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The cloud has become a critical part of almost every industry – including the banking sector.

Banks have been looking for alternatives to expensive and risky enterprise-level software solutions, and the cloud is the perfect solution.

Cloud-driven Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enables banks to access full mission-critical service delivery through a provider like Temenos – freeing up these banks to focus on their customers and banking operations.

Additionally, by running your system on the cloud, it makes it exponentially simpler for you to elastically scale up and down depending on your business volume and makes it easier to innovate since new offerings can be more quickly launched.

You will also be priced on a subscription basis for the end to end solution, meaning that your costs will scale with your business size.

Temenos SaaS

Temenos is a leading banking software provider that offers resilient, compliant, powerful, and secure SaaS solutions to banks across the world.

All Temenos banking software is supported in SaaS form, meaning that you don’t have to worry about getting anything less than the best available solutions for your bank.

As an example, in July 2020, Orange Bank Africa went live with cloud-native Temenos Transact delivered as SaaS, driving financial inclusion in Africa and offering an elite mobile-first banking experience to its customers.

“Temenos’s cutting-edge cloud technology, relentless focus on innovation, and unrivaled regional experience make it the perfect partner for Orange Bank Africa as we launch our operations,” said VP of MEA mobile financial services at Orange, Patrick Roussel.

In the same month, Al Ain Finance committed to rapidly deploy Temenos Infinity and Temenos Transact on Temenos SaaS to replace its legacy in-house system.

“Temenos’s cloud-native technology and unrivaled business experience in the region will be a catalyst for the digital transformation of our business,” said Al Ain Finance.

Temenos Journey to the Cloud Webinar– Sign up now

To detail the process and benefits of taking your banking software to the cloud, Temenos is running a webinar dedicated to Africa’s digital banking leaders.

Entitled “The Journey to the Cloud” the webinar will explain how cloud capabilities and deployment on the cloud with SaaS are set to progress in Africa going forward.

It will feature expert speakers from Temenos, Bank of Kigali, Google and NuoDB, and is a must for anyone involved in the financial industry who is looking for the most efficient and seamless ways to transform their customer journeys.

Click here to register for the webinar.

This article was published in partnership with Temenos.

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The journey to the cloud begins here – Sign up for the webinar