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Audi connect – For a safer and more secure drive

Audi connect seamlessly links you, your smartphone, and your Audi into one connected and integrated hub.

This is enabled through an embedded e-SIM in the new Audi A4 Sedan and is easily interfaced and controlled via the myAudi app.

The effective combination of all this technology and connectivity brings a host of safety and security features to Audi drivers.

Keeping a watchful eye on your safety

Audi connect always keeps an eye on your safety.

In the event of a minor accident, two easy-to-locate buttons – which are built into the roof module of the new Audi A4 – allow you to gain quick and efficient access to make an emergency SOS call or request online roadside assistance directly from your vehicle.

An Audi call centre will be contacted, and you will be able to organise the appropriate services in the event that you require an ambulance, the police, or fire brigade services.

If, however, you are involved in a more serious accident and are unable to call emergency services, your Audi will do that for you.

The advanced technology detects the seriousness of the impact and if it is serious enough, Audi connect will automatically request emergency service intervention.

The system will also send your location, direction of travel, and the number of occupants in the vehicle to the emergency responders if you cannot provide the information yourself.

If you need general roadside assistance, Audi connect also makes it easy to access it.

Audi connect will put you in contact with a professional breakdown service, sending accurate vehicle and location data to the Audi Assist call centre.

Additionally, the Audi connect system makes it easy for you to book your Audi in for a service.

The Audi Online Service Request automatically shares information from your car to your preferred Audi dealership, which will then confirm a convenient service appointment with you.

Security at your fingertips

Audi connect keeps a watchful eye on your vehicle’s status no matter where you are.

With advanced security features, you can monitor various aspects of your Audi and even set parameters regarding where it may and may not go.

The Geofencing Alert service allows you to set up to 10 prohibited locations for your Audi with parameters you can adjust according to the time of day or date.

Should someone else be driving your car, you will get a push notification via the myAudi app as soon as your Audi has driven out of a pre-defined area.

This feature is further enhanced by the Valet Alert function which monitors if a speed limit has been breached on your vehicle, giving you peace-of-mind and control at your fingertips.

Another improved security function with Audi connect is the Theft Alarm notification – which sends an immediate alert to your smartphone in the case of your Audi being broken into or tampered with.

Additional security features with the myAudi functionality allow for remote access to your vehicle – including the ability to lock and unlock doors, activate and deactivate the lights, and easily help you to find your Audi by activating the horn, flashing the headlights or receiving walking directions directly to your vehicle.

Audi connect technology debuts in the new Audi A4 and will then roll out to other new Audi models.

The range of Audi connect features are model dependent – click here to find out more about the full Audi connect suite of services.

This article was published in partnership with Audi.

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Audi connect – For a safer and more secure drive