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How HPE Pinnacle can prepare your IT infrastructure for business growth

South Africa’s economy has weakened in recent months for several reasons – including the COVID-19 pandemic and Moody’s degrading the country to junk status.

This has meant that many businesses have reduced salaries or retrenched staff to stay afloat.

However, the current global situation has also provided many new opportunities for businesses to expand their operations and take on new products and services.

This is because certain markets have become more important due to COVID-19 trends – such as remote working – while in other markets, players that were previously dominant may have lost ground and left space for a new competitor.

Growing your IT infrastructure

If you see the current economic turmoil as an opportunity to grow your business, it is important that your IT infrastructure improves to support these ambitions.

This can range from simply having more storage space and processing power, to installing new solutions to support new or modernised endeavours.

HP Enterprise (HPE) offers an extensive range of solutions that will help you achieve this and grow your business.

Choosing the right tools

HPE Solutions Architect at Pinnacle, Jeremy Lichtenstein explained that it is important to choose tools that don’t require consistent maintenance and unnecessary work from your IT staff when scaling.

“Your IT staff shouldn’t be focusing on keeping the lights on. Your infrastructure should be working efficiently on its own,” said Lichtenstein.

“Your IT staff should be looking to innovate and find ways to make your technology more efficient.”

Lichtenstein added that businesses should ensure the solutions they install serve them for years to come.

This means your IT infrastructure should be scalable and reliable – and shouldn’t need to be dug up and replaced as new technologies become available.

“There is a big drive from HPE that you never need to do a forklift upgrade,” Lichtenstein said.

“Instead, businesses should be able to update their systems at their own pace and based upon how much they can afford to invest into their IT infrastructure.”

Contact HPE Pinnacle today

If you want to grow your business, HPE Pinnacle is equipped to help you upgrade your IT infrastructure accordingly.

HPE Pinnacle is expertly equipped to service your business’s IT infrastructure needs with a range of HPE products.

It can also run a full assessment of your specific environment to determine what you are currently doing, what you have available, and more.

It will then determine what solutions best suit your business.

Click here to contact HPE Pinnacle for more information about their IT solutions.

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How HPE Pinnacle can prepare your IT infrastructure for business growth