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How automated compliance solutions can help your business keep up with complicated Covid-19 regulations

No business wants to be found guilty of not complying with industry regulations.

Even under ordinary circumstances, the ramifications of non-compliance are severe, and could include fines, personal liability, or imprisonment.

Navigating the complicated jargon and ever-changing regulations can be a big headache, however, and particularly straining on the employees responsible for a business’s compliance.

Covid-19 complications

Under Covid-19 pandemic conditions, the implications of non-compliance have further intensified – both from a human and a legal perspective.

While many industries have been allowed to return to operation, this comes with conditions of adherence to strict hygiene protocols.

This includes enacting social distancing, limiting the number of employees within defined areas, and using approved hand sanitisers to curb the spread of the virus in workplaces.

Most recently, the government made the wearing of masks compulsory in open public spaces and within office buildings.

This means that companies, public transport drivers, building owners, and schools are responsible for occupants wearing masks.

Unless these people take reasonable steps to ensure compliance, they face a “fine or imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or both such fine and imprisonment”.

Using an automated system

It is important to prevent compliance professionals from becoming inundated with the complexities of legalese, made all the more taxing with these types of regulations.

Overburdening employees responsible for compliance can waste your company’s time and resources, lead to important objectives not being achieved and non-compliance becoming a reality.

Fortunately, having an effective automated legal and compliance management system can enable an organisation to increase compliance competency.

A compliance software solution built on best practice also reduces speciality resource requirements, making it significantly lower in cost compared to having an outsourced legal team.

An optimal solution

CURA has partnered with Eclipse NewLaw to provide an informative and easy-to-use compliance solution that can help organisations achieve optimal regulatory compliance in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

The solution can enable a non-legally trained user to easily understand legislation and apply it to the organisation.

The CURA and Eclipse NewLaw Compliance Solution offers the following features:

  • Latest legal and industry-specific content.
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting.
  • Plain language legislation storytelling.
  • Spark and tailored quarterly updates.
  • Multiple regulations can be addressed by a single control preventing duplication of effort.
  • Full integration with other Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) functionality.

Request a demo today

With legal insights that span over 30 years, Eclipse NewLaw aims to modernise legal service delivery by leveraging technology to create a focused solution that supports and enables an organisation’s legal function, ensuring sustainability for all stakeholders.

Combining this with CURA’s expertise of Governance, Risk, and Compliance solutions will allow your company to move the compliance function from being a cost-centre to becoming a vital part of strategic enablement.

Click here to request your demo of the CURA Compliance Solution now.

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How automated compliance solutions can help your business keep up with complicated Covid-19 regulations