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Radinium Classifier MASK provides mask/no-mask detection to assist with lockdown compliance

Ensuring that employees and customers wear masks when entering business premises can be a logistical nightmare. Automating the process with the RADINIUM Classifier MASK helps to ensure quick and easy identification of people not complying with the regulatory mask-wearing lockdown rules for social interactions.

“The RADINIUM Classifier MASK provides a Mask and No-Mask classification and detection analytic solution for Milestone XProtect. Supported by the nVidia Jetson family of embedded AI platforms, it is a very cost-effective off-the shelf solution that caters for most indoor environments,” said Clifton Greeff, National Surveillance Business Manager for Radinium solutions at Duxbury Networking.

The easy-to-use RADINIUM Classifier MASK ensures a safe environment by tracking and classifying people not wearing masks. The smart analytics in the system allow a clear distinction between mask wearers and those not wearing masks.

When a person enters the premises, the system scans them in seconds and then places either a green bounding box around the image of a compliant person or a red bounding box around the image of a non-compliant person, on the monitor.

Together with an audible alarm, this will enable quick remediation of the situation. Users can instantly playback footage, with Meta data, to allow further action to be taken against offenders.

“The Classifier MASK works hand in glove with nVidia’s Jetson family of powerful embedded GPU devices and Milestone’s XProtect© Express+, Professional+, Expert, Corporate 2019 R3 (or higher).

For clients requiring the forensic search feature of the solution, Milestone Corporate or Expert is required. This feature allows users to filter out and select footage of only those people not wearing a mask,” said Greeff.

Radinium has made it easy for the user to set up the Jetson for the first time via a Web interface. Similar to setting up a network camera, the network interface requires no additional configuration or settings.

Similarly, the Milestone Management Client allows users to add a network camera stream and configure everything from the Management Client.

Radinium also offers Milestone integrations into fire, intrusion and electric fence systems followed up by a workflow solution to enhance compliance with standard operational procedures that need to be followed after receiving alarms from these various devices

“This very user-friendly and efficient system will provide businesses with a cost-effective tool to develop a safe working environment by automatically and digitally tracking non-mask-wearing individuals,” said Greeff.

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Radinium Classifier MASK provides mask/no-mask detection to assist with lockdown compliance