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How SXI’s streamlined digital data integration can save your business money

Digital agility will be a key differentiator for successful businesses in the coming years.

This is according to a global research study by software giant Industrial and Financial Systems (IFS), which found that most businesses will increase their spending on digital transformation.

These plans align closely with concerns about macro-economic conditions disrupting businesses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The effective integration of data and systems is the foundation of optimal digital transformation.

Your business needs to connect its data, applications, and devices in order to achieve its digitisation goals.

If you don’t align and modernise cloud, API, and B2B technologies from the start of your journey, it will result in more complexity and greater costs later on.

API-driven strategies also enable your business to be more agile, cost-effective and innovative.

The challenges to integration

Integrating data and systems can be a complex process, however, involving many different parts of the business.

Digital integration solutions often come at high or variable costs, further complicating management’s decisions on its preferred route.

Without the development of a proper strategy, businesses regularly opt for custom in-house, hard coded integrations which may over time become brittle and difficult to manage once the broader environment scales up.

This can have the potential to seriously restrict the business’s ability to quickly adapt to changes in their industry or business model.

Many companies also neglect to take the necessary incremental, scale-up approach to integration, while often the incorrect resources are assigned to the project, costing companies time, money, and efficiency.

Get the specialists – SXI

To navigate and help you overcome these challenges, your business should consult an experienced data and systems integration specialist.

Whether you are looking for an on-premise, cloud or hybrid solution, SXI are experts in this field and offer businesses a truly complete integration solution from start to support.

This provides their clients with agile, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to complex integration requirements from a single central strategy.

SXI offers configuration-based integration solutions, as opposed to traditional hard-coded integrations.

Its solutions care for any type of business transactions and workflows in all sectors, including financial, industrial, ERP, CRM, analytics, IT management and infrastructure, and more.

It also offers its innovative integration platform XLayer, an advanced data and system integration hub which enables your business to connect, change, and integrate data swiftly without expensive software deployment or coding.

Service Desk and IT Service Management integrations

SXI has a specialised solution for large and complex service desk and IT service management integrations.

The solution enables the following:

  • Integrate multiple-diverse service desks between various businesses to automate complex transactions, such as in incident or ticket management, as well as with problem, request and change management transactions.
  • Integrate all your critical diverse event monitoring applications to your Service Desk or Central Event Management application.
  • Integrate real-time changes from IT inventory and asset management applications to your configuration management database (CMDB).
  • Achieve CMDB synchronisation across multiple CMDBs.

Experience and certification

SXI’s 20 years of experience in providing valuable and effective solutions has provided many of South Africa’s top 100 companies with a competitive advantage.

The company is also a registered Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner and possesses the relevant AWS certifications to implement its leading cloud solutions.

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How SXI’s streamlined digital data integration can save your business money