means only having essential staff onsite, and not more than a third of your employees at a time. You need to ensure people wash their hands – a lot. Oh, and they need to wear masks too. The entire time.

No entry – If you are a business that requires visits from outside people or that involves your staff going to external locations, then temperatures of all visiting parties need to be checked and hands disinfected upon arrival.

Screening – You need to assess your team daily for signs of infection, including monitoring their temperatures and checking for possible symptoms.

Cost reductions and resuming operations are crucial to saving jobs, and business owners need to weigh up all of the factors carefully. Business owners need to balance cash flow, and the need to cut costs, with the advantages of opening offices or locations and having teams working there daily.

For many businesses, the expense of maintaining a sanitised office space and a schedule to ensure only one third of their staff are onsite at any given time will likely prove to be costlier than its worth.

What might be a better alternative – and which will gear the business up for any possible return to level 5 – is to invest more heavily in the tools and technologies you need to work remotely, in an effective manner. This is where Euphoria Telecom can help. With its full suite of remote working features your staff can access the tools they need to operate with maximum efficiency.

With some staff onsite and some at home – or all at home – as we move through different levels, you will want to ensure your telephony system keeps everyone as seamlessly connected as if they were at the office.

Euphoria’s cutting-edge telephony platform features a Mobile App and a browser-based desktop phone, as well as remote working functionality for call centres. All of which serves to keep your remote workers connected to their colleagues and customers – as if they were on premises.

The Euphoria Mobile App has been purpose-built to enable employees to get all the benefits of a desk phone, on their mobiles, plus free calls to other extensions, a quick dial list for frequently dialed numbers, contacts sync, call recording and a built-in mini management system (among other features).

Moving to remote work in a hurry has also meant many users haven’t been able to get VoIP handsets. Euphoria’s browser-based phone solves this problem as it is built into the browser and is accessible from any PC that has an internet connection.

For call centres, managers can monitor agent productivity using Euphoria’s purpose-built Agent Workspace feature, which enables you to monitor your team’s time and attendance, and offers dialer capabilities for outbound calling campaigns.

Euphoria offers month-to-month services so no tying you into expensive, long-term contracts and thanks to its Telephone Management System (TMS), you get unprecedented insight into and control of your business telephony activities and spend, helping you manage costs and efficiencies.

Bonus Deal – Euphoria is offering the Euphoria Mobile App FREE to all customers until 30 June 2020 as part of its efforts to give back to local businesses dealing with the knock-on effects of COVID-19. Get in touch with Euphoria Telecom on 087 231 0500.

This article was published in partnership with Euphoria Telecom.

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The unexpected costs of running your business at level 4 (aka choose where to spend scarce cash flow wisely)