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Invitation: The age of multi-channel, 24/7 business communications is here… are you ready for it?

With SA businesses across sectors re-entering into a difficult economic environment post lockdown, leaders will arguably have to place more emphasis than ever before on customer-centricity.

As we have already seen, the way in which businesses and brands communicate with and respond to customers is a huge determining factor in whether or not that brand can retain customers and ensure continuity of spend. Added to this, customers want to be able to communicate with businesses via multiple platforms, including web chats, WhatsApp, voice calls and video.

These moments of contact or communication are pivotal to brand loyalty, and those that get it right will be well-positioned to succeed, as more consumers look for streamlined and engaging digital offerings.

Leading analyst Arthur Goldstuck is well known for combining deep insight on future technology with specific applicability to local conditions and needs. In this talk Arthur shares firsthand lessons from the world’s leading tech execs, providing a guide to what lies ahead on the business and technology landscape  – and how to prepare for it.

Join Telviva and Arthur Goldstuck as they tackle how current and future technologies will change customer experiences and expectations in 2020

Future-proofing your organisation lies in scalability, flexibility and automation while getting more for the same costs or even less.

Find out more at this event with Arthur Goldstuck and Telviva’s CEO, Dave Meintjes as they explore the emerging technologies that will equip your business to better engage with customers.

How your business can benefit:

  • Learn a set of powerful business insights gathered directly from Goldstuck’s interviews with the world’s most influential business leaders.
  • Find out the latest trends around cloud-based communications and business operations
  • Get first-hand insights into machine learning and artificial intelligence and its impact on intelligent communication solutions.
  • See how great quality conversations can improve customer experience.

About Telviva: Telviva is a market leader in cloud-based communication solutions, enabling better quality conversations through more context, speed and accuracy. 

About Arthur Goldstuck: Goldstuck is an award-winning writer, analyst and technology commentator, providing an understanding of technology issues to media and audiences globally.

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Invitation: The age of multi-channel, 24/7 business communications is here… are you ready for it?