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China Telecom – A reliable ICT partner in uncertain times

China Telecom, one of the largest global integrated telecommunication service providers, has branches and affiliates in 42 countries and markets worldwide, operating 200 overseas Pops, and more than 55.4T international and intercontinental capacity.

Africa presents great opportunities in the telecom sector due to growing demand, which is why China Telecom has expanded its presence, network and service offerings in South Africa, Kenya, and Dubai over the last five years, to facilitate the infrastructure of internet with their resources over the world.

What China Telecom does in South Africa

Targeting carriers, multinational corporations, and overseas Chinese clients, China Telecom (South Africa) provides customised and cost-effective integrated communications solutions and diversified telecom services to cater to their global business needs.

Its services include internet direct access, internet transit, data services, cloud computing, ICT services and value-added services, as well as one-stop IoT solutions and enterprise solutions.

To facilitate economic transformation in Africa, China Telecom offers a low latency solution and cloud platform in South Africa for financial institutions and OTT players, as well as the first African IPX in Kenya for efficient global roaming service.

Because of its insights in the market, China Telecom is serving the key Chinese financial institutes in Africa. During the pandemic period, China Telecom and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) have also established a relationship through which China Telecom has been selected to be the JSE’s international network provider to serve its business expansion into Asia Pacific.

The project includes the interconnection to the Teraco Cloud Exchange for effective connection to AWS, Microsoft Azure and China Telecom Cloud to better cater to the rising demand and needs of cloud connectivity, especially for the SME and OTT players in the market.

Several famous OTT players have recently chosen China Telecom’s reliable and extensive network resources in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria for their OTT service deployment in the region.

Notably, China Telecom has also recently announced that its network has been further improved by a direct link from Africa to Latin America, forming effective and unique routes between BRICS countries and leveraging its footprint and presences in these regions.

This express route will greatly improve the communication and economic cooperation among the BRICS members.

China Telecom always finds solutions to help enterprises in difficulties with their advanced products.

For instance, to eliminate the spread of COVID-19, China Telecom provided a body temperature/thermal detection solution for the local hospitals in Kenya, as well as for enterprise customers in South Africa to help them safeguard their workers.

China Telecom is continuing to position itself as a full and reliable global ICT service provider to provide one-stop and premium services to clients in the region.

The team never stops exploring and is committed to bringing more valuable insights into Africa for the continent’s long-term and sustainable development.

About China Telecom South Africa

China Telecom South Africa (CTSA) established in 2012 and it provides ICT service since acquired telecom license in 2013. Its services include internet direct access, internet transit, broadband, cloud connect service, SDWAN services, ICT services, unified communications, industry solutions, telecom operation consultancy and service outsourcing.

CTSA is a part of China Telecom Global Limited (“CTG”). CTG, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Telecom Corporation Limited (“China Telecom”) and was ranked 141st in the Fortune Global 500 in 2019.

Today, China Telecom has branches and affiliates in 42 countries and markets, 200 overseas PoPs, and more than 55.4T capacities in international connectivity bandwidth and intercontinental capacity. Under the support of these abundant resources, China Telecom South Africa is committed to offering world-class integrated communication services to businesses situated across Africa.

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China Telecom – A reliable ICT partner in uncertain times