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Stay cool – or warm – with Samsung air conditioners

The COVID-19 lockdown means you will likely be spending more time at home, both in your professional and personal capacities.

This means you should ensure that your home has all the necessary appliances and features to keep you as comfortable as possible.

One such comfort is having an air conditioner that can help keep your home warm or cool – depending on your preference.

Samsung has a wide range of air conditioners available in South Africa, all of which provide excellent performance and reliability.

Complete temperature regulation

Samsung air conditioners ensure that your home’s temperature remains regulated according to what you like.

Not only do they cool down a room in warm weather, they can also warm it up during the cold winter months.

Whichever situation you find yourself in, it is also important that the airflow of your air conditioner is optimised.

Samsung’s Wind-Free Cooling is designed to gently disperse air through 23,000 micro air holes so that you do not have to feel cold wind blowing onto you.

This technology is also designed to cool wide and large areas, meaning that the temperature of your entire room can be managed easily.

Fast cooling is another valuable feature on Samsung air conditioners.

It cools the air 43% faster – perfect for when you’re looking to change the temperature of a room quickly.

Good Sleep mode is another fantastic innovation that automatically manages the temperature of your room while you are sleeping to optimise the various stages of your sleep cycle.

Energy saving

This is all achieved while using less energy than competing air conditioners, with energy saving an area that truly sets Samsung air conditioners apart.

Saving power is a critical consideration when purchasing appliances like air conditioners.

Samsung air conditioners are therefore perfect for the South African customer as they use energy saving techniques to reduce power consumption – saving their owners money.

Additionally, their digital inverter technology maintains the desired temperature without the need to turn the air conditioner on and off – meaning there is less power fluctuation in the home.

Clean air

Another consideration when purchasing an air conditioner is the quality of the air it is emitting.

It is critical that your air conditioner is not blowing dirty air into your room as this can have a bad effect on your health.

This is why Samsung air conditioners use high-quality filters that capture dust, allergens, and more – ensuring the air you are breathing is fresh and uncontaminated.

Additionally, the High Density filter is washable, meaning that you can clean it manually to continue breathing clean air.

To learn more about Samsung’s range of air conditioners, click here.

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Stay cool – or warm – with Samsung air conditioners