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Upgrade to uncapped fibre for less than what you are paying for ADSL

Anyone in South Africa who is still using ADSL should consider moving to fibre. It is faster, more stable, and more affordable.

Fibre gives you the freedom to use multiple bandwidth-intensive services at the same time – like watching Netflix and YouTube videos, streaming music, and using video conferencing.

With speeds ranging between 10Mbps and 1Gbps, fibre is also perfect for families where many people are using the Internet concurrently.

Apart from the benefits of fibre over ADSL, there is another reason why you should move – Telkom will be cutting off ADSL and VDSL users across South Africa in the coming years

ADSL providers are currently decommissioning its old copper network, which means many ADSL users are forced to look for an alternative Internet connection.

The best options are fibre-to-the-home and fibre-to-the-business, because of their superior speed, stability, and affordability.

Upgrade from ADSL to fibre now

To find out more about upgrading from ADSL to fibre-to-the-home or fibre-to-the-business, complete the form below.

Supersonic will respond to let you know what your best options are and what you must do to upgrade.

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Upgrade to uncapped fibre for less than what you are paying for ADSL