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SYSPRO recognised as ERP leader in Nucleus Research report

Leading global ERP software provider SYSPRO has retained its position as a leader in the 2020 Nucleus Research ERP Technology Value Matrix.

Nucleus Research is a global provider of technology research and advisory services, and provides insight into the results delivered by technology solutions.

Its ERP Technology Value Matrix rates ERP vendors based on the usability, functionality, and overall value of their solutions to customers.

The report highlighted how SYSPRO focuses on providing specialised ERP functionalities for a number of manufacturing and distribution verticals.

It noted that this allows SYSPRO to provide last-mile functionality out of the box.

“This ‘ERP realism’ allows the company to natively develop industry-specific capabilities from the ground up, thereby avoiding expensive software customisations and driving long-term value for customers with complex requirements,” said the report.

The report noted that this has led to “consistent wins over more recognisable ERP vendors” because SYSPRO customers feel better equipped to incorporate Industry 4.0 technologies including AI, IoT, and bots into their existing operations and best practices.

Nucleus Research further said the updates provided to SYSPRO 8 added improvements to the solution’s usability as well as its product management functionality.

“SYSPRO’s commitment to providing comprehensive coverage to its core market of manufacturing and distribution verticals will help it keep pace with product development trends and maintain its position as a Leader in the Value Matrix,” said Nucleus Research analyst Andrew MacMillen.

SYSPRO is committed to excellence

SYSPRO Chief Product Officer Paul de Matos said SYSPRO is delighted it has been recognised as a leader in ERP technology.

“As a customer-centric business, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer experience and solutions to the market,” said de Matos.

“We are thrilled to be recognized as a leader in the enablement of customer growth through modern technologies.”

“This further validates our strategy to equip manufacturers and distributors with innovative technologies in preparation for their digital transformation journey.”

SYSPRO’s range of solutions

SYSPRO is a global provider of specialised ERP software that simplifies and optimises the manufacturing and distribution processes.

SYSPRO’s biggest strengths are its simplified approach to technology, commitment to its customers, and numerous industry-specific ERP offerings.

SYSPRO offers 10 different manufacturing ERP solutions and four different distribution solutions – each of which offers specific benefits to customers within the relevant vertical.

This has resulted in SYSPRO supporting over 15,000 licensed companies as customers in more than 60 countries across six continents.

Click here to download the Nucleus Research ERP Technology Value Matrix

This article was published in partnership with SYSPRO.

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SYSPRO recognised as ERP leader in Nucleus Research report