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The dichotomy of leadership – knowing when to adapt

Organisations are changing faster than our capacity to understand them. The old rules of thumb have become obsolete.

Organisations, the kind that you and I work in, no longer fit into neat categories such as operational, financial or technological. How we work and what we work on has become blurred—and therefore more human.

Leaders at every level are now struggling with these evolving demands in the working context. Leadership is more important now than ever before. Innovation, culture change, agility and shifts in behaviours and mindsets are the new change agenda.

But this is not the stale innovation and change as experienced by a previous generation. This is clinging to survival on the treadmill of exponential change along a variety of axes.

Leaders are under intense pressure to orient themselves in this world and to provide focus, hope and meaning to their teams. Their teams in turn are similarly disoriented.

Being really good at what you did, how you managed and how you led a year ago is simply not good enough now.

To survive, organisations must be agile, adaptive and be able to accelerate. And an organisation is only as good as its leaders. Leaders are the levers, pressing on the fulcrum of opportunity, to foresee and seize these new opportunities and create and re-create organisations that have purpose and can thrive.

To meet this challenge, leaders must be prepared for the fundamental and painful unlearning and rewiring of who they are.

This relates to their sense of self, their purpose in life and what they want their future to be. This personal renewal is not something that can be studied in a book or mastered through a few YouTube videos. The books are out of date and the videos are behind the curve.

Leaders learn and change most effectively through experience. Neuroscience provides hard evidence that deeper learning and real change occur when people are actively engaged, emotionally hooked, and have opportunities to practice and learn from their errors.

Rather than reaching outwards for the solution, this is a searing look within. This level of engagement and cognition does much more than add knowledge, it shifts thinking patterns and changes behaviour.

These notions are radical. Our current education and development models are not structured for this sort of learning – an approach where some wise expert revealed the answer to you.

Regenesys Executive Education has developed a maverick design methodology to address this need for conscious leadership through a harsh and rigorous confrontation of the shibboleths of leadership development.

Starting with a deep process of introspection, they have incorporated the optimal balance of content, context, and experiences for enable leaders at any level for mastery in any situation.

Leadership begins with the leader, it plays out in a multitude of different contexts. If the leader is assured, insightful and confident, the team, the organisation and the opportunities align.

The Regenesys conscious leadership experiences vary widely in format, from metaphoric to hyper-realistic but they always geared towards specific learning outcomes.

This approach enables leaders not only to learn, but also to change and adapt to new challenges. Conscious leaders who understand leadership from the inside out, create places of psychological safety and trust, an essential prerequisite for high performance teams. Being human is no longer a nice to have, it is the way conscious leadership is transforming the world.

The Regenesys conscious leadership suite of offerings futureproofs employees to build and institutionalise the energy, resilience, strategic know-how, decision making skills and economic savvy required in major corporates.

Wise organisations continue to invest in executive education initiatives despite the challenges of Covid-19 and lockdown; they engage staff and produce impressive financial, social and environmental results.

Creating spaces for people to share their challenges and learn together virtually, is a positive conscious use of time and energy. The need for economic activities to continue and for companies to survive and thrive is critical for all.

Discerning leaders, who are mindful of the immense challenges ahead, will want to find out more about the paradigm-breaking suite of conscious leadership offerings. They should strategise their journey of personal discovery here.

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The dichotomy of leadership – knowing when to adapt