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The Ultimate Checkout sale from the Takealot Group

Following the success of the inaugural sale in 2019, the Takealot Group is once again bringing South Africans a one-of-a-kind shopping event.

The Ultimate Checkout, now featuring all three Takealot Group companies, is a culmination of Takealot, Superbalist, and Mr D Food’s commitment to being shopper and data-centric.

As before, The Ultimate Checkout promises deals based on the analysis of behaviour and trends of over 4 million shoppers across Takealot (online general retail), Superbalist (fashion and home) and Mr D Food (online food delivery).

This shopper-centric approach focuses on the most searched for, most wished for, and highest-rated products across the Takealot Group of companies – giving shoppers deals on products they really want while remaining safely at home.

Kim Reid, Takealot Group CEO, said: “The success of last year’s Ultimate Checkout sale is an indication of the appetite for big sale events in South Africa.”

“What makes The Ultimate Checkout unique is that it is built on shopper behaviour. With the recent Covid-19 challenges faced globally and locally, eCommerce and online food delivery remain effective ways to increase social distancing while still providing consumers with what they need at home, through safe, hygienic, contactless delivery,” said Reid.

“It’s the ultimate safe way to shop.”

The Ultimate Checkout details

The Ultimate Checkout will kick off at 06:00 on 24 August and run as follows:

  • 24 August – Day 1: Deals on The Most Searched for Products
  • 25 August – Day 2: Deals on The Most Wished for Products
  • 26 August – Day 3: Deals on The Highest Rated products.

Shoppers who purchase across all three platforms, Takealot, Superbalist and Mr D Food over The Ultimate Checkout period will stand a chance to win a grand prize of R30,000 in vouchers from Takealot (R10,000), Superbalist (R10,000) and Mr D Food (R10,000).

Additionally, here are some of the habits of South African online shoppers:

  • South Africans like to wishlist… in fact, approx. 2 million products are added to wish lists across Takealot and Superbalist every month.
  • We’re searching for things all the time. Takealot, Superbalist and Mr D Food receive over 30 million searches monthly.
  • An average of 1 million products or restaurants are reviewed every month.
  • The impact of COVID-19 can be seen this year, especially in terms of the top, searched products with masks and hand sanitiser making the list for Takealot.
  • Other COVID-19 related lifestyle changes have seen certain products ranked higher than normal in the most searched category: working from home (printers, laptops, data, office furniture etc), exercising from home (gym equipment, apparel etc), entertaining kids at home (arts & crafts, board games, puzzles etc), home grooming (shavers, clippers etc) and finally, comfy fashion for home (hoodies, leggings etc).
  • The impact of COVID-19 can also been seen through shopper behaviour on Mr D Food.
  • Customers have ditched their healthy eating goals and have opted for comfort food in the form of curries, burgers and pizzas.
  • Orders from the selection of convenience and grocery stores have increased, with sales of chocolate and treats topping customers’ lists.
  • Customers are ordering more frequently. Mr D Food offers the safest way for customers to stay home and eat out.

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The Ultimate Checkout sale from the Takealot Group