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Body20 – Get the training you need in just 20 minutes a week

There’s no doubt that staying fit and healthy can be a challenge for people who spend large parts of their day at work or attending to family responsibilities.

Using a gym that is often filled to the brim also makes the training experience all the more unpleasant.

Body20’s personalised, time-saving solution flips this outdated approach to recreational training on its head.

The successful brainchild of Bertus Albertse, a life-long fitness athlete, Body20 now boasts over 50 studios in South Africa alone.

It has also expanded to the US, Australia, Namibia, Botswana and plans a move into Europe by the end of 2020.

The Body20 offering is built on the concept of boutique fitness, which unlike big box gyms, prioritises a private, personal, professional and results-oriented approach to training.

The problem with conventional training

Getting results from training is typically reliant on two factors – the mind-to-muscle connection (conditioning) and muscle time under tension.

However, most people who want to get fit don’t have the time needed to condition their bodies optimally.

In addition, a normal strength training regime typically only allows for around 10 minutes of muscle time under tension on a specific muscle group in an hour of working out.

Body20 solves this problem by using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to control these variables and train all muscle groups in a shorter amount of time.

6 hours of training in 20 minutes

EMS is a safe and proven technology, used in the treatment of muscles in physiotherapy. It employs low-frequency electrical signals which mimic the brain’s messages to contract muscles.

Body20 takes advantage of this – and clients wear an EMS body suit during training, which uses cables connected to pads that target different muscle groups.

A single 20-minute EMS session at Body20 provides 10 minutes of muscle time under tension on up to 10 major muscle groups at the same time.

This is equal to around six to eight hours of conventional explosive strength training.

“Three minutes is like doing 200 push-ups,” martial arts legend Bruce Lee once said about the technology.

Additionally, there is no strain on your joints or risk of injury through incorrect training or bad movement.

A true personal training experience

Body20’s use of innovative technology is only one part of its individual-focused offering.

All of Body20’s sessions include a personal trainer – referred to as a Champ – who guides the entire exercise routine.

To train, members book a session via the app and their Champ knows when to expect them. At most, there will be one other member in the entire training facility during a session.

In addition, members get highly-detailed InBody assessments to measure their progress and identify problem areas to avoid injuries.

Members also have access to an online nutritional service – Nutrition Doctor.

The PhD-qualified nutritionists can develop meal & lifestyle plans for members based on their individual requirements and information from their InBody assessments.


Because of the smaller footprint of its studios and much lower volume of members at any given time, Body20 has a high level of control over hygiene protocols at its facilities.

Whereas a typical gym can be around 1000m2, Body20’s biggest studios are 120m2.

When filled to capacity, each member will have approximately 20m2 to themselves, which represents about double the dedicated space that most gyms can provide their member, due to their high-volume member model.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic began, Body20 followed impeccable sanitising and hygiene protocols, which have now been further intensified.

Unlike with conventional gyms, Body20 members have not lost out on the value they pay for during the lockdown and have been able to enjoy EMS therapy and virtual personal training sessions.

With Body20’s subscription model, members don’t pay for access time, but get credits, which are used to book sessions.

This means that if they were not able to or chose not to use Body20 facilities, they kept their credits and can now book additional sessions when they return.

Get fit or get involved

Body20 offers a free demo opportunity to try out its service – which includes an EMS session, InBody assessment and Nutrition Doctor consultation.

Memberships then start at R980 per month, comparable to between 24 to 32 hours of conventional training per month.

Entrepreneurs or interested investors can also join the Body20 family and start their own franchise with a moderately low initial investment needed.

For more detail on this great opportunity, click here to view the Body20 franchise information pack.

To apply for a Body20 Franchise, send a mail to [email protected]  or get in touch on one of the following numbers:

  • Head Office – 087-231-0359 ext 1
  • Franchise Development Leader – 064 795 9166

Ask about attending one of their weekly online Franchise Information Sessions!

Click here to visit the Body20 website to start your EMS journey or become a franchisee today.

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Body20 – Get the training you need in just 20 minutes a week