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Make your home or office ultra comfortable with Samsung air conditioners

A high-quality air conditioner can help regulate the temperature of your home or office to keep you comfortable when you are relaxing or working.

In fact, studies have also shown certain temperatures can even enhance overall productivity.

Samsung air conditioners boast powerful components and advanced features to quickly and meticulously optimise temperatures according to your requirements.

Additionally, they come with technology which keeps the air in your living or working environment clean – achieving all this without using excessive amounts of energy.

Automatic efficiency

Samsung air conditioners effectively cool your living and working areas through an automatic two-step cooling mode.

First, Fast Cooling cools your rooms from corner to corner 43% faster than conventional aircons.

The system uses an air outlet which features a one-of-a-kind triangular design that improves the width and angle of airflow. In addition, large V-blades help direct the air further and wider.

Once the desired temperature is reached, the aircon continues to disperse fresh air uniformly with Samsung’s Wind-Free cooling.

This mode employs the aircon’s 21,000 micro-holes to maintain a comfortable temperature without causing an unpleasant draft.

This cooling method is also ideal for Samsung’s Good Sleep mode, which manages the temperature of your room gradually as you sleep.

This means you won’t feel cold during the night or experience a chill when you wake in the morning.

Save energy, save money

With electricity prices in South Africa set to continue increasing, homes and businesses will want to keep their electricity usage down.

Fortunately, Samsung’s Smart Inverter aircons leverage power-saving capabilities which cut electricity costs in half compared to conventional models.

Smart Inverter aircons can also precisely control the speed of their compressors and adjust capacity.

This means they don’t have to switch on and off like conventional air conditioners, resulting in less power use and fluctuation.

Because of this, they are economical to operate and produce less noise than conventional units.

This article was published in partnership with Samsung.

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Make your home or office ultra comfortable with Samsung air conditioners