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Decontaminate your office and keep your employees safe

With South Africa moving to lockdown level 3 on 1 June, many employees will be returning to offices, factories, and warehouses.

The government has stated that before employees return, all places of work and work equipment must be disinfected before work begins, regularly during the day, and after work ends.

To ensure companies can provide their employees with a safe work environment, Drycon Group has partnered with KemKlean to launch a sanitisation and decontamination service for offices and warehouses.

The service is a cost-effective way to decontaminate and sanitise an office or warehouse, and uses chemicals which are compliant with SABS and EU standards.

These chemicals kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and are effective against water-borne microorganisms and airborne pathogens.


To ensure an entire workspace is decontaminated, Drycon Group uses high-temperature fogging equipment and specialised chemicals.

This method is recommended as per WHO guidelines, and fogging will only take place when there are no employees in the section of the office or warehouse being treated.

Importantly, Drycon Group said there are no health or environmental hazards with using the service.

Additionally, their service does not leave residue on work surfaces or cause corrosion of equipment – including IT equipment – which makes it safe to use on a repeat basis.

“There is no disruption to equipment or furniture set-ups in a office or warehouse, and there is no effect on computer equipment,” said Drycon Group.

Why you need to decontaminate and sanitise

While South African companies are obligated to provide a safe work environment for employees, providing peace of mind for staff is equally important.

By decontaminating and sanitising the workplace, employees will feel safer when returning to work.

For more information on services from Drycon Group, please email Gemma Drynan on [email protected] or call 082 076 9036.

This article was published in partnership with Drycon Group.

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Decontaminate your office and keep your employees safe