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Get ultimate performance and reliability with the world’s most intelligent cloud storage solution for businesses

Every organisation, regardless of industry, size, or age, has workloads essential to their business.

The storage platform for these workloads is the key to unlocking innovation, getting ahead, and ultimately becoming more competitive.

During a recent HPE Datacentrix Storage webinar, political and economic analyst Daniel Silke explained that enterprise connectivity solutions can play a key role in building the digital economy.

Silke noted the COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated how vital digital services like e-commerce have become, but also how inadequate many of the existing e-commerce facilities and websites from big blue-chip companies have shown themselves to be.

Dealing with demand

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for companies’ IT departments to keep up with the demands of both new and existing mission-critical applications.

This is because IT professionals already need to provision, troubleshoot, and support infrastructure.

Businesses therefore need a new generation of enterprise storage, freeing IT teams through the use of self-managing storage that predicts and prevents disruptions while delivering ultra-low latency for every application.

To meet this need, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) offers HPE Primera – a mission-critical storage solution, refined and powered by advanced AI.

HPE Primera’s benefits

HPE Primera gives you the agility of the cloud and the resiliency to see ahead to prevent disruptions and consolidate apps without risk.

It is the only enterprise storage array with 100% availability guaranteed, which means your applications or platforms will never experience downtime.

Here are 10 reasons why you should make HPE Primera the cloud storage solution for your business:

  • Global Intelligence – Disruptions predicted and prevented to help optimize performance in real time.
  • Services-Centric OS – Risk reduced and management simplified with a unique OS for high-end storage.
  • All-active Architecture – Nonstop availability and low latency for fast performance at scale.
  • Timeless Storage – Unique ownership experience for unending value.
  • Radical Simplicity – Time spent deploying, managing, and scaling reduced by up to 93%.
  • As-a-service Consumption – IT consumption on your terms so you can be your own service provider.
  • Intelligence and Composability – Advancing the cloud experience with a foundation of composability on intelligence infrastructure for any workload.
  • 100% Availability Guarantee – No disruptions with app-aware resiliency across all models.
  • Extreme Scalability – Multi-node with transparent upgrades.
  • Hybrid Cloud Mobility – Extended app-aware data protection to the cloud.

Beating your budget

In the current economic climate, businesses must also streamline their budgets to provide value for every cent spent.

HPE Financial Services (HPEFS) therefore offers flexible payment models to cater to the exact needs of your business.

Finance Area Manager for HPEFS in South Africa Anton Pauw explained how they are cognisant of this reality.

“Globally, HPEFS has announced a $2-billion pool dedicated towards specific financial flexibility instructions,” Pauw explained.

This allows customers to defer payments for three months from the date of delivery of their HPE equipment.

HPEFS has also launched a payment relief programme which decreases the initial payments required to 1% of the total solution value for the first eight months – valid until April 2021.

Get HPE Primera today

South African ICT solutions provider Datacentrix is a strategic Platinum HPE partner, offering the broadest portfolio of its end-to-end solutions.

The company builds complex server, storage, networking virtualisation and application infrastructures, all the way up to the cloud.

Click here to get mission-critical HPE Primera cloud storage from Datacentrix today.

This article was published in partnership with HPE Datacentrix.

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Get ultimate performance and reliability with the world’s most intelligent cloud storage solution for businesses