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SafetyWallet – Overview

SafetyWallet, in partnership with OHS Online and MAKROSAFE, provides employers with a membership programme which makes them privy to rewards in their compliance to the following:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Other relevant legislation and regulations
  • Standards, and
  • Metropolitan and/or Municipal Bylaws that relate specifically to Occupational Health and Safety within the workplace.

SafetyWallet has a mission and vision dedicated towards the encouragement and through that, the rewarding, of employers who are committed to compliance with the Health and Safety of employees.

This is done through dedication in supporting employers and providing the business with a total Health and Safety solution, regardless of whether it is internal or done through the SafetyWallet Partners Programme.

SafetyWallet aims to provide a Health and Safety environment which is cost effective, compliant, and benefits all employers spread across all the different industries present within the South African economy.

SafetyWallet employer support

In collaboration with its partners, SafetyWallet supports and rewards employers according to the following components comprised in the Health and Safety in Industry and Commerce:

  • Health and Safety Training
  • Health and Safety Programme
  • Health and Safety Compliance Grading Audit, and
  • Member Advertising

SafetyWallet already has thousands of members within South Africa, with this number steadily increasing, expanding SafetyWallet’s reach across Southern Africa in offering its services to more employers across numerous industries.

As a focal point for supporting and assisting employers in both Health and Safety compliance in an array of industries, SafetyWallet provides support in every facet in the business through the creation of a safer and healthier working environment.

Health and safety matters are supported by a competency framework which consists of SafetyWallet’s professional staff, despite the changes that the workplace may be subjected to, along with adaptions that have to be made by the employer to keep up with these.

Health and Safety training

Through the partnership with MAKROSAFE, SafetyWallet provides the highest quality health and safety training to aid employers in obtaining health and safety compliance by providing formal training along with E-learning training.

The training that SafetyWallet provides is aligned with the unit standards along with the curriculum online as per SAQA with subsequent accreditation and endorsement with DoEL, QCTO, HWSeta, and SAIOSH.

Health and Safety programme

The aim of this programme is to act as a driving force behind Health and Safety compliance with the main objective focused at the protection of employers and employees against criminal and civil liability and minimizing the likelihood thereof.

In addition to this, the aim is also on reducing Health and Safety related incidents in the workplace to ensure that employees are able to return to their loved ones healthy and safe.

This partnership between OHS Online, MAKROSAFE, and SafetyWallet stems from this objective along with offering members the ideal platform through which their Health and Safety programmes can be managed.

This provides members with efficient and adequate support in implementing and maintaining their Health and Safety programme.

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Health and safety compliance grading audit

This pillar of support involves a SafetyWallet audit process which consists of an in-depth examination of the entire Health and Safety Management System of the member.

With the focus of the audit on the key aspects of managing the Occupational Health and Safety in a particular workplace, it in turn offers a path structured along continuous and efficient improvement towards Health and Safety compliance and the best practice status.

The audit is hosted with the purpose of driving Health and the Safety Cloud Based Management System, OHS Online, through the utilisation of industry experience which is not only extensive, but worldwide.

The process also involves the acknowledgement of aspects surrounding internationally recognised Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems along with Standards.

SafetyWallet’s audit process can be broken down as follows:

  • The reviewing of all aspects surrounding the Health and Safety Programme of the member against the requirements of OHSA and regulations along with other applicable legislation.
  • The assessing of the effectiveness of the implementation of these arrangements
  • Inspection of the member’s premises.
  • Sampling of operational activities.
  • Interviewing of management, staff, and SafetyWallet Partners.
  • Discussion of relevant participants’ roles and responsibilities.
  • The provision and presentation of the audit report to the SafetyWallet Member arrangement team.
  • Provision of observations and recommendations.
  • Action planning for consideration.

Member advertising

SafetyWallet addresses concerns surrounding any financial and cost implications through the provision of a rewards discount and especially when utilizing the SafetyWallet contractors and suppliers.

By making use of this, members are provided with a maximum return on investment, or ROI, on the Health and Safety Programme of the member.

In addition to this, SafetyWallet’s marketing team is dedicated towards its members in providing support to grow and brand the member’s business through the following marketing efforts:

  • SafetyWallet and OHS Online Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, keywords.
  • Awareness pertaining to contractor and supplier compliance along with rewards awareness.
  • The analysing of both analytics and data to enable the member to use what they learn to improve their campaigns.
  • Basic reporting and analytics.
  • Provision and support of referrals and networking.
  • The provision of a rewards discount to advertise on SafetyWallets’ website along with members vendors portal.
  • The ability to use the SafetyWallet logo on the member’s website and to brand stationary.

SafetyWallet rewards – How it works

To become eligible for the SafetyWallet rewards, businesses can opt to become a member of one of the four SafetyWallet membership circles, namely:

  • Friend Circle – should the business have 1 – 50 employees per branch
  • Family Circle – should there be 51 – 100 employees per branch
  • Champion Circle – should there be 101 – 300 employees per branch, and
  • Pinnacle Club – when there are more than 300 employees per branch.

Despite the circle that the member joins, they are immediately eligible for the specific rewards discount pertaining to the circle they join.

Members are, in addition, automatically rewarded with a discount for excellent ROI, subjected to the circle that the member joins, with the rewards discounts per circle as follows:

  • Friend Circle – 1 – 50 employees – 25%
  • Family Circle – 51 – 100 employees – 30%
  • Champion Circle – 101 – 300 – 35%, and
  • Pinnacle Club – more than 300 employees – 40%

Should members show increased Health and Safety Compliance, there are additional rewards, specifically when Health and Safety compliance is above 89%, qualifying the member for the following discounts:

  • Compliance of 89% to 92% – additional 5% compliance reward discount.
  • Compliance of 93% to 96% – additional 7.5% compliance reward discount.
  • Compliance above 97% – additional 10% compliance reward discount.

Due to the importance of contractor and supplier management in any robust programme relating to Health and Safety, SafetyWallet further rewards members who have additional contractors according to the number of contractors who register on OHS Online.

These reward discounts are as follows according to the number of contractors:

  • 5 Contractors/Suppliers – additional 2.5% rewards discount.
  • 10 Contractors/Suppliers – additional 5% rewards discount.
  • 15 Contractors/Suppliers – additional 7.5% rewards discount.
  • 20 Contractors/Suppliers – additional 10% rewards discount, and
  • 25 Contractors/Suppliers – additional 12.5% rewards discount.

Final thoughts

Ensuring that Health and Safety compliance is continuously and consistently maintained in a working environment is mandatory, but SafetyWallet offers businesses that sign up for a membership with a substantial amount of rewards.

This initiative not only encourages employers to ensure and improve compliance but attracts more businesses to join with the knowledge that continuous compliance, and the improvement thereof reaps grand rewards.

Not only does SafetyWallet reward its members generously, but it provides continuous, extensive support to members in their journey to obtain the highest level of compliance achievable.

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SafetyWallet – Support, Health and Safety rewards for employers