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Why WhyBuyCars is the future of the South African motoring industry

WhyBuyCars offers an innovative alternative to buying your own motor vehicle, instead letting you take out a short to medium-term lease.

But why should you consider this instead of purchasing your own car?

We explain why WhyBuyCars’s business model is the future of motoring in South Africa, and how they are changing the local motoring industry.

The future of driving

The WhyBuyCars brand was launched when the national lockdown began, but the idea has been a long time coming.

Financing a vehicle involves a lengthy and outdated application process that is tedious and confusing.

Additionally, the commitment to a long-term finance plan doesn’t take the future into account:

  • What if you are no longer able to afford your payment plan?
  • What if you want to get a better vehicle?
  • What if your situation changes and you no longer need to own a car?

South Africans are starting to think more deeply about whether they actually need to own their motor vehicle.

This has opened a new market that WhyBuyCars is taking by storm – renting your car rather than owning it.

Life has changed

Short- and medium-term contracts have become increasingly popular in recent years.

People are no longer as accepting of the status quo, and are eagerly seeking out new opportunities that make their lives better while saving themselves money.

It therefore makes sense that many have become cautious about making long-term commitments like multi-year vehicle payment plans.

As a new brand, WhyBuyCars has had the unique opportunity to build its business model based on the modern customer, as opposed to legacy vehicle sales companies, who continue to operate using outdated business models.

This is why WhyBuyCars is the future of the South African motor vehicle market.

Cars are just the beginning

However, WhyBuyCars has stressed that it does not wish to be seen as a vehicle provider.

Instead, it is a technology company that happens to provide the service of leasing vehicles to the general public.

The company’s business is based on a sophisticated back-end software solution in which it has invested significantly to ensure that it can manage the entire rental process.

The WhyBuyCars backend solution allows it to manage the following aspects of the rental process:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Dispatching
  • Tracking
  • Monitoring

This solution can easily be transferred to other industries, and offers WhyBuyCars a great opportunity to grow at scale.

“Today we may be offering cars, but tomorrow it may be something else, because that’s what we believe we are good at – providing technology-based solutions that are viable alternatives to what was considered traditional,” said WhyBuyCars.

While its infrastructure and backend solution are already great, WhyBuyCars continues to work on improving this solution to establish itself as a clear market leader.

Backed by The Woodford Group

WhyBuyCars has the backing of The Woodford Group, which is a 31 year old company with tremendous experience in the car rental market.

The Woodford Group also owns Woodford Car Hire – South Africa’s largest independent car rental company, and the best-rated local car rental company on both TrustPilot and HelloPeter.

You can therefore rest assured that WhyBuyCars is expertly equipped to offer you the best car rental experience.

Click here to lease a car from WhyBuyCars.

This article was published in partnership with WhyBuyCars.

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Why WhyBuyCars is the future of the South African motoring industry