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Acer C250i – A Full HD portable projector for your smartphone

Acer’s C250i is an innovative, portable LED projector which allows you to watch content at any time and at any angle in full HD.

It is designed to work with all smartphones that use either Android or iOS to ensure that you can share your favourite content with your friends, family, and colleagues while on the move.

The C250i projector offers a wide colour gamut of 130%, 300 lumen brightness, and a 5,000:1 contrast ratio.

Cables are not an issue when using the C250i, either, as it can be used completely wirelessly via Bluetooth or using wireless projection.

Wireless projection is available across Android and iOS smartphones as well as laptops and other mobile devices, and allows you to broadcast content such as images and videos.

Furthermore, the C250i supports Google Mirroring, as well as the Miracast and EZCast apps, to make the wireless projection of your device’s screen extremely easy.

You will also be able to project content from streaming platforms such as YouTube with your device just by being on the same Wi-Fi network as the projector.

It is worth noting that the C250i can also be used in a wired configuration as a projector for laptops which support USB Type-C port functionality – all you need to do is connect the projector to the laptop with a single Type-C cable.

Another great feature is that the C250i has a built-in 9,000mAh battery, which means that you do not need to plug it into a power source to use it and it is easy to position the projector to ensure optimal image or video viewing.

All of this power and versatility is contained in a lightweight and stylish chassis, with the C250i weighing only 770g and measuring just 190mm x 104mm – making it incredibly light and portable.

Get the best projection

The Acer C250i portable projector has several features which help you to access the best projection experience.

It is easy to adjust the projector on both the horizontal and vertical axis to display your content in whatever form or position you want, thanks to 360-degree multi-angle projection.

For example, if you are lying on your bed, you can use the C250i to project a movie onto the ceiling.

Its dodecahedral (12 sides) form factor provides even more opportunities to utilise different projection angles to ensure the ultimate range of viewing options.

Furthermore, the C250i sports a world-first Auto Portrait Mode, which can automatically turn portrait content into the correct display format without the user having to change any settings.

This is very useful, as smartphone content is often created in portrait mode.

A 5W speaker built into the projector then provides high-quality audio, powered by Acer TrueHarmony, which delivers richer, more lifelike sound quality.

Its audio functionality can also be used without any image projection – meaning it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker.

Get the Acer C250i portable projector today

The innovative Acer C250i is available in South Africa from the Acer online store.

It is priced at R8,799 and can be purchased today.

This article was published in partnership with Acer.

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Acer C250i – A Full HD portable projector for your smartphone