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Why car brands need to reach their customers online

Car brands need to give customers the option to book a test drive, and buy a car, online.

This is according to research from Google, which highlighted a strong growth in the number of people willing to conduct research and the purchase of a car online.

The latest acceleration towards online car shopping is due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many car dealerships to close their doors – and saw people doing a lot more online shopping.

“If other industries serve as a guide, this is more than a passing trend. People will likely continue to buy cars online even now that showrooms are reopening,” said Google.

Online searches for “car sales” have grown by over 60% year-over-year across the world, while searches for “best car under” have grown globally by over 80% year-over-year, added Google.

“As distancing measures continue, 64% of new auto buyers said they would look for even more information online.”

Booking and buying online

The research went on to detail the high number of shoppers who would like to book an at-home test drive online and structure the terms of their car purchase online.

“In our latest research, 98% of shoppers who were offered an at-home test drive found it helpful with decision-making,” stated the research.

73% of shoppers also said they were happy negotiating purchase, lease, or financing terms for their car completely online, or through a mix of online and offline.

“For the auto industry, driving digital transformation means delivering a blended retail model that combines online strategies and traditional dealership-based interactions,” concluded the research.

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Why car brands need to reach their customers online